Email Marketing Trends 2022: What do the Experts Predict?

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If we rewind to the past, we will get to see the glorious metamorphosis of email marketing. What started as a simple platform for internal communication has now expanded to one of the most effective marketing strategies.

It has become inevitable for businesses to invest in email marketing in addition to the other digital marketing channels.

Marketers ought to stay abreast with the recent email marketing trends if they want to overcome the competitive bottleneck in the subscriber’s inbox,

The team at Email Uplers got in touch with industry stalwarts to figure out the top email marketing trends for 2022.

Let’s see the insights that we could gather from them.

1. Jenna Tiffany

According to Jenna Tiffany, privacy has always been a matter of concern in the world of marketing. There have been numerous changes to international legislation which has led to consumers getting more alert about their personal information.

In 2022, it will be of utmost importance to communicate well and demonstrate the value to a new subscriber. Brands will consider defining the email marketing proposition rather than the tools and technology being used.

If you want emails to work for your business, you must put the subscribers at the center of your marketing strategy. Owing to the changing marketing ecosystems, marketers will have to understand the audience needs and impart a pleasant customer experience through their emails.

2. Ben Harrington

Marketing professionals must tailor the email offers according to the subscriber’s past purchases and preferences.

Ben Harringtom suggests that email won’t be about ROI any longer. It will be about creating a pleasant customer journey with real life interaction.

Just like Kevin Costner has said in The Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”, for emails it can be rephrased as “If you build with the subscribers in mind, they will stay.”

3. Mrugesh Dabhi

Accessibility in emails will be an important trend in 2022. To create such emails, you must choose a large font and use simple graphics that are not too flashy. Dark Mode compatible emails will also get more popular in 2022 as they are easy on the eyes.

Another trending element will be interactivity in emails. Interactive elements like polls, surveys, and forms will increase subscriber engagement and conversion rate.

As the subscriber does not need to visit the website to interact with the email, it will considerably increase the click-through rate.

4. Jordie van Rijn

It is expected that AI will draft your email newsletters in the years to come. The software will be able to suggest subject lines, write email text, and generate your newsletter summary.

It will be based on tried and tested copywriting formulae with the tone of voice and word count fed by you. The time is almost here when the tool will draft a persuasive email by considering the pain points of the customer and the product features.

5. Tiffani Davidson

Empathy marketing has grown to be a must-have because of the changing political environment and pandemic. If your emails score low on the emotional quotient, you will have a poor campaign performance.

Therefore, marketers will need to know the users well. Moreover, SMS, push notifications, and direct mail should not be overlooked just because you have a strong email strategy. An omnichannel marketing approach will be the way forward.

6. Jeanne Jennings

Automation will continue to trend as companies will try to automate most of their email programs. This will help to save resources. Consequently, they will be able to focus on creating tactics that drive faster business growth.

Another important trend in the email industry will be that of inclusive hiring and promotional practices. Email industry professionals will embrace the concept of diversity and community.

They will be more active on platforms like Only Influencers. Besides all the new stuff, marketers will realize that segmentation and A/B testing are more important than anything else.

7. Radek Kaczynski

To render a seamless experience to the users, martech solutions will consolidate different functionalities. As an example, marketing automation solutions will be integrated to email verification API to provide email verification systems inside.

With the help of technology, marketers will be able to get a better view of the customers and their relationship with the brand. It will be easier to capture detailed information about the customer preferences, interests, and needs.

All these advancements will be in line with people’s privacy. Subscribers will adopt “Hide my email and location” which will imply that if people share their email address with you, they trust you.

8. Christina Hagopian

Personalization will be a must for effective email marketing. Marketers must review the previous purchases and abandoned products by a customer. Accordingly, they must share personalized recommendations and upsell messages.

Clear CTA with engaging imagery, animation, and simple messaging will continue to win over subscribers even in 2022. That goes to show that some tactics stay in the trend and continue to work year after year.

Creating impactful and thoughtful designs will be a timeless aspect of email marketing.

9. Hillel Berg

Recently, Apple announced that it would block opens by default. This means that marketers have to consider metrics differently in the years to come. More emphasis will be put on empathetic messaging as tone-deaf emails won’t work anymore. Segmentation, personalization, and automation will be more important than ever.

10. Tom Sather

With stricter privacy policies coming into play, marketers will have to rely more on email marketing than anything else. They will prefer to send text-based emails because of the death of open tracking.

Email and anti-spam providers are expected to use improved machine learning solutions that require authentication. This will eliminate the likelihood of spam attacks.

Summing it up

The latest privacy regulations, pandemic turning into endemic, and all other current affairs are bound to change email marketing and the way subscribers engage with it. The bottom line is that brands have to create sensitive emails that reflect compassion and show that they value the subscribers.

Top Email Marketing Trends by Expert
Source: 41 Email Experts on Email Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2022

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