Incorporating Brand Advertising and Promotional Marketing In Web Design

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Web design is not merely an activity of creating wonderful things for others to look at. Instead all projects you work on as a web designer should include a set of goals that must be accomplished. Visuals you create should help you in the right direction. There are common marketing goals that you need to pursue in web design. First, it is important to go over the distinction between promotional marketing and brand advertising and then analyze its implications to your designs.

Brand advertising

Brand Advertising Web Design

Brand advertising is often where web design begins and web designers should understand what comprises a brand. Web designers should also be aware that brands are not limited to what they often imagine such as pre-approved images, fonts and colors. Instead, they should think of brands as a personality of products and they include products’ design, goals, target audience, messaging and others. Web design should allow visitors to easily ascertain brand’s personality and goals. Of course, there should be strong keywords so you immediately know what the product is focusing. For example, if the web design strongly targets female customers, it may include thin typography, feminine colors, decors and others. Remember that if a website seeks to encourage purchase behaviors, there should be strong statements or call to action where visitors can easily find the product. Messages isn’t always sales focused, it should be personal and emotional. One of the main goals is to increase brand awareness.

Brand awareness is precisely what it sounds like. It is simply an easy way to get client’s brand identity out quickly. A properly developed brand can put an attractive face to an otherwise impersonal and cold product so buyers and clients can connect with them. Many web designers are prone to misunderstand and underestimate the values of brand advertising. Since it’s not totally focused at influencing purchase behavior, it could seem like useless. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth as many successful brands are those that consumers are the most familiar with. Apple and Coca Cola sink many millions into brand awareness and consequently buyers are more likely to purchase their products than competitors.

Promotional marketing

Brand Advertising Web Design

It is where marketers start to convince people to engage in purchasing events. Promotional marketing in web design is product-focused and it simply says “this is our product”. There could be a coupon placed on the website and customers can perceive the money saving value of the design. Promotional marketing incorporates more call to action, with verbs like save, treat and share to suggest people to go out and purchase the product.

Thus far, it has all been mostly a marketing lesson and as a web designer, you might think this article has no real relevancy to your profession. However, marketing principles often have significant implications to how web designers do their job. One lesson web designers want to walk away with is that things they create inherently usually incorporate complex goals. Proper implementation of brand awareness and promotional marketing can improve the effectiveness of web design and this underlying implication can make them better designers. A good design won’t incorporate client requirements as last minute additions, the design process should revolve around what their clients wish to communicate to consumers. The fonts you use, the textures you choose, you layout and even your color palette should reflect client’s marketing strategy.

To sum up, web designers should be aware that brand advertising in a website focuses more on brand advertising and people are likely to buy products whose brands they can understand and identify with. Conversely, by implementing promotional marketing concepts in web design, the website can leverage a well-established brand to encourage better purchasing behaviors. Both marketing concepts are equally important and they together form the basis of many successful websites.
Even if your client doesn’t ask you for it, it is still a good idea to subtly incorporate these ideas to the design. Analyze client’s situation and structure your web designs in a way that it falls in with the project goals.

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