Points to Note Before Developing a Photography Website

The main reflection of work done by any photographer can be judged by having a look over his website or portfolio. Well to have hands on portfolio of any photographer people need to get into live touch with him to get his portfolio which is a difficult task. And at the same time everyone can access the website of any photographer with ease. So if you are a photographer you should note down some specific points before developing your photography website. Because website of photographer is a reflection of photographic work done by him.

Photography Website Tips

Below are some points to note before developing a photography website:

#1: Choose Better technology for showcasing your Portfolio:

If you are creating website for a photographer then this point must be noted out for sure. A website of photographer without Portfolio is a boat without rowers. So do take proper note that you do need a portfolio. Use proper technology to showcase your Portfolio. There are various readymade free and paid gallery plugin’s for photographic portfolio available online you can use the better one which suits your needs.

Also don’t just keep single type of photos in the portfolio. Try to keep different varieties of photos in it. And also keep them updating regularly.

#2: Choose Dynamic and Responsive Design:

Since you are developing the website of photographer its always advisable to use any better CMS like WordPress or Joomla or else you can develop a dynamic CMS using any better web development language like PHP, ASP, etc but do keep provisions such that newer photos can be added to the portfolio with ease. A website which cannot be updated at all with new photos or updates is useless for photographer so never choose static web development technology.

These days there is a new trend into the market of Responsive design. Try to implement the website design into responsive technology. If you are developing the web design with custom coding you can make use of any of the grid system present online. Or if you are using CMS like WordPress or Joomla then you can download readymade templates which are responsive. You can get them in a large amount online for free as well as for little pay.

The main benefit of responsive web design is that your website looks similar on mobile as well as computer and gets resized as per the screen size. So you don’t need to create two different website one for Computers and one for mobile devices.

#3: Choose better Color:

Color plays a crucial role in any website. So do take proper care while choosing the colors of website. There are different colors theories whose description you can find online. So study the theories keeping in mind the type of audience which are going to visit your Photography website before choosing the colors of your website.

Do not choose colors which make eye feel irritating so better test the colors yourself before implementing them onto the website.

#4: Keep it Simple and Clean:

At last a simple and most important advice try to keep the overall website design simple and clean. I have seen many photographic website which are cumber and some are overloaded with heck amount of stuffs. Do not try to do the same. Try to keep stuff which are useful and are needed.

Also do not forget to update your photographic website with all are your latest photos. Because your work matters a lot, it’s the soul of your website cum online portfolio. A Better website design is completely incomplete without your creations so do keep them adding on and on.

So these were some points which you should never forget while developing a Photography Website. If you know some extra points then do share with us.

Best Photography Website Templates

Below is our collection of Best Premium WordPress Photography Themes to help you in developing your photography website.

Incidental – High Class Photography WP Theme | $45

Photography Website Templates
by GoodLayers
Incidental is a premium WordPress theme for photographer. The theme provides a very flexible, drag drop tool to manage your gallery. You can create both full screen gallery or if you like the traditional way, you can build it as column style as well. Also ‘Incidental’ provides various of options for background slider such as, enabling thumbnail, enabling caption and arrow, or also to enable or disable page content. It comes with 9 built-in background overlays. ‘The Page Builder’ which is the very powerful tool to manage your content with drag-drop item modules is being used in this theme as well.

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JPhotolio: Responsive Wedding Photography WP Theme | $40

Photography Website Templates
by jegtheme
JPhotolio is premium responsive wordpress themes for Wedding Photographer. This themes provide everything that you need to “WOW” your visitor with your photo, video, or even music. JPhotolio let you have unlimited size of portfolio with unlimited probability of style & color schema Not only that, it’s also provide very easy way your visitor get in touch with you. From Integration with Google Direction, Ajax Contact form with Professional Email notification, and also we integrated Google SMTP.

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Vitrux – Responsive Fullscreen Portfolio WP Theme | $45

Photography Website Templates
by eneaa
Theme Features:

  • Fully Responsive
  • HTML5 & CSS3 magic
  • Build with the great Bootstrap, from Twitter
  • Unlimited Featured Color
  • 30+ Shortcodes
  • Google Map Integration
  • And more…

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Picasso – Responsive Photography & Portfolio Theme | $40

Photography Website Templates
by MsTrends
The Picasso wordpress responsive theme is designed with Photographers, Designers in mind, however it will suit needs of most type of sites if proper background is used. You can use unique background image(s) or video on any page of your site. its truly simple.

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Darwin – Responsive WordPress Theme | $40

Photography Website Templates
by PixelBook
Darwin is a simple to use responsive wordpress theme, it can be used for almost any purpose: blog, bussiness, portfolio, magazine.

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