Creating A Real Estate Social Media Strategy

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Real Estate market is vast, never-ending, and always changing. It is known to be one of the most sensitive markets where you can invest money. With time technology has taken over this sector as well. In older days buying and selling a house, apartment, or commercial land was done offline but gone are those days.

In modern times, the constructors have now taken the online route for everything. From marketing to display all the necessary information; everything is done online. This is the reason why it is the best time to have a real estate marketing strategy for your business.

It is a proven fact that businesses of all sizes and shapes can be benefited significantly if their marketing is done in the right way. There are a few steps that involve a complete marketing scheme. So all of them should be done correctly and without fail.

Here are the essential steps that you must take while creating a real estate social media strategy.

Numbers speak it all

According to the National Association of Realtors when it comes to scoring clients; social media platforms have become an integral part of the real estate business. Owing to this fact, almost 77% of realtors use several social media platforms actively.

47% of businessmen have noted that realtors having a social media presence and active accounts have got more leads from these platforms than any other sources. 99% of buyers search for their dream home online.

All these facts lead us straight to the truth that social media platforms are gold mines for realtors. Making social media a part of your marketing strategy is important now more than ever.

Which social media platform to trust?

Every platform indeed has a different viewership, but all of them together will always have the most numbers. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to choose one of these platforms; you can create an account on all of these platforms and market your house.

What’s essential for you is how to use these platforms efficiently and effectively. Irrespective of whatever medium you choose, make sure of a few things:

  • In the bio section of your account, do not forget to mention the area, address, and your working hours. This will help the buyer in locating and time of contacting you.
  • One of the best ways to get more clients is to make things easy for them. Eliminate the redirecting pages and include more CTA buttons on your page. Put some schedule a meeting, call now, get the quote links on the account. This will draw more clients because your account gives them ease.
  • Keep your personal and professional life separate on social media, by now means should your personal life be exposed to your professional account.

Content is the king

Like in any other sector, real estate publicity and marketing strategy will require quality content to be posted online. So, make sure your content is of high quality because only value attracts the customer. It will bring the traffic, provide visibility, bring you in the good books and memory of people and imprint a long-lasting impression on the client’s mind.

Keep in mind that if your marketing gets a boom, all the viewers will become your marketer, and there will be a time when your brand will get publicity only through the spread of words.

What should you post on your accounts?

This is another critical question to ask yourself before establishing your online presence. But even before this, you need to understand your grip over different platforms. Once you know the networks, you can then talk about the type of posts you will update on your account.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to “never be shy about your product.” The real estate business is open, and you need to show your clients what you are putting up for sale. On the other hand, you should bring some diversity to your content calendar. This is very important to lure more clients.

Now what can you do to get this diversity:

  • Get some high-quality images; You might think any image would work for you, but that isn’t the case. You should take some stunning shots of your property and upload them. If you please, you can use filters as well.
  • Your social media account can also display client testimonials or success stories. This will help you in getting a better viewership and response because it makes your roots healthy and gains the trust of your client.
  • Now if your company has achieved any milestone; be it big or small, do not shy away from mentioning them. It is only going to help you in the future.
  • Keep updating the news of your industry regularly. It would be best if you understood that irrespective of your business area, the size of your business, and other points, the real estate world is vast and ever-growing. So, there will be something new for you and your viewers.

So if you are planning to promote your commercial or residential land or building, your social media presence will count a lot. You can rely on Facebook publicity, Instagram marketing, or other platforms.

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