How To Make Your Brand Identity More Visible During A Webinar

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Establishing credibility and expertise in today’s business environment is not an easy task. Building a strong brand is what every business aims at, but only a few succeed.

The business world, especially in B2B, has significantly changed as connecting one-on-one becomes a challenge. Now, webinars are becoming the order of the day and a significant part of every content marketing plan.

But then, webinars as ways of promoting products are also daunting. Convincing your prospects over the phone will require some understanding of how you should present yourself. The secret is weaving together multiple ideas that will help advertise your brand to its prospective customers.

This article takes a more in-depth look at how businesses can market their brands during webinars. Remember, your brand visibility during a webinar adds so much value to its productivity. It will create a positive perception of you and enhance your company’s values.

How to market brand during webinar
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So, below is the information you need about creating strong brand identities.

#1. Ensure there’s proper branding

The first step towards improving your brand identity during a webinar is branding it. You should ensure that your audience can see your brand elements such as logos, names, etc., throughout. Your audience should see these elements right from the registration page and throughout the entire webinar.

Besides, you should ensure that visitors can easily recognize most of these features on every webpage. Ensure that the message you’re sending displays clearly on every page and the brand colors apparent. Also, from time to time, display visual elements that describe your brand, such as your logo during the videos or as watermarks.

The more uniform your site looks, the more appealing it becomes to your audience. That will not only strengthen your brand but also enhance your message. It is advisable to hire a professional to help create branding elements to give the desired results. But if you want it more personalized, you can learn to design your own logo.

#2. Speak authoritatively to build trust

You’re the best advocate of your brand whenever you’re presenting during a webinar. Your audience will judge you not only according to your message but also how you express yourself. Ensuring that there’s authoritativeness in your speech will enhance your message.

The best way to do this is to prepare adequately for the presentation. Pick a subject you’d like to speak about and ensure you’ve all the facts at your fingertips. It is the easiest way to ensure that people feel the authoritativeness in your voice.

Besides, it would be best to avoid speaking promotionally but seek to add some value to your audience. It is the best way to add value to it and also strengthen your brand.

#3. Prepare with freebies

Almost everyone in your audience will tell you that they love freebies. Now that you’re meeting your audience online, sending them a few will make them remember you for a long time to come. The best thing about online gifts is the variety. You can choose to send them anything from how-to videos, word documents, educational PDFs, etc.

Whatever options you consider for handouts, you should make sure that they bear your brand. There should be logos, names, and brand colors on them to ensure they speak for themselves. Besides, make sure you give them valuable items that they’ll appreciate, keep and share.

In short, the goal here is to make your audience remember your brand wherever you go. Aim at making sure the free handouts have no difference from your website and webinar regarding the message you’d like to pass.

#4. Make follow-ups

Make follow-up
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Although you’ve to make your brand shine while presenting, it doesn’t end there. People feel confident and trust you more when you take the time to know how they’re fairing. Thus, taking some time to contact them and ask how they found the webinar and hearing what they have to say is worth it.

The time you’re reaching out again is a chance to give them more content. Prepare a few word documents and give them for free and also consider more incentives. You can, for instance, offer them exclusive access to subscription-based areas of your website.

Another way is creating and sharing with them a handout for your presentation. That way, they will keep connecting with you and checking out what’s new on your site.

#5. Create excellent content

Packaging your content professionally says a lot about you. As a brand, you should ensure that the presentation meets your company’s needs and expresses your values. It should also be a distinguishing feature for you in today’s competitive business environment.

The easiest way to create capturing content is by aligning it to customer needs. Research on what people want to hear about the topic and design your content to their needs. That will help you edge your competitors and increase the trust between you and your customers.

But then, you shouldn’t criticize your audience but present yourself as the solution. Your content will strengthen your brand if the audience can easily relate to it.

#6. Having excellent presenters

Creating fruitful connections between audiences and brands isn’t easy. Also, making them remember you can be even more difficult. Thus, your team for the webinar presentation matters a lot when looking to increase brand visibility. You must build a great team that will bring the desired results.

Take time to find a host that’s not only articulate but also charismatic. You will reap better results if the team you build or the host you choose remains consistent with their delivery. Also, be keen on changing hosts because that will affect how well your audience receives the message and implements it.

#7. Diversify languages

Difersify Language
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Webinars come with various challenges, especially when it comes to language. You sometimes need to use multiple languages if you’ve built yourself a massive community. Consider hiring a translator to help you pass the message effortlessly if you don’t understand a language.

You can translate any writings on the logos or brand names to ensure they can read without a problem. Besides, you should present your points in all languages or provide a physical translator or online tool. That way, you’ll increase the chances of getting understood and remembered by your audience.

#8. Use various visual elements

There’re lots of visual elements that help us pass messages and connect with audiences. As a business person, you need to build these elements in such a way that they sell your brand. For instance, you can consider designing your website and landing pages in a way that communicates what you do.

Besides, you can focus on making branded presentation slides for your webinar. Consider using tools like fishbone diagram templates from SlideHunter. These diagrams can help you present cause and effect with more clarity and detail.

Use the best backgrounds to get the best results for your presentation. Always think about the customers’ problems and work your way back to provide them with solutions. You can use presentation backgrounds like these from You can choose the background that fits and represents your brand the best.

Pretty slides don’t help brands cut either, so you need to input valuable content in them. Your audience will remember your brand better if you provide valuable content. Make sure that you provide facts and support them with evidence where possible. Also, explain every point accurately for easier comprehension.

#9. Use a different format

Creating an identity for your webinar will make a great difference for you. It has become difficult to differentiate webinars for other streamed or recorded online events. Therefore, going with the regular format that everyone uses when promoting products online won’t give you the desired results.

Consider making things look a little more different. You should ensure a strong identity that defines you, and the format offers your audience a reason to stick around longer. You’ll provide great value and have your audience take action if you diversify your presentation with templates and other elements.

#10. Have a webinar series and name it

Consistency is key in today’s business world. You risk being forgotten if you do not keep reminding your audience about your brand. Your audience needs a regular supply of webinars, and you should be keen to deliver exactly that if you want to win their trust and grow your brand.

Next, you should create a name that represents your brand and is easy to recall. You should ensure that it is short and precise and relate it to the topic at hand. You’ll give your webinar the strength to stand by itself if you can name it properly.


Webinar branding is a very critical aspect of any business that wants to increase its sales. It directly impacts how profitable your business becomes, especially by promoting products through video. Every business needs to consider various elements and create a reliable strategy that will deliver results.

The tips we have mentioned in this article should help to make your brand more visible. As a business, you should consider weaving these tips into your strategy and getting the best from them. A good example of what you should implement is the creation of a webinar series. It delivers better results compared to random releases.

It is also advisable to create a strong name that will accurately represent your brand. The more unique you can make your presentation, the better the results you’ll get from it. It would be best if you keenly implemented these tips and you’ll get better results.

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