Top 10 Reasons to Use Instagram for a Business

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Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, it has proven itself as a powerful marketing tool, which can increase the visibility of your company and thus the turnover. If you as a company or brand have not yet jumped aboard the Instagram train, then you are grudging yourself a lot.

Some of the best social media management company experts list the reasons to use an Instagram account for a Business.

How do you start as a company on Instagram?

Like any platform, getting started is easy. A company has an Instagram account in three steps. You sign up, you add a profile picture (your brand or logo for example) and you link your account to Facebook (owner of Instagram) and you can go wild. You can find a simple explanation in the help center of Instagram.

You can put your brand in the spotlight and you can also do promotion. Find out why Instagrammers like photos, why they follow other accounts, and how Instagrammers find other photos. Apply those insights to your business Instagram account and you can achieve success.

Use your company name for your Instagram and choose a recognizable profile: your brand or your logo. This makes you recognizable and easy to find. And it is easy to communicate. Also, there is a lot of potential with Instagram for companies.

It is of course important to keep an eye on your objective and time management. In addition, Here are some additional reasons to use an Instagram account for a business.

  • There are many apps that make your business on Instagram unique.
  • You can also advertise on Instagram with the promote option. With this, you turn your photos and videos into a sponsored message.
  • The price of a sponsored message depends on the target audience and the duration of your promotion. Add your location. This so-called geotagging is ideal for local businesses.
  • When customers add your company to their post, they will be on your Instagram account. You can create a location of your own business with the option ‘Add to Photo Card’.

Reasons why you can’t ignore Instagram at your business

#1. More and more people are using Instagram

More and more people are using Instagram
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Currently, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, of which more than 500 million are on the platform every day. 80 percent of these users are non-American, 34 percent of them are millennials, and 38 percent check the app several times a day. What Facebook was four years ago, Instagram is now.

There are currently 4.9 million users in India, half of whom use the app every day. And the number of users is growing steadily every day. The growth continues in all age groups as well as companies and brands. With such figures, the successes to be achieved of a solid Instagram strategy are unlimited. You ignore millions of potential customers by not tapping into this powerful and powerful social media platform.

#2. Size doesn’t matter

Not only large, well-known brands and companies, but also smaller entrepreneurs and SMEs, and freelancers can benefit from Instagram. Of course, even for large companies, success will not come overnight.

But if a marketing team wants to put their business on the map, they can do that by having an active presence on Instagram and getting a set structure and routine of posting at least one post per day. Big names such as Adidas and Coca Cola, as well as smaller companies, have effectively made a name for themselves on Instagram.

#3. You can instantly earn money with Instagram

You can instantly earn money with Instagram
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The importance of Instagram marketing for business has grown and evolved a lot over the years. There has been an increasing focus and emphasis on conversion, sales, and earning money with product placement, among other things. For example, companies can add tags to products with Instagram Shopping.

With a direct link to your website or webshop, including product description and price, it is possible to purchase something directly. Links to your product can also be placed in Instagram Stories, functionality with a higher conversion rate (20 percent of the number of followers takes action).

With these new functionalities, it is dead simple for companies to make real sales with the platform. 75 percent of users indicate that they have bought something on Instagram, which means that the sales success of the platform can no longer be denied.

#4. Through Instagram Stories you can give your company a face

Instagram gives you the chance to show your potential customer is a great way that you are more than a faceless company. You can do this with one of the many features in the app, but you can only really make an impact and make a difference with live posts and stories.

The best way to use Instagram Stories is to get behind-the-scenes views of your business. For example, show how products are made, share videos of collaborating teams, the creation process of marketing campaigns, or a live Q&A session between you and your audience.

Instagram live posts are also a great way to bond with your followers and show the human side of your business. It gives your followers confidence in your brand when they see and feel that you are doing more than just selling your product.

#5. Collaborate with influencers or partners

Work with relevan Influencer
Business vector created by pch.vector –

On social media, you can distinguish ‘normal’ users and influencers. In case you didn’t know, influencers are online celebrities with a wide reach who promote products or services in exchange for money.

By working together with major brands, parties, partners, or influencers you make use of their reach. A reliable influencer can take your sales to a higher level and make your company or product more visible. If you use well-known influencers (or several smaller ones) you can reach millions of followers with just a few posts.

#6. Hashtags can greatly increase your visibility

As an Instagram startup, you can feel intimidated by so much competition. Besides the fact that there is enough space for every company, regardless of size, industry, or objective, you can make a big difference with the correct use of hashtags.

With a solid hashtag strategy, you distinguish your company from the crowd. Hashtags are kind of important keywords that describe what your post is about. Popular Instagram hashtags such as Coca Cola’s #ShareaCoke and Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins have become classics in pop culture.

This makes these big brands even more recognizable and ‘lovable’. Even though you are not Coca Cola or Calvin Klein, effective use of hashtags can work wonders and set your business apart from the crowd.

#7. You come into direct contact with your (potential) customers

You come into direct contact with your (potential) customers
Illustration by Anna Ptasińska via Dribbble

What’s better than letting your customers know you exist? Correct: interact with your customer. People just want to have their say, especially if they find something really fun or attractive. Instagram is a platform for likes, comments, and shares.

The more likes and comments you get on a post, the more visible your company becomes. You get more likes by creating quality content, using local hashtags, and collaborating with other brands and/or people.

#8. Smartphones are everything

Facebook and Twitter started out as platforms that you can use on your internet browser. Instagram, on the other hand, was created as an app. And since 90 percent of mobile time is spent on apps, as an SEO services or company you can take advantage of this by making your content accessible to users on Instagram.

Whether those users are at home, on the road, or at work. Smartphone users go to Instagram because the style is more user-friendly and clear on smartphones than the layout of Facebook.

#9. You can keep a close eye on your competitors and learn from them

You can use Instagram to keep a close eye on the competition. How do they deal with their followers? Take a good look at what they post, how often, which posts score well, which ones scoreless? You can use that valuable information to define and refine your own strategy.

#10. Creativity is key

A very big advantage of the image-driven app is the creativity it offers. On Instagram, you (or your marketer) can go wild to come up with new ways to grab attention and attract new followers and customers. Show your personality to your audience and alternate that with win promotions, competitions, polls, shout-outs, live images, video, and more.


On the off chance that anything integrates these benefits, it is that more customers are focusing on Instagram than any other time in recent days, and you are just overlooking a huge number of likely clients by not joining this ground-breaking social media platform.

Take the tips you received here and use them to begin constructing your Instagram presence. And if we miss anything please feel free to comment below.

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