8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Website

Website plugins are a game-changer for site owners. Without plugins, most sites will lack additional functionality that provides room for more content to be displayed.

The rise of technological advancements in the HTML world is continuously paving the way for ‘easier to use’ inventions. From free website builders, and plugins, there isn’t a reason why your site should lag with basic, dull, and uninteresting features.

Apart from getting the right web hosting for your site which you can get more information at fortunelords.com, you also need to understand SEO and plugins that make your site better. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 8 must-have plugins that will help your website run smoothly and make it easier to operate and manage your site.

#1. All In One SEO Pack

Free WordPress Plugin - All In One SEO Pack

Ranking high in your audience search is the number one priority for any website owner. Apart from implementing various SEO strategies available on the internet today, you can employ a plugin to boost traffic driven to your site.

All in one SEO pack is ideal in optimizing your blog for search engine optimization. It is one of the best WordPress plugins available. This plugin is very easy to use, even for beginners. It also has advanced features and Application Programming Interface (API) for advanced developers.

The plugin is designed to execute multiple functions. From automatically generating Meta-Tags, XML sitemap support, to optimizing your title for Google and other search engines, etc. In short, it can fine-tune everything to optimize your SEO fully.

What makes it more efficient is its compatibility with other plugins. It can also be translated into 57 different languages.

#2. Smash Balloon

Must Have WordPress Plugins - Smash Balloon

Instagram marketing trends are growing day in, day out. Most content creators, business owners, and generally anyone relying on online platforms to generate income owns an Instagram account. If you don’t, it’s time to re-evaluate your choices.

Smash Balloon, formerly known as ‘Instagram Feed,’ displays your posts from your Instagram accounts in single or multiple feeds. The plugin is ideal for site owners looking for a quick and easy way to update photos on their websites.

Once you post photos on your Instagram, they are automatically displayed on your website. Your site will always have an updated outlook for better customer engagement. Therefore, it is an excellent way to continually engage your audience while building your online followers at the same time.

The plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Instagram account regardless of whether or not you’re tech-savvy.

#3. Broken Link Checker

Must Have WordPress Plugins - Broken Link Checker

Broken links are a huge setback. Imagine how frustrating it is to set up a link only to find out later that it isn’t working?

Manually checking all the links on your site to cross-check their functionality is exhausting, especially for bigger websites. The broken link checker monitors all internal and external links on your site. The plugin automatically detects and notifies you about links that don’t work.

You can edit the link from the plugin without having to update each post manually. It is designed to scrutinize your posts, bookmarks, and website content for broken links. The amount of time taken to parse your content depends on your website’s size and the number of links.

#4. Optimole

Must Have WordPress Plugins - Optimole

Images are a vital ingredient for your website. However, effortlessly optimizing your emails can be quite a hassle.

Optimole optimizes your images on autopilot, giving your website an appealing outlook. The plugin processes the images in real-time. It is cloud-based; therefore, you don’t have to worry about overworking and straining your servers.

Apart from that, Optimole also selects the right image size suitable for your visitor’s browser without compromising its quality. The plugin ensures that the images are all-screen-sizes responsive to appear better to your audience regardless of the size of their gadgets.

Images take roughly 60% of your total site loading time. Hence, optimizing them makes your site load faster, giving your audience an easy time.

#5. Disable Comments

Must Have WordPress Plugins - Disable Comments

We are living in a world dominated by online reviews and comments. Nevertheless, some online reviews are biased, irrelevant, and falsified and might damage the reputation of your website.

Disable comments plugin allows users to disable comments on any post, page, attachment, and anywhere else on their WordPress site without overriding individual posts. The plugin can even disable comments on your entire network.

In addition, it removes every comment-related field from the edit and quick-edit screens.

Note that the plugin doesn’t delete previous comments. If you want to do away with any form of discussion, remove comments posted earlier on. Otherwise, they may still be displayed even after applying this setting to your site.

#6. Redirection

Must Have WordPress Plugins - Redirection

Are you tired of constant 404 errors popping up on your site?

The Redirection plugin not only allows you to keep track of 404 error codes but also manage 301 redirects and keep your site in order. The plugin is designed to reduce unnecessary errors and boost your website’s ranking.

For over 10 years, Redirection has been used to manage and build redirects quickly without requiring any coding knowledge. If your WP website supports permalink, then you can comfortably use the plugin to redirect all URL links.

Redirection is compatible with small sites that redirect few links to large sites handling thousands of redirections. Apart from URLs, it can also be used to redirect login status, browser, IP address, server, HTTP headers, cookies, page type, etc.

#7. SEO Friendly Images

Must Have WordPress Plugins - SEO Friendly Images

Keywords aren’t the only things that should match SEO standards. As mentioned earlier, images are essential in making your website more appealing.

Plus, images also align with logos, and it is crucial to ensure that your logo is incomparable with image search. The plugin prevents you from making unnecessary ‘imagery’ mistakes. It allows you to optimize your images by adding alt and title aspects automatically.

This free WordPress plugin is highly efficient with images in both posts and thumbnails. With well-optimized images, your site will most likely rank higher in search engines. Therefore, the plugin can be tailored to meet the set requirements of your website.

#8. GDPR Cookie Consent

Must Have WordPress Plugins - GDPR Cookie Consent

This Cookie banner plugin is one of the popular options for helping your WordPress website with GDPR and CCPA compliance. It comes with some of the powerful features and options that let you configure your website so that it’s easier to comply.

The fully customizable cookie notice is a major feature offered by the plugin. You can allow your users to express their explicit consent on rendering cookies using the cookie consent banner. Automatic third-party cookie blocker, privacy/cookie policy generator, cookie list shortcode, etc., are additional features offered by the plugin.

Bottom Line

Plugins are a must-have for website owners. Finding the right plugin allows you to create a user-friendly website and a highly successful website. There are several other plugins available on the internet today. Before settling for a specific plugin, start by conducting thorough research to ensure that it suits your site’s needs.

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