What You Need to Know About Kontent by Kentico Headless CMS

Traditional content management systems may have been standard for a long time, but things are now changing. Companies are gradually moving towards headless CMS, proven effective in the ever-evolving digital world. Kontent by Kentico stands out as one of the most reliable headless CMS. Read on to learn more about this platform.

Before we can dive deeper into the headless CMS, it helps to have a good background understanding of traditional CMS and what it is meant to do. Traditional CMSes are not a new introduction.

They are as old as the earlier web pages. WordPress and Sitecore are often seen as the cornerstone of traditional CMSes, whose role is mainly to store content, including videos, images, and text.

What makes it difficult to re-use the content in traditional CMS is that all of it is held in a single bucket.

However, the evolution of digital platforms emphasizes the need for flexible solutions. Companies on a digitization drive are known for developing websites, apps, conversational interfaces, and digital displays to better interact with their customers. It becomes impossible for traditional CMS to keep up with such advancements since the content is organized in webpage-influenced frameworks.

What is Kontent by Kentico headless CMS?

Kontent by Kentico is a headless content management system that delivers content in the form of data to all platforms and devices through API instead of having it coupled to the given mobile app or website.

Content managers (marketers and developers) can work on a single content repository. Through API, your team can push the content to different front-end platforms like mobile apps, websites, and TVs.

You can consider Kontent headless CMS the resting place of all your content and assets. It plays a vital role in empowering digital businesses to enhance their time to market and achieve overall improved efficiency.

Kontent headless CMS has proven to be an important part of Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs). The idea behind DXPs is to offer more than just what the web was meant to do. It delivers a rich and engaging experience for audiences accessing the content of different channels.

You will best appreciate the business need for this headless CMS after learning more about its key features.

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Why choose Kontent by Kentico headless CMS

There are various reasons why you may want to choose Kontent by Kentico as your preferred headless CMS. These include:

#1: Omnichannel ready

Kontent is API-based to help connect to different channels for content delivery. The platform can push content to any digital channel, making it the most diverse. That means businesses have the flexibility of adopting new channels into their ecosystem, including IoT and other newer technologies.

#2: Avoids content duplication

Content duplication is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers. Search engines like Google and Bing have become more sophisticated, demanding a smart approach to publishing content online.

Kontent by Kentico headless CMS ensures that you do not have duplicate content. Instead, you can re-purpose it for various channels after initial publication, effectively reducing duplication.

#3: Secure content management

Kontent understands that the digital world is evolving, introducing a host of security issues. The platform delivers content through Content Delivery Network (CDN) rather than posting it directly to the database.

Such an approach helps mitigate threats, including the possibility of denial of service attacks.

#4: Faster time to market

Modern businesses face stiff competition. The longer they take to release a product to the market, the more they lose out on potential customers. With Kontent by Kentico, you can expect to register a faster time to market because you can easily re-purpose content for other channels.

#5: API-based architecture

Kontent by Kentico operates based on an API. The feature is not just meant to facilitate ease of communication between the CMS and the front-end layer to deliver content.

It also facilitates the flow of data from the front-end to the CMS. Therefore, you can use this as an opportunity to collect data from different touchpoints and develop a more knowledgeable marketing plan.

#6: Future-proof content

Using this modern headless CMS makes it possible to future-proof your content. The content published today can be easily modified in the future to keep up with changing facts.

Content creators can make the changes immediately and as-needed. Kontent ensures content keeps up with trends without requiring many product changes, redesigns, and migrations.

#7: Team flexibility and collaboration

Every organization seeks to work with the most talented team and one that delivers top-notch results. The team in question must use modern languages supported by the CMS.

Kontent by Kentico supports various programming languages, giving you the flexibility of putting together any team of your choice. Additionally, the platform has collaborative features that your team can leverage to get the work done jointly.

Where can Kontent by Kentico be used?

Kontent headless CMS is a practical solution required to manage digital presence, giving it use cases in various industries. It is largely used in retail and e-commerce. The digital marketing industry has greatly adopted the platform since it ensures IoT and omnichannel content marketing efficiency.

Our solution works best for businesses and organizations that aim at creating better customer experiences. It is not limited to a particular industry or organization size. Instead, any business benefits when it adopts our solution as part of its content management strategy.

Kontent by Kentico is designed to empower businesses and companies to develop rich connections with their target markets. Additionally, the solution is for those who would like to quickly identify opportunities and respond without wasting time.

Kontent may be viewed as an enabler because it empowers companies to execute their marketing strategies without wasting a lot of time recreating solutions.

The platform facilitates scalability and agile content management. As a result, it is a great solution for any firm that seeks to build a solid digital presence. Thus, if you ever wonder whether Kontent by Kentico headless CMS benefits you, the answer is YES.

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