5 Excellent Examples of Brand Marketing on Facebook Gone Right

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Social media marketing is a very efficient aspect that can lead to increased traffic and provide higher ROI. With Facebook scoring 2.5 billion active users, it proves to be the most excellent platform for executing your marketing campaigns and attract more potential customers. But is marketing on Facebook that easy? Let’s find out.

Brand Marketing on Facebook: Is It Productive?

For all that its worth, Facebook marketing is not easy. As it provides a massive audience base waiting for you, the competition over the platform is cut-throat. Your competitors from around the world are trying to win over every customer they can find, and the list includes market leaders and international industries also. Facebook puts all on the same level.

And hence, it becomes difficult for you to target your customers easily because of the competition and limitation of the marketing budget. But what can distinguish your brand from all others in the market is your approach. Moreover, Facebook doesn’t limit you from using as much as characters you want and takes information to discussion or debates over time.

Using the best practices of brand marketing and the best tricks to use, you can easily widen your reach and increase profits. Driving sales through Facebook may not seem easy, but it becomes easier with expert support and appropriate measures in use. But to learn that, first, you need to practice and observe others.

You should be clear about what a brand needs when it is launched on such a vast platform where millions of opportunities can be gained by taking the right actions at the right time. Below are five excellent examples of Facebook marketing campaigns that can influence any business to put their best concepts to use and gain popularity in their market.

5 Examples of Best Brand Marketing Campaigns on Facebook Ever

These examples are excellent illustrations of how the best and expert-preferred concepts of social media marketing can work wonders for brands and help earn recognition and massive fame over Facebook.

#1: Nike

Likes on Page: 33.5 Million
Nike’s brand value is estimated to be 32.4 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. But the point here is, their Facebook marketing strategy is excellent enough to keep their customers engaged. Along with promoting their newly launched products, they do include their celebrity customers who inspire others to purchase the same merchandise.

However, Nike never emphasizes marketing its products- all they do is market their brand. If their products have been designed explicitly for sportspersons, they must suit the needs of their regular clients as well. Their straight to heart slogan, “Just do it” has brought significant positive changes in their marketing results.

Starting from branding their trendy footwear range to their latest collection for women, sportswear, and more- Nike insists on marketing their brand with the mentions of their very reputed customers, which inspires many to join the squad too.

Nike’s Facebook page is made up of a perfect blend of products, brand promotions, charitable events, encouraging posts, and more. This makes it an excellent example of clever use of social media marketing concepts.

Nike on Facebook

Things to Learn

The Facebook page of Nike is an excellent example of what regular updates can do for your brand promotions. It is essential to focus on your brand but at the same time, on your customers also.

Spread the stories of your customers and the support your brand delivers for them; it helps create a good brand impact on the viewers. Moreover, it is important to continue updating your page with new and inspiring posts, even if you become a market leader in your niche. Keeping in touch with your customers is crucial for every scale of business.

#2: Slack

Likes on Page: 117,866
Slack is a software company based in California, but its excellent brand marketing strategies has given them a shout out loud globally. Images speak louder than words. Why choose anything else when you can attract your users through colorful photos? It’s all about standing out of the crowd, and Slack very well knows how it’s done.

How often do you see colorful and thought-initiating visuals in your feed? Slack works on that. If you observe Slack’s Facebook page, every post of it includes a visual, either an image or a video, that can inspire you to craft a more thoughtful design for your campaigns.

Their brand marketing strategies focus on distinguishing Slack from any other similar brand in the market. With the creative use of visuals, engaging posts that are updated regularly, their marketing strategy teaches many concepts and tricks to put to use.

Another thing to notice here is the use of color contrast. Slack doesn’t step back from using bold colors that can capture the eyes of viewers right away. And all brands can learn a lot from Slack’s example.

Slack on Facebook

Things to Learn

Slack’s branding and promotional strategies teach many things at once. First, the use of visuals. Facebook is all about visual media, and if you can ace at posting relevant but thought-provoking images, the success of your campaign is guaranteed. With the appropriate use of right slangs, Facebook features, and a lot of visuals, Slack is not just another software company now.

