11 Facebook Marketing Tools to Help You Optimize Your Page

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Facebook is the most widespread social network in the world. Currently, it has 2.89 billion active users. Statistics show that 3.51 billion people use at least one of the company’s associated social networks (e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.).

And these facts show you how essential it is to use Facebook to reach a huge audience and improve your business. Facebook has marketing tools that are crucial for increasing conversion rates, improving engagement, and optimizing your page. Let’s understand the importance of these tools.

What is a Facebook Marketing Tool?

Facebook marketing is a platform that helps marketers reach and target audiences through paid advertisements, relevant messages, and organic posts. Marketers use Facebook marketing tools that are software solutions for optimizing your presence on Facebook more effectively.

Through Facebook marketing tools, you better understand the customer’s demographics and post metrics that best suit your business.

Why Do You Need Facebook Marketing?

Let’s see what benefits you have when using Facebook marketing which cannot be done without its essential tools:

 icon-angle-right Reach a massive audience

As mentioned above, Facebook reaches a broad audience, and you can inform active users about your business, services, and products quickly and efficiently via the platform.

 icon-angle-right Target your audience

Through Facebook tools, you can segment the audience and determine their demographics. Facebook has demographic targeting tools that allow you to select a user with a particular education level, age, gender, relationship status, or income.

When you define your target audience, interests, and hobbies and put the demographics on Facebook, it is easier to target the right customer.

 icon-angle-right Increase and drive traffic

With Facebook marketing tools, you can increase website traffic and generate better leads. When people go to your website, they already know more about your company than those who come organically. With Facebook, you can drive traffic to your website directly.

This is done when you promote your current or potential customers to visit your website for more details or to find out more about your services and products. Facebook ads that target relevant customers and are engaging enough, help increase traffic to your company’s site.

 icon-angle-right Get more opportunities

Businesses have great opportunities by using Facebook marketing because the network provides various ad formats — text and visual. You can show your products and services in different ways using ad formats, including carousel ads, video ads, image ads, slideshow ads, etc.

 icon-angle-right Create better communication

Now, customers can interact with companies via social media. For example, using chatbots in Facebook Messenger can help you generate relevant answers to customers’ FAQs and spend your time solving more complex issues.

 icon-angle-right Improve your SEO

When people search for your company, they check your social media, which improves your business presence encouraging organic flow to your website. And when you improve your social media and marketing strategies by using Facebook tools, it indirectly enhances your search rankings as well.

And here are some other features that Facebook marketing tools provide:

  • Schedule and publish your content easily on social media platforms simultaneously (e.g. Facebook and Instagram).
  • Run ad campaigns with various formats on Facebook.
  • Get insights into your customers’ demographics.
  • Receive real-time data.
  • Save time by monitoring conversations with customers.
11 Facebook Marketing Tools to Help You Optimize Your Page
Illustration by Walid Beno via Dribbble

11 Facebook Marketing Tools For Your Business

Let’s dive into 11 essential marketing tools we’ve compiled for optimizing your page and improving engagement rates.

1. MobileMonkey

Facebook Messenger marketing helps generate leads and improve engagement