15 Social Networks and Websites Where Any Designer Should Be Present

For the most of us, social media websites is equivalent to Facebook, chat with friends or liking and sharing images and statuses. In spite of that, some people said that for them social media brought clients and implicitly money. Unfortunately, they are a small minority and most of us make money when don’t use social networks. Altogether, I want to convince you that social networks have their undeniable advantages; personally, I consider that some networks are capital for designers. Once again, none may become a billionaire by spending time on various social networks but, in some contexts, a social network may be truly useful.

Searching for social networks that are useful for designers is a time consuming activity; instead of wasting time by searching, you should read this post and surely, you will have some new websites to check. Willing or not, advertising is highly connected with social media and taking into account that nowadays nobody survives without advertising, it’s simple to deduce the importance of “wasting time on Twitter or other networks”. The list is perfectible and we are waiting for your contribution, don’t be avaricious with us and share your little secrets.

1. Twitter

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

Twitter is a great source of information; it’s a resource useful for designers but also for other people. A tweet is just 140 characters length but it may contain or conduct to extremely important websites or articles. Definitely, a web designer should be present on Twitter and follow the best experts in the field. More pragmatically, by having an account on Twitter and following other interesting profiles you save much time wasted in search for valuable information. I guarantee, you don’t waste time by creating a Twitter account!

2. LinkedIn

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

A resume is still important but right now we are in the times of social media and it’s a logical situation to have a professional network. The employers shouldn’t ask for special CVs or special recommendations. It’s simpler: search on Linkedin and find out everything about the professional activity of everyone. In this way is saved time and the recruiting process is simplified. The conclusion: none will be interested in your services if neglect the Linkedin profile!

3. Pinterest

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

It’s highly probable that you won’t get any client from Pinterest, but here you may find many sources of inspiration, therefore the investment of creating a new account would be certainly rewarded.

4. Flickr

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

In the eventually of writing this post just two or three weeks ago, definitely Flickr wouldn’t be included here. The latest redesign captivated the interest of many designers and it may be the first sight of a shiny reborn. It’s a great source for photos and inspiration and the future seems to bring us pleasant surprises…

5. deviantART

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

DeviantART is a huge community and here are posted countless design projects. Similar to Pinterest, I hardly believe that you may get a client but the works uploaded will refuel your inspirational level. A great designer should have a decent presence on deviantART, so visit the website.

6. Dribbble

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

DeviantART is a huge brand, but here are uploaded many amateurish works and in this context, its importance is seriously reduced. Some designers consider that this network is reserved for amateurs and prefer to migrate to others. Dribbble seems to be the best solution: the quality of works uploaded is higher and the potential employers carefully study the projects of various designers.

7. Behance

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

Behance is an exclusivist network for designers. Once you are present here, then you must be aware that here are the best designers and any amateurish project is affecting your reputation. Many prospective clients are searching for designers using Behance, so maybe you are the next “victim”.I must warn you that Behance is the place of a harsh competition and only the best receive projects and the recognition of other designers.

8. COLOURlovers

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

No matter if you are web, logo or graphic designer, working with colors is a job for everyone involved in design industry. In conclusion, being part of a community that is passionate about color combination or how to play efficiently with colors is advantageous, isn’t it?

9. Typophile

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

Typophile is a great typography resource (you guessed, isn’t it?) and I strongly recommend registering here. The advantages of registering are important because in this way you may see the comments or open a new topic. The forum is a great help but don’t neglect the blog or the resources from “Blogs”.

10. Design Bump

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

A designer that is calling himself “expert” can’t ignore the web design blogosphere and he checks daily his favorite blogs. A very good aggregate that offers links to valuable resource is design Bump and consequently, registering here is almost a must!

11. DesignFloat

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

Design Float is very similar to Design Bump; two sources of information are better than one.

12. design:related

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

In order to have the possibility of creating here an account you should convince the website owners that you deserve this honor. Well, this fact isn’t to humiliate you, is just to select only the best designers and I consider that they are doing it very well. Any designer should apply for the jobs from here…they are posting only very good opportunities, but the requirements are very high so don’t expect for miracles if you aren’t well prepared.

13. Design Snack

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

Here are members some of the best designers and each project uploaded receives feedback from other users. Entering into competition will put pressure on you to create only wonderful designs and it is extremely important if you really want to evolve. You lose nothing by giving a try, isn’t it?

14. SitePoint Forums

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

I am in doubt that there is a designer that didn’t hear about Site Point…being an active user on the Site Point forum surely isn’t a bad thing. When you are in doubt don’t forget to enter here and ask for help, someone will have an opinion/feedback for you. Don’t forget, you should also help someone in need!

15. Designmoo

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

The creators of this websites resumed very clearly the purpose of the website: “Designmoo is a community for discovering and sharing free PSDs, vectors, textures, patterns, fonts, and more.” Designmoo doesn’t offer new client opportunities but entering into this community brings you enough advantages.

16. OmahPSD (bonus)

Best Websites and Social Networks for Designers

OmahPSD is our brand new website, dedicated as a place for Photoshop resources from designer around the world. There are beautiful and creative free PSD Photoshop files from web elements, web templates, mobile app ui and print templates that you can be use as raw material in your design project. The site is update daily.

In the end, I hope that this post will represent a starting point in the presence of any designer on various social networks. These aren’t a waste of time as long as you use them smartly. Do you agree with me or do you have other ideas?

– Written by Daniel –

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