It has earned recognition and created their unique identity in the market. And it inspires many beginners and experienced professionals to start working with them. Their approaches are public and very friendly, which establishes an excellent reputation for their company in the market.

#3: TOMS

Likes on Page: 4.2 Million
TOMS is a brand that has introduced the concept of “one-for-one” in the market, and this has turned the tables for them, which leads them to tremendous growth in sales and increased profits. Targeting the millennial generation of today, TOMS has caught their attention with its contribution to the good of society that is the primary thing powering up its brand marketing strategies.

For every pair of shoes or sunglasses bought from TOMS, they contribute the same for the good of society. By giving up footwear to needy, providing water in poor villages, and more are their a few charitable campaigns. As this also gives the satisfaction of contributing to the good of society, purchasers prefer their products to support them.

Their products are for teens and adults who are part of Millenials, and TOMS very well understand what their customers’ desires are at the end of the day. Their Facebook page also supports their motive with the inspiring images and stories of customers who are helping hand for the good of society.

TOMS on Facebook

Things to Learn

Give your branding strategy a motive that your customers would love to contribute to. Also, based on your target audience, your branding strategies must follow what they think and desire. It is advisable to prepare your marketing and promotion strategies accordingly to suit them.

Also, keep a check on what your customers are doing. Tell their stories to inspire others. This gives your branding a significant boost it needs from every possible aspect. The more you keep your branding strategy in check, your customers will start relating to your brand, and it will essentially increase the followers, likes, and will create your identity in the market.

#4: Airbnb

Likes on Page: 16.16 million
Introducing a fresh concept of holiday rentals, Airbnb has already gained popularity in the market. But what’s more? Their Facebook page is a delight for eyes and ends up creating an excellent brand image just the way Airbnb wants it, likes it, and delivers it.

Airbnb lets its users do all the work for them. Their interactive and funny captions for each post expresses what they want their users to experience. Posting pictures of the best stays, it also encourages best approaches from their users. And believe me, each location and photos of stay can make you fall in love and initiate an urge to go there right away.

Their excellent branding and marketing strategies have earned them tons of stays over the entire world, and also, millions of users trust Airbnb for their best services and homestays fitting their budget. If you want to experience what an excellent branding strategy can do for you, Airbnb is the best example of all.

Airbnb on Facebook

Things to Learn

Your customers are your biggest supporter and your promoters too. But it’s wise to spread their stories around as they will do it for you as well. Airbnb simply strikes the bell because of:
a) They follow a simple, almost effortless, and obvious branding and promotional strategy,
b) They know what they are doing and what their audiences want.

Inspiring the travel bug of every viewer, they promote the stays over their Facebook page and recommend only the best in their feeds. This encourages their partners to keep up with their game and offer the best that ultimately turns out to be beneficial for them.

#5: Taco Bell

Likes on Page: 10.35 Million
Taco Bell is a popular food chain all across the globe. They have multiple outlets in various countries where they serve, and their Tacos are a feast for your belly and eyes too! But their branding strategies are excellent to give a significant boost to what they already provide.

Taco Bell maintains consistency over all their social media accounts. Linking their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook together, a user will find every post of theirs on all three. Promoting the use of their mobile app through social media, their branding strategies have proved the sky’s the limit.

Posting mouth-watering dishes straight out of their menu every day, they introduce their excellence in preparing the best dishes for customers around the world. Introducing their very own Taco-inspired emoji was one of the best strategies they have ever used and helped gain tremendous traffic and gave a good boost to their brand identity.

Taco Bell on Facebook

Things to Learn

Love your customers, and they’ll love you back! Taco Bell puts the entire focus on branding its products(dishes) and also promotes them in a way that can inspire its customers to visit the nearest outlet. Also, consistency is the key. They keep their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts on the same level. Another fun thing to observe is their simple yet catchy captions. Explore creativity when crafting a post as a part of your branding strategies.


What all these branding strategies have in common is, be yourself. Adhere to your fundamental principle and brand what your business can do. Differentiating yourself from the crowd is essential, and with the right use of your business motive, you can do that. To build an excellent brand strategy, it is required to focus on your business values. Let your customers speak for you by putting up their stories in your feed and experience the magic of Facebook marketing with a concise yet engaging feed.

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