Top 10 WordPress Hosting Problems and How to Fix Them

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It goes without saying that WordPress is the most popular CMS. After all, it boasts of about 60.8% market share in the CMS market. And its hosting services are equally popular. WordPress is easy to use and offers you the flexibility you need while designing different types of websites.

If you are still using Drupal, you should consider using services to migrate Drupal to WordPress. Unlike WordPress, with Drupal, you will need a developer to get something that looks impressive as their websites display a custom-coded theme. Plus, if you compare the interface, WordPress’s interface is much simpler.

That being said, WordPress is not without hosting issues. Many times, web admins face problems such as slow loading page speed, email service issues, white screen of death, connection timed out error, error establishing database connection, and more.

Let’s find out in this article why these errors or problems occur and find a solution for each of them.

#1. Slow page loading speed

Your website load speed can either make or break your site. Stats have it that 1 in 4 visitors will leave your site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.

These stats prove how important the load speed is.

Website Loading Time Statistics

It is, thus, crucial to maintaining optimum site load speed. Slow page loading speed is mainly caused by a slow server, slow website, or external scripts that take time to load.

Fix WordPress slow page loading speed:

These are not only critical WordPress tips, but they’ll also come in handy when you build any website online – whether it’s on WordPress or some other website builder.

  • To fix WordPress slow page loading speed, first, check your hosting server status. There will be tools for that on your hosting company’s website.

    Most probably, your host provider will have a dedicated page for this, revealing the server status live. You will see it here in case there is something wrong with the server. Some hosting service providers even allow you to check a specific domain for problems.

    You can reach out to the support team to inquire about the time it takes to get things resolved.

  • You may also be experiencing slow page load speed because of heightened traffic that has brought the problem. You will want to check your bandwidth. Go to the admin panel of your hosting service to monitor the bandwidth.
  • At times, the mismatched version of PHP can affect the functionality of WordPress plugins, themes, and even the CMS core itself. Make sure to constantly check for PHP version updates to keep it updated.

  • If nothing helps, you will need to reduce the list of assets and tools that you have installed. Use only the necessary ones and uninstall the rest.

#2. Email service issues

Web admins often use email addresses branded to their site’s address. If your business site is linked to email marketing platforms, most probably you are using info@domain and support@damain as addresses.

When you don’t get emails, you will be losing out on online marketing opportunities.

Fix email service issues:

  • Check whether you are sending out messages to other accounts from the email address that has the domain’s name. If you are doing that, you will have to reset your forwarding settings.
  • In case you are implementing third-party email management tools, make sure to add the hosting email to your active email list.

    You can view and manage the email accounts from the hosting admin panel. There, you will see the web version of your email inbox. You can find out from there whether you have received emails or not.

If you can’t find any emails in the list, contact your host’s support team, and let them check server settings.

#3. The White Screen of Death error

The “White Screen of Death” is an error that can sometimes occur on Your WordPress Site. It would show up with a blank white screen (as the name suggests) and that white page will be your only visitor until you fix the issue.

Or at times, it may generate a critical error message.

Either way, it’s the same error.

In some cases, this error is due to a plugin or something else being faulty. But that is rare.

Also, note that this error can appear on any PC that is running Windows XP, ranging from desktop computers to laptops.

Fix white screen of death error:

  • If you have another WordPress site installed on the same hosting account, make sure to check whether it’s showing the same issue. If it does show the same issue, then the issue is with your WordPress hosting service most likely. It could be a temporary problem. So, contact their support for more help.
  • You can also fix this error with WordPress Recovery Mode. If the error is being caused by a plugin or theme, WordPress can sometimes detect it automatically.

    So, you’ll see a message suggesting that the site is experiencing technical difficulties before the issue even appears. You might also receive an email with the same message on your admin email address.

  • Apart from pointing out the plugin responsible for the error, the message will have a link to let you log in to the WordPress recovery mode. You can deactivate the plugin causing the problem from there.
  • In case you are seeing the blank white screen of death with no email or recovery mode choice, you will have to fix the error manually.
  • One way to do that is to increase the memory limit. This error could be happening as a script has exhausted memory. You will have to increase PHP memory in this case.
  • Usually, this error can also occur after you install a program or a plugin. So, you can also try disabling all plugins. Most likely, the issue lies with a plugin or a theme.
  • If you are not able to access the WordPress admin area, you will have to deactivate all plugins using FTP.

