12 Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Business Sales in 2020

For businesses wanting to make through the challenges presented by the online world, digital marketing is necessary. The wide spectrum of tasks and tools involved in digital marketing can be used to achieve different goals related to increased traffic, better engagement, stronger branding, attracting prospects, generating sales and converting visitors into leads.

Each goal requires a different strategy because it is not enough to have a presence in the online world but to know how to be present. Digital marketing services can help you set up a path by employing the right strategy needed to reach your unique goals. All you have to do is find a reputed digital marketing agency in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or any major city in India.

Here are 12 digital marketing strategies that can help you stay fresh and relevant and ultimately, your business sales:

#1. Attempt to create value

The essence of modern marketing is the focus placed on the customer. The first and foremost strategy should be – creating value for the customers. Use Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing strategies to create value. As the market has become more vicious and competitive, customers require more value in the form of videos, e-books, infographics, webinars etc. Digital marketing services can help create content that allows consumers to solve some of their problems and improve what they are doing.

#2. Design a good website

Design an exceptional business website that delivers best performance and user engagement and satisfies users requirement. Make it easy for them to search for additional information and encourage conversion. The site should draw in your customers and encourage them to reach the bottom of the sales funnel. You can use the digital services with experience in SEO, speed optimization, keyword efficiency etc. Your pages need to include some call-to-action features like contact you directly, check out the services pages or download and offer.

#3. Strategy that Creates Value

Inbound Marketing or Content Marketing. Well, these are all focused on creating value. It is the act of offering additional material, or content, that’s useful and relevant to the consumer. These are designed to solve the users problems, help them become better at what they do or improve their own products or services. You must be thinking of how does content generate sales? The secret is to guide the prospects through the stages by, connecting all your materials to each other until they choose your product. Those brands that create value for their consumers gain their custom and loyalty. Ultimately, this translates into more sales.

#4. Create a blog

It is important to have a proper blog complete with all the information possible with information. Cover topics like what you do, your products and services, latest happenings in your industry, predictions and more. Take your blogs seriously – research, and write engaging content. It has to be well thought out content that resonates with your goals. Digital marketing services can help you create relevant and valuable blog posts. They will also make sure search engines easily index the blogs and engaging to your readers.

#5. Connect with your customers using email

Once you have your blog in place, it is time to make use of the emails of your potential customers. Create basic categories to segment in the address list and send the relevant content to the targeted audience. You can use segments like ‘preferred price range’, ‘buyers’, ‘sellers’ etc. You can also make regular email newsletters an integral part of your strategy by using it to keep your customers informed about your work, progress, projects, discounts and offers. You can also trust any reputed digital company to manage it all for you. The idea of email marketing is that, while these users may not need your services or products now, they’ll remember your brand when it’s time to make a purchase. That brand awareness encourages them to choose your company when they’re ready to buy.

#6. Define your customer base

It may be beneficial for you to get to know your customers. You can start by collecting the information about their interest, age scale, education and income level, location etc. Digital agency employ consumer data to improve the conversion rates of visitors to buyers. Information as such as this will help you identify the relevant customers to our business. It will help in creating a better focus for you, such as which customers need to be targeted for what kind of products and you can employ your energies accordingly. With an existing customer base, additional questions regarding their interest, preferences and intentions can give your digital marketing campaigns a powerful structure. Understand the pain point that your prospective customers are facing.

Most common type of pain points are:

  • Support: Prospective customers might not be getting a reliable, friendly, and supportive customer service throughout an entire sales process.
  • Productivity: Prospective customers might be tired of using a product that eats up most of their valuable time.
  • Monetary: Prospective customers might be burning away money on crappy services or products.

#7. Analyze your content

Even after creating the most exceptional content for the targeted audience, you have to continue to analyze, modify and improve your content. First of all, you have to understand the changing demands of your customers and update your content and website accordingly. No matter what format you choose for your content, it is important that it’s relevant and beneficial to your audience. You want to create original and high-quality content that makes users want to share it with their friends, families, coworkers, and other people in their social network. Technology also allows you to see the amount of time your visitors spend on the site and the point at which they disengage. Google Analytics is a great tool to help in this regard, but you can also avail the services of a digital agency. It is the modern way to increase sales.

#8. Define Your Customers & Identify Right Search Criteria

Better getting know your customers by asking their,

  • age scale
  • interest
  • education level
  • location
  • income level etc.

If you ask these specific questions, you can reach them properly and prevent the probability of your service going waste. Target your audience, believe us, it’s essential.

#9. Advertisements need the best platform

Digital marketing services can open up a host of opportunities with paid marketing. You can also explore the option of paid ads, targeted discounts and other quick ways to increase sales. Google Ads (AdWords) is a great platform for media buying. You can also use keywords to create more efficient paid ads.

#10. Optimize your website for mobile

A mobile-friendly website is crucial. People use their mobiles to conduct searches more than laptops, computers or tablets. The number of smartphone users are expected to grow to 2.87 billion by 2020, which means that mobile searches are only going to increase. Mobile optimization has been the expected standard for several years now. Every site should already be optimized for users on mobile devices– who Similar Web reports now comprise more than half of all traffic to your site.

#11. Strong Call-to-Action Message

Call-to-action or CTA is something you should definitely take advantage of to trigger an immediate response from your audience. The digital newsletter, so we better use clickable buttons that will take a customer to a landing page. The right CTA will be helpful to increase sales by giving your audience a simple action to perform. Having strong & relevant CTAs on your website, which tell users what exactly they will get by performing a certain action, is the key for creating better engagement & improve conversion – whether it is signups, views, subscription, or sales.

#12. Focus on networking

An essential aspect of running a business is networking, as it increases your chances of success and improves communications. So, you’ve probably been told that it’s not exactly what you know, it’s who you know. Social media has taken the communication aspect to a whole new level by removing the barriers that limited traditional networking. If you’re inactive on social media, you leave users with limited options for contacting your business. Inconveniencing your clients can lead to low client retention, which has a direct impact on your revenues. That is why having an active presence on social media is essential. With no issues, such as travel expenses, time zones and geographical locations standing in the way, you can use your resources more efficiently and reach desired results.


For creating and maintaining strong marketing campaigns every business needs a marketing tools, there are plenty of digital marketing tools to help your marketing and sales while also making it easier for you to keep up with everything. Following are the best digital marketing tools you can use to increase sales, boost your ROI and can monitor your results.

  • Google Analytics
  • Buzzsumo
  • Grammarly
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp
  • OptinMonster

If you are looking for digital marketing services, do not compromise. Look for an established firm that can help you with their expertise in SEO, SEM and other innovative strategies to increase sales.

About the Author!

Ipshita Shekhawat, works as a Digital Marketing Expert in Techmagnate. In her spare, she loves to spend a lot of her time hanging out on Social Media. She’s the perfect example of blurring lines between search and social marketing.

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