Creative Tips for Writing A Slogan for Your College Team

Creating the best slogans is far more than writing something that someone will like as the good slogan does not just ring the bell every time you hear it but rather ensures the real meaning for your college team. If you wonder how to make a slogan for your college team and make it memorable, there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to. It should be simple but meaningful. So, what makes a good slogan for the college team? In this article, we will explain and give you the best tips that you should follow in order to get a good name for your college team that everyone will memorize and remember!

Tip #1. Try to keep it simple

The very first thing that you need to have in your mind is that too complicated slogan ideas never get any good for the team, at least in the marketing terms. Of course, avoid using the catchy slogans that are already used by some company or other teams as you do not want to copy others and render yourself as a stealer who does not have any creativity. It may be difficult, but you have to be original. Alternatively, you could hire some company like that deals with paper research so they could produce a creative and highly unique slogan to make your team more recognizable and unique. Try to keep your slogan anywhere from 5 to 10 words as this is the optimal length, as everything above 10 words is too complicated and hard to remember.

Tip #2. Consistency is the key

Whether you are developing a research paper writing agency or a college basketball team, the goal is to be consistent and complement your logo, name and mascot. If your team logo is a star and it has a horse as a mascot, you will not want to write a slogan that is revolving around the best-roasted chicken. The goal is to have in mind the logo of your team, so everything fits well. Supposing your college team logo is a wolf, it would not be good if you had written anything that does not involve a wolf’s intentions or affinities. You need a sentence that reflects your logo, flag, the standardized motto with a meaningful message as that is the only way to reach the consistency.

Tip #3. Be different

Yes, there are a lot of college teams and slogans that depict the fight of those teams, but what do all of them have in common? They are all different as everyone wants to be unique and special and you could never see two teams having the same slogans. If you write papers for money, you know each one has to be different. It is the same with this – you need to provide a creative and unique solution that your supporters could remember easily. Try to come out with something that you have not heard anywhere before but without going too far from your team’s core, mascot, or general motto that they have been using from earlier.

Tip #4. Use logo as inspiration

The best way to start is to observe your logo as it can reveal you a lot of things that might be useful for creating the motto for your team. A slogan without a logo would not work well the same way the logo without slogan would not be completed and therefore, you should use the logo of your team as the starting point. Since the logo should not change, you can use it all the time. The different slogans might be applied overtime just to avoid monotony, but generally, it is good to keep to the standard slogan and use only one. Be creative – do not let your logo limits you to a few words, but rather use it as the additional creativity boost to make your team memorized and fun!

Of course, the relation between the logo and slogan should not be so evident strictly, as it can be a part of the hidden part of the logo or anything else. The goal is to have some kind of relation, but sometimes you can skip this and use a slogan that is not entirely related to the logo. Still, the logo is a starting point. Not only gives ideas about the possible slogan, but it also helps you to determine the voice of your slogan. If your team logo is a duck, it is hardly possible to use something “sharp” and deadly as everyone sees a duck as a harmless creature!

Tip #5. Be honest

Yes, be honest with your slogan as there is no need to lie about something since it is a sport and everyone understands if you lose. Avoid using lame phrases like “We do not lose – we always win” as you putting the tag on your team that depicts the team of convinced people who can’t stand the loss. This is even hard to accept, even if it is true. Therefore, you need something that will be original, yet highly funny, to engage people, so they use the phrase /slog frequently until it becomes the inevitable part of your team! Sports is all about honesty and skills, and whoever is better than you, you should be honest and congratulate on the win – it is the same with the slogan for your basketball team as you want to be honest and admit the defeat.

Tip #6. Originality above everything else

One thing that is something you simply must respect, whether you are writing the slogan for your team or for your business, is to be original to make yourself standing against others. No one likes the stolen ideas or slogans, as these reflect your inability to create something unique, so avoid using anything that has been already used as people will accuse you of being the plagiarized team! Be original, no matter what. It will keep your reputation intact, you will know that you have come up with that and it will attract people to follow you as your original slogan simply stuck in their ears!

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