    For that, you’ll have to navigate to the “plugins” folder under the “wp-content folder.” But before that, ensure to link to your WordPress site via an FTP client.

    After that, rename the folder to “plugins-deactivated.”

    Now, you can test one plugin at a time to identify the plugin causing the issue. If you find the plugin with the issue – either report the issue to the creator or just disable and install another plugin in its place.

#4. Connection Timed Out error

If you are facing the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error, it means your website is handling more tasks than it is meant to handle.

This issue is mostly faced by webmasters who use shared hosting.


You can fix this issue by removing extra plugins that you have added to the website. These unnecessary plugins add to memory exhaustion. Just like with the above error, you’ll have to disable the plugins here as well.

In case it doesn’t work, contact your hosting service provider.

#5. Error Establishing Database Connection

If you are facing this error, you can be certain that there is a problem with your WordPress website’s connection to the database.

Fix Error Establishing Database Connection:

  • To fix Error Establishing Database Connection, open your FTP client and navigate to open up wp-config.php.

    Ensure that the information concerning database name, username, password, and the host is right. In case the data is incorrect, you should reset the MySQL password yourself.

    This error also occurs when your database has met its allocation or in case the server is down. To check for this, you will need to contact your hosting provider.

  • If you are facing the error in spite of your database having the right info and is not shut down, it is highly likely that your site has been compromised.

    You can scan your site using security tools like Sucuri SiteCheck.

#6. Server Does Not Exist

If you ever come across this error, it usually indicates account suspension. You must have neglected to renew your domain name or hosting service.

Or it is even possible that your hosting service provider has suspended your account for some reason. For instance, if your site is receiving suspicious traffic, your account will be suspended.

Fix Server Does Not Exist error:

You will have to contact your hosting service provider right away and inquire about consultations.

#7. Parse or Syntax Error

These errors are caused when you add the wrong code snippets into your site files. Perhaps, you might have misspelled a portion of the code or failed to add some characters.

Fix Parse or Syntax Error:

  • You can start to fix the issue by using online tools to learn how to paste snippets to your WordPress site. Once you have learned, you can proceed to diagnose this error.
  • To fix syntax, you need to edit the code that has made it. Using FTP, access your site and find out the file causing this error.

    Next, remove the code or get in touch with an expert who has in-depth coding knowledge to edit it properly. After the edits are done, save the file. You will have to upload it again on the server.

#8. Internal server error

If you are seeing Internal Server Error, something is wrong within your site, and the server is unable to find the cause.

Fix Internal server error:

Check your .htaccess file. Try renaming it by entering a few characters to the end. Next, save it, and refresh your site.

If this fixes the issue, navigate to your WordPress dashboard and click on Settings. Then, click on Permalinks and Click Save Changes. You don’t have to make changes in any field.

#9. Cost uncertainty

Many WordPress hosting problems can be avoided if you know what you’re paying for. There are complex hosting plans that confuse users about what a hosting plan offers and what it does not.

Fix cost uncertainty:

  • Find a hosting provider that comes with transparent and easy-to-understand pricing. These types of hosting providers will only charge you for features you really use.
  • Usually, hosting providers charge on a monthly and yearly basis. However, usage-based pricing charges by the hour when traffic spikes. In the end, you will only have to pay for the traffic that you actually get.
  • Or else, you would have to upgrade your web host services to account for irregular traffic spikes and then pay that premium cost throughout the month.
  • Note that the best hosting companies provide customized hosting plans. Don’t go for blanket bulk plans that offer several features you may never use.

#10. Poor customer support

If you are spending too much time trying to troubleshoot WordPress hosting problems rather than using it, you have poor customer support.

You don’t have to deal with your own technical support.

Fix poor customer support issues:

  • Find a hosting provider with proactive customer support. You should be able to chat with an agent live. They will help you resolve your issues in real-time.
  • In case of a virtual private server (VPS) issue or any other WordPress hosting issues, let the team know immediately.
  • You should monitor your website every minute. In case of any issue, contact the team immediately to get involved and fix the bug.


Every WordPress website owner faces hosting problems. However, it doesn’t mean you will have to quit using the site. Let this article serve as a guide and help you to fix the common WordPress hosting problems.

And by the way, you don’t have to tackle the problems on your own. Select a web host provider that offers superior customer support. All the common bugs have solutions. You should be able to fix them and continue using WordPress without much difficulty.

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