Comparing TikTok And Instagram: Which Is The Better Choice For Influencers?

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The internet is currently full of people trying to get into influencer marketing. On the surface, it looks like a glamorous lifestyle and may seem like a job that is fairly easy to do. But looks can be deceiving, and most influencers need to work hard before they are even considered halfway successful. If you’re thinking of becoming an influencer, you might wonder which is the better platform: TikTok or Instagram? Well, it depends.

TikTok: More Popular Among Gen Z

While TikTok is a fairly new social media platform, it has quickly risen to success. The content that TikTok focuses on is entertaining, and aspiring influencers may find that it’s easier to go viral on the app.

Many even opt to use SocialGreg in the beginning stages of their journey as an influencer in order to boost their TikTok account and manipulate the algorithm in their favor. It’s a simple but effective way to jumpstart their TikTok influencer career.

Influencers need to think about who they are marketing to, just as much as they need to think about what they are marketing. Because TikTok is more popular with Generation Z, it would only make sense to be an influencer on TikTok if you are willing to focus all your attention into marketing products to younger individuals.

Of course, this changes the type of “influencer lifestyle” you will need to have, because your main focus will be the interests of people below the age of 24. The marketing methods used will also differ because in order to influence the purchasing decisions of Gen Z, it’s best to be familiar with their mindset and the marketing methods that work best to target them.

Instagram: More Popular Among Millennial Women

Again the demographics of your target audience play an important role when you are choosing the platform to focus online presence. Studies have shown that Instagram is most popular among women in the mid 20s to mid 30s, so they are more likely to be women who are starting to settle down.

As an influencer for this demographic segment, you would need to show off less of a partying lifestyle, and maybe focus more on advancing careers or family life. Your age also matters, because your audience will relate to you more if you are within their age group. Remember that millennials are older – some are 40 now – so they may not take you too seriously if they view you as “just a kid”.

Influencing their purchasing decision will require an entirely different approach than Gen Z, and it’s important to take this into consideration.

Multi-platform Influencing

Some people had success in diversifying their marketing approach on social media, by posting on multiple platforms. While their brand identity remains the same, the content they provide for different platforms will be slightly different so that the marketing is more effective. Naturally, this means there will be more work to do, but it may also produce better results if done right.

If you decide to use this approach, keep in mind that you will need to change your content and curate it according to the platform you are posting on. This may include posting entirely different content for different platforms. For example, some YouTube chefs post short tips on TikTok, and use Instagram to post photos of their dishes (which are shown in detail on YouTube).

Also, these influencers generally do not have an age-specific target audience, but rather their criteria for differentiating their target audience may depend on other factors such as niche interests. In the example of YouTube chefs we’ve mentioned above – the target audience may not be age specific at all. They may simply be targeting users that are interested in a specific type of cuisine – old or young.

The Time Factor

One important thing to consider when comparing Instagram and TikTok is the length of the videos you intend to post. TikTok videos were meant to be shorter, but a recent decision by the platform gave users more leeway (up to 3 minute videos are allowed now), whereas Instagram still limits videos to 60 seconds. This changes the type of content you will be able to provide, which may make it easier or harder to influence the consumer opinions of your target audience.

Video vs. Images

Another factor to consider is that Instagram allows for images to be posted, while TikTok does not. This means that your approach to influencer marketing will need to change according to the platform you choose. If you feel that you won’t be able to create engaging videos, or are uncomfortable doing so – Instagram is the better choice.

Of course, Instagram also allows videos, which means you can add both types of content to your page according to your needs and preference.

Which Is The Better Platform

In the end, choosing between Instagram and TikTok for influencer marketing depends on your brand identity and preferences, as well as your capabilities. Also, you are better off trying both platforms and evaluating the response you get from users.

Use the platform that you seem to have more influence on. Ask yourself where most of the interactions with your audience is – are you getting more likes on Instagram or TikTok? Figure out which platform your fanbase frequents most – and use that platform to influence your fanbase.

Making money as an influence depends heavily on the number of people you can influence. So, if you have fewer TikTok followers, it makes more sense to use Instagram (or any other platform) for your influencer marketing. This will help you leverage better deals with sponsors so you can make more money as an influencer.

Influencer marketing is not as simple or easy as it sounds. There is a lot of research involved, and many influencers have basic knowledge of SEO and other content creation strategies that may help them reach a wider audience and spread their content better. Most influencers need some marketing knowledge in order to be successful because they need to carefully balance promotional content and other content they provide.

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