Online Photo Portfolio: Designing Pitfalls that You Shouldn’t Fall Into

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Creating your online photo portfolio can be a very strenuous and difficult job to accomplish. Your profile will showcase and vouch for the skills you have pertaining to photography. If you are able to present the best, you certainly impress the visitors coming at your online photo portfolio. To embark with a competent online profile, you need to know the flaws or pitfalls which you can simply avoid and while making a good portfolio. The article discusses a couple of traps or designing pitfalls which you need to avoid while creating your online photo portfolio.

Design Photo Portfolio Pitfalls

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Pitfall #1: Improper Arrangement

The first and foremost thing which clicks your mind is organizing things over your online portfolio. The common mistake people make is to put their artworks at wrong places without setting the priority. With such presentation, you simply ruin the interest of your visitors giving a bad impression about you. By putting things in a proper order and priority, you can certainly expect to keep your visitors motivated to continue browsing. In this way, you get a good appreciation and perhaps the call which you are waiting for.

Pitfall #2: Too Much Material

There are people who over saturate their profile with excessive works. In this way, what they do is simply present too many things in a tight and inharmonious way. This therefore gives a very unprofessional look thus deflecting your visitors in no time. Therefore make sure to avoid putting too many things together or trying the same style again and again. If you avoid doing this, you can hold your viewers for long.

Pitfall #3: Trying Too Hard

People generally believe that by creating some complex and difficult kind of portfolios they can impress the visitors. Thus they simply try out inventing things which they find hard to handle. By doing this you are not giving any professional look to your online profile. However, the visitors like simple and easy things which will help them to see and focus on your artwork presented over your portfolio. This however doesn’t mean that your online profile has to be too simple or overly plain. Rather try using the modern technologies by making it interactive with proper flash animation use.
In this way you end up making your profile live and bubbling. At the same time, make sure you avoid overdoing things.

Pitfall #4: Difficult and Confusing Navigation

People generally neglect the navigation while creating their online portfolio. If you put some difficult and confusing kind of navigation you will not be able to prevent your visitors from deflecting from your profile. Make sure you avoid coming up with some incomprehensible kind of navigation at your place, as this will simply drive away the visitors giving a wrong impression about your works. Hence make sure you arrange the pictures in such a fashion that they can be viewed one by one with single click. In this way the browsing experience becomes easy for your visitors coming to your online photography portfolio. So with good navigation you give better and professional impression.

Pitfall #5: The Aesthetic Chaos

There are people who simply overdo things while making an online photography portfolio. In this way, you end up doing a decorative mess at your profile. Instead try adding a wide range of visual elements with proper white spacing making your profile vivid and appear professional. This way you will be creating a captivating kind of profile.

Knowing all these pitfalls of online photography portfolios can help you embark with a professional profile. In this way you can not only create a good impression about your skills but also achieve the goal of making the online profile. So next time when you are making your online photography portfolio, make sure you avoid these traps and embark with a perfect one.

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