4 Reasons to Offer WordPress Hosting to Your Client Business Websites

WordPress comes to the fore as one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) offering young entrepreneurs their websites as a stepping stone towards a successful venture.

5 WordPress Benefits for a Website

Here are some of the benefits of WordPress and why people use it to run their websites:

#1. Easy to Setup, Manage and Update

Even a beginner can create a WordPress website and handle its functions and features easily. It is only after a while that one needs to purchase a web hosting plan to strengthen the website further.

#2. Plugins

Users can install plugins to add functionality to the core system and improve the website’s performance.

#3. SEO friendly

This is another advantage of WordPress websites that makes it more attractive to the users. However, one can install plugins to make their website even more SEO friendly.

#4. Ready for Mobile Web

Many WordPress themes follow a responsive design approach which works across different platforms such as mobile, tablets, etc.

#5. Open Source

It is open source and free from commercial restrictions and limitations. Hence, users can modify the code and configure it according to their needs.

By capitalising on the amazing features of WordPress, many people have gained a stronghold in the internet world with their sites attracting millions of visitors every day. However, it is not an easy task to gather this amount of traffic on a website. To make the website perform better, owners need the help of better WordPress web hosting services.

Reseller Club WordPress web hosting gives advantages such as increased security, better scalability, high uptime, and automatic backups among others. All these features of WordPress hosting make it a productive investment for the customers.

In this way, WordPress increases the revenue of web hosting service providers and web developers by generating potential customers. So, if you are already in this area of business and you wish to utilize this opportunity, then offering WordPress hosting to your clients will help your business grow.

Why You Should Offer WordPress Hosting to Clients

Here are 4 reasons why you should offer WordPress hosting to your clients:

Reason #1: Popularity of WordPress

As one of the most popular and user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress, has seen a tremendous growth in the digital sphere, catering to over 75 million sites. There are many more surprising facts about WordPress that highlight the magnitude of its popularity. Be it a small blog or an internationally-renowned website, WordPress is known to power a vast range of online businesses.

Over the time, web hosting providers have actively started offering WordPress hosting to their clients with specially designed web solutions for WordPress. You too can become an active member of the market if you consider selling your own managed WordPress hosting service.

Reason #2: Recurring Revenue

One of the key reasons that can attract anyone towards this business is the recurring revenue that it generates over time. By offering WordPress hosting, you get the chance to secure a regular and decent income from your clients. With an increasing number of clients, your revenue graph can also rise exponentially giving you satisfactory profits.

Reason #3: Build Your Niche

Once you start your WordPress hosting venture, you can introduce new ideas and packages to carve your niche in the market. If your plans work effectively, you may get the chance to build a strong brand positioning and be the best host for WordPress. This, in turn, can allow you to reap big rewards in the long run.

Reason #4: A Natural Add-on

If you are already selling various WordPress services such as website management and web design, then WordPress hosting comes as a natural add-on giving you profitable opportunities. It gives you the chance to grow your existing business to new levels.

Final Words

WordPress, as a platform is growing each day. Looking at the constant creation of websites, it is the right time to immerse yourself in the vast opportunities that WordPress hosting offers in the market.

Once you take this opportunity, you can get the benefit of potential monthly recurring revenue while making long-lasting client relationships.

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