Top Tips on How to Create a Cosmetic Packaging Design

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If you are starting a cosmetic range, then having a unique and exclusive cosmetic packaging design can help kickstart your business. The cosmetic market is competitive and can be hard on the newcomers. However, if you have a stunning design and packaging then it’ll be enough to get your product of the shelf and into the customer’s basket.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know before designing your cosmetics packaging. But before we begin, there are certain things that you have to consider. Like what is the one factor that forces you to choose a certain product over the rest from the shelf.

This is the main deciding factor that attracts customers and make that product stand out from the rest. On this note, today we’re going to discuss what are the main deciding factors that compel consumers to buy your product.

Continue reading to know how to make a cosmetic packaging design that will make your product sell better!

Market Evaluation

For an alluring cosmetic packaging design that has chances to survive the shelves, market evaluation is imperative. You need to collect all the facts and information about the competitive market and the chances of your product’s survival.

Market Evaluation
Illustration by Makers Company via Dribbble

Without this you’ll be going treading in uncharted waters and any sudden and minor difficulties can set you back greatly on your marketing campaign. Conclusively, these are vital steps for your product’s design and advertising campaign.

These are the things you need to research on:

 icon-angle-right Consumer Awareness

The consumer awareness about the products available in the market is important. An aware consumer can make well-informed choices when buying products.

Consequently, they are more likely to try new and competitive products as they are usually cheap and provide better quality as compared to the mass-manufactured products that lose quality after their sales go up.

If your targeted market’s consumer is mindful about buying products, then, there is a likely chance that your product will sell. However, if the scenario is opposite, then you’ll need to add a brand awareness campaign to your marketing strategy.

 icon-angle-right The cosmetic packaging trends

Now, the products already available on the shelves of stores can tell a lot about the market. Things like, how well a certain product is selling and why, and if a product is not selling then what are the reasons behind it.

You can learn a lot about the cosmetic packaging design trends this away and make a knowledgeable decision in putting your own design together.

 icon-angle-right Defining your consumers and brand personality

This is an important aspect of a cosmetic packaging design. The brand identity must always comply with the targeted consumers’ wants and needs.

So, you must define your consumer type, are they teens, college students, young adults, or adults. Once you’ve done that, then you may research on the latest trends and fashion that the targeted consumers are into. From there onwards create your brand personality around it.

 icon-angle-right Product Reach

After doing all the market and consumer research, you must decide how your product is going to reach your desired consumers. Deciding on your product’s reach is important as it will also be a part of your production costs.

Moreover, there are different means using which you can display your product to the consumer market. Such as displaying it on boutiques, large departmental stores, local shops as well as through online shops, etc.

Getting Started with the Cosmetic Packaging Design

Cosmetic Packaging Design
Photo by Anastasia Dunaeva via Dribbble

To start creating your cosmetic packaging design, these are some things that you must keep in mind. As these things play an important role in making your product stand out from the rest.

Tip #1: Clarity and Straightforwardness

The foremost design objective should be to send a message of simplicity and precision. On the first look, your product should tell the customer what it is and what is its purpose.

There are many products on the market with ambiguous packaging and sends an unclear message to the consumer. A great example of this is the recent gorilla glue fiasco, the product failed to convey that it is not a hair glue but an industrial glue.

Tip #2: Be Original

It is important to find inspiration from the brands in the market. However, if you really want your cosmetic packaging design to standout, you have to be original. The packaging trends tell a lot about what the consumers find attractive and will buy.

Your design should also take cues from that and this way you’ll create a unique and striking cosmetic packaging design. You must create a packaging design that not only catches the consumer’s eye but also sells good.

Tip #3: Don’t be shy

The secret is to not fear thinking outside of the box. The most creative and successful design ideas were all once thought of being too unconventional.

But that is what made them great and eye-catching. Therefore, when you’re trying to create the perfect outlook for your brand don’t be shy rather be bold and come-up with something that has the loom to attract masses.

Tip #4: Keep Consumer Perspective in mind

The consumer perspective or the shelf impact of a product really matters. To stand out from the crowd, your cosmetic packaging design must be eye-catching enough to lure the customer’s gaze from all the other products to your product.

Tip #5: Design Flexibility to Continuation of Product Line

The packaging design should be versatile enough to encompass a variety of products. Meaning, if you have other products, or plan to launch other cosmetic products in the future, then the design must be flexible enough to adapt to other products as well.

Tip #6: Finalizing and Visualizing your Cosmetic Packaging Design

Once you’re done with the ideas and visualization process, you can put your design to test. If the packaging looks good, then there you have it. You can then find a MK Printing Ads shop and explain your packaging designs to them and order the first batch.

Final Words

All in all, the whole cosmetic packaging design process can be a little too much for someone new. We are well aware that how daunting this whole process can be for you.

Therefore, we hope you’ll find these tips to be helpful and will help you in transforming your thoughts into a product.

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