Top 11 Brand Ideas to Build a Successful Business in 2021

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When you look at a strong brand, you see a promise.

Jim Mullen

Starting your business just the way you have planned will certainly be like a dream come true. It will not be easy to maintain your startup’s position in this tough and competitive market if you lose trust from your potential customers. If you are a marketing student, you need to be prepared for the best.

Marketing assignments will sharpen your knowledge and your ability to think. There are already plenty of brands existing in your target market, and all of them need just scope to outrun your business or startup.

This is why it becomes essential that you always try coming up with unique brand ideas that help you stand out from the rest. However, if you lack confidence or run out of ideas, you can always buy online assignments.

Josephine Gilbert, a renowned essay writer, and a counselor,suggest, “If you intend to earn customer’s trust in your company’s services or products, you must come up with a sound branding strategy”.

Branding only fails when the companies or businesses fail to fulfill the client’s expectations or meet their promises. Business owners are becoming aware of the marketing potential of branding. After going through a couple of strategies of successful brands, I have come down with a list of branding ideas to be considered in 2021.

#1. Examining the brand values

It is essential to define brand values for successful branding. Make sure that you add credibility, authenticity, and transparency to the brand. Once you are done incorporating the values, you will analyze your performance and check for all the possible weak spots.

You can improve it after evaluating the weaknesses of your brand. You will be able to improve them consistently to increasing your brand value. Keep it transparent since customers always appreciate the brand, which promotes an open customer relationship.

#2. Gamify

From my personal experience, I feel customers pay more attention when advertisementscome in the form of a playable game. There is nothing more frustrating when advertisements seem like a game but theyare not playable. This forms negative attention towards the brand, which you will not want it.

I think there is hardly anyone who does not like playing games. Instead of seeing the ad demanding something, it is always fun to enjoy a customized game that allows you to win big prizes. A brand with an interactive gameholds the power of interacting with the brand without even realizing that they are being marketed to.

Few gamification examples used by brands:

  • Monopoly game of McDonald’s
  • Coca Cola’s shake it
  • Heineken’s star player game
  • Steam trading cards

#3. Work on the visual content of the brand

Visual content will be instrumental in both advertising and marketing campaigns. You must add a variety of visual contents across different platforms. You need to invest in brand videos, printed materials, illustrations, written materials, art-work, etc. to positively impacting your business.

Simple visuals can transform an ordinary idea into an extraordinary one. The lost & found Dutch Airline KLM video is considered one of the most successful branding that was viewed over 22 million times.

More examples of brands using visual content:


Starbucks Visual Content Marketing


Oreo Visual Content Marketing

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donut Visual Content Marketing

#4. Try recreating your logo

The logo of your business will become the face of your company in your target market. If your logo is just a casual drawing, all of your branding efforts will go in vain. If you find the old logo’s design to be outdated or fails to deliver the proper message to the customers, you can redesign it to make it more effective and powerful.

Customers will not take you seriously and will consider you unprofessional. The logos of Coca-cola, McDonald’s, Thumbs up became very memorable ones.

#5. Evaluating social media strategy

Increase Organic Social Media
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The presence of social media is very essential for businesses. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will introduce a wide range of opportunities when you can come across a large pool of potential customers. You will be able to build a community of users around your services and products.

An American start-up, Dollar Shave club based in California, was able to attract 12,000 people with one viral released on YouTube video within 48 hours. The video got released on March 12, and it successfully garnered 5 million views. This is the most effective brand marketing that can be done within the budget.

#6. Pay special attention to packaging design

What I have learned in my experience is you should never take packaging design lightly. It must be a memorable and attractive piece of graphic design. The packaging is the first thing that your potential customers will notice,so you need to pay special attention.

You will lose potential customers if you do a mismatch in the products you make and your packaging concept. When packaging is done wrongfully, you will discourage people from buying your product. Your goal should be to make a lasting impression with packaging.

#7. Start blogging on your business

Be regular with posting relevant images and text on your blog site. Your readers should have updated information from your blogs. Make sure that you explain the issues with relevant visuals, infographics and videos existing in your business.

A mix of engaging mix and interesting content will be an effective brand-building exercise. If you lack expertise in blogging, you must learn how to start blogging here, or seek guidance from essay writers.This is a perfect brand strategy to earn trust for your business.

#8. Consider email marketing

Email Marketing Strategies
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If you want to invite a more extensive audience base towards the brand, email marketing can be one of the best branding strategies. By creating compelling and creative e-mails for customer, you will be able to explore the minds of customers for exploring your brand. Make sure that you maintain a friendly image with your emails in front of the audience.

#9. Connect with brand influencers

At present, influencers are the most popular type of marketing. Influencers have the power to trigger the minds of the audience and convince them to try or buying the products.

They can play a perfect medium in between you and your brand. Essay writers suggest you pick the right influencer who will advertise your brand to convey the right message about your brand to the target audience.

#10. Sponsoring events

Sponsoring events is an effective way of raising money for non-profit. It gives your brand exposure which leads to most people know about the existence of your brand. Your brand can definitely use the opportunity.

You can choose to print the name of the company on ticket subs, jerseys. It also proves that you care for the community. You need to keep an eye on the calendar to see the events you can plan for your opportunities.

#11. Giveaways and contests

Giveaways ad contests are effective ways to collect valuable information about potential customers. You can run the costs online or do it in person to reach maximum people.

As they try participating to the contest, they will require giving phone numbers or email. Social media can also be a perfect place to conduct these contests.

Few giveaway contests that caught the most attention on Instagram:

  • Love one today’s avocado contest
  • Pink lime look’s good hair day contest
  • Valdo prosecco’s trip to Italy
  • Melissa Corser’s makeup giveaway

Wrapping up

If customers continuously watch the same ads over and over again, they will eventually start ignoring them after getting frustrated with it. They will have no desire to learn about them. Your purpose should be to constantly engage with the customers with your brand in the most appealing way.

You will need to put yourself in the shoes of the customers and imagine what they will like to see. You can always rely on professional essay writers to learn tips. This is why it is so important to be consistent and creative with your brand’s voice.

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