What’s in Store for iOS App Development in 2020

There are apps for everything you want to purchase or sell. Research says, there are approximately 4 million apps for users. This means that there is severe competition amongst the apps to stay in the limelight. It becomes tricky for the company to offer something unique every year to its users.

Discussed here are the best iOS app Development trends for this year:


Swift is the official programming language to develop iOS applications. Also, it is the official language of Apple. This language acts as a boon to iOS developers as it can bring their dreams into reality. Over three hundred thousand apps have been written in Swift. There is an increased fandom for this language because of its flexibility, security, and scalability.

The latest version Swift 5 provides a new zest to the developers and has large-scale implications on app development.

Advanced security protocols

Even today, the security protocols top the priority list. Everyone is well-aware of the security algorithms of Apple. The company offers multiple security layers that are tough to break. Additionally, the uncompromising policies don’t give access to outsiders to intrude on the privacy of Apple users.

However, a few hacks in the recent past have provoked the company to raise its security bars. The company has initiated a cyber-crime-free safe environment. This prevents cyber-attacks and data breaches.

For instance, Apple has installed the ASWebAuthentication session for password autofill. This session prevents unwanted access to the cookies for signing in.

Apple Home Kit

The Apple Home kit offers exceptional benefits to the users. The Home kit allows users to connect their home devices/accessories using an app. They can communicate and control devices through this app.

The user can create a home-group to activate Siri’s voice command. The company also aims to introduce new products to combine with the same App.

This will encourage developers to design more apps and products that can be a part of the Apple Home kit. This innovation has brought tremendous change in the world of home automation.

More User-friendly

Apple products are not user-friendly. This is what worries the app developers. Apple Pay is a medium through which app developers have made way to be user-friendly.

This will allow users to make easy, quick, and secured payments. A trustworthy source of payment for Apple users, the unique attribute about Apple Pay is that users don’t have to save their card details on it. iPhone also doesn’t support near-field communication (NFC). This means that you cannot exchange information wirelessly with other phones around you.

Prioritize IoT focused apps

The internet of things is commonly referred to as IoT by developers. IoT is gaining popularity amongst app developers across the world. However, IoT can be expensive for developing an app.

Experienced iOS developers have kick-started designing apps based on IoT that can connect to all the internet-enabled devices. This buzz has also encouraged developers to work on improving the connectivity in the apps.

Developers can foresee the significance of IoT in the field of technology. iOS developers can utilize this fact and work on the advanced versions of apps.

Core machine learning

Core machine learning is an immensely useful tool for iOS developers. The machine learning framework works brilliantly for all the tasks connected to Siri, Camera, and QuickType.

This technology has won many hearts with its face detection attribute. The iOS device’s strong library coupled with core machine learning abilities enables effective communication.

Core machine learning acts as the crux for domain-specific functionalities. Core machine learning enhances the face recognition feature.

It also takes into consideration consumer privacy and offers more security.

Advanced Siri and AI

Ever since the introduction of Siri in the Apple family, AI has gained worldwide recognition. Her unique features and functionality attributes have rewarded her with the tag of the best personal assistant. Artificial Intelligence acts as a boon for Siri and her personal assistant abilities.

With every update in AI, the iOS version becomes better. Apple has also introduced Siri kit which motivates the app developers to work on Siri advancements.

Augment reality is yet another blessing for app developers. The ARkit encourages developers to design 3D and virtual-based applications for users. Modern businesses also make optimal use of AR for client servicing to enhance their services.

Better iOS Apps Tools

iOS developers use Xcode (Development Environment for MacOS) by using multiple programming languages such as Swift and Objective-C. Using these tools, developers can build unique, and high-quality apps, without losing their functionalities and effectiveness.

Here are a few more tools which can help developers in building better iOS apps:

#1. Design and Inspirational Tools

What made the iPhone and other Apple devices different from the rest of the devices in the market is the design philosophy of iOS. Developers need to understand the gist of the philosophy in order to provide iOS apps users with the distinctive user experience without losing the element of ease and comfort.

Here are a few of the best iOS development tools which can be of your help:

Cocoa Controls

Cocoa Controls: This is a huge and daily updating repository of code. It is an open-source platform with multiple UI controls for iOS apps. Developers can find the readymade codes of their requirements (developers do not have to write the codes). This platform helps iOS developers to stick to the distinctive iOS philosophy.


It is a readymade storage facility of high-quality icons to help developers save some time in designing icons themselves! There are N number of readymade icons in Glyphish.

Skala Preview

As the name suggests, this tool works as a preview screen. iOS developers use this tool to get a preview of how their design will look in real.

#2. Tools for Backend Services

One of the benefits of having these tools is a collection of unlimited data. This data can be made available to the app from the server if the required arrangement is done at the backend. This data can be used to send push notifications and provided customized user experiences. To make this happen, developers use the following tools:


It is an open-source network allowing iOS apps to send push notification, allow in-app purchases, etc.


This tool caters to developers with cloud storage, permits notifications, and allows Facebook open graph iOS apps without websites.


This platform allows user authentication, data storage, static hosting, etc. The data is stored as JSON (which is easy for a human to read and write), and syncs with all connected clients (in real-time).

#3. Libraries

Libraries are loved by developers as they provide them with all the ready-made information, tools, etc any developer would need in order to build an effective app within a short period with less costs and trouble. Here are some libraries you can use:


AFNetworking is a robust networking library typically used for iOS, macOS, and tvOS. It provides features like Network Reachability and SSL Pinning. It has been in the market for years and has crossed around 50 million downloads.


Here is a lightweight structure with simpler syntax which facilitates easy handling of AutoLayout. With its own chainable DSL AutoLayout code become more readable.

#4. Testing Tools

Here are a few tools making quality check and testing an easier job for every iOS developer:


This is an easy to use framework which can be used anytime during the testing without having to rely on outside matchers. This is a light-weight, BDD tool.


A tool allowing developers to conduct Rspec-style testing for all iOS apps.

It has an in-built stubbing and mocking library.

App Beta Testing Tools

Your chance to test your app in the real world conditions, before its actual deployment. It can be done through apps like TestFlight or TestFairy.

#5. iOS Apps Deployment

The final stage of any app development process is its successful deployment. This is the stage where developers come to know if their app is going to deliver the promised services/functions or otherwise. There are a few apps which help in the deployment of iOS apps:


Most of the issues faced by iOS apps during their deployment are handled by App Blade automatically. This tool gathers UDID data from iPhones making sure that the particular iOS app is deployed successfully, without any trouble. The concern iPhone does not have to have any supporting application to allow the iPhone to support a deployment process.


Unify and automate the iOS apps deployment process with Fastlane. Conduct the iOS app deployment process through different environments.

Right from the development of an iOS app to the last stage (deployment) of it, developers need multiple tools to make the process easier and error-free. Tools mentioned above would help each iOS developer to speed up the development at every stage and come up with a high-quality app in the least possible time.


The above trends are likely to dominate the app development field in 2020. With the changing trends and fast-moving technology, it becomes difficult to precisely mention the flow of advancements.

Technological advancements have resulted in remarkable innovative products. App developers constantly strive to improve the functionality and productivity of the apps.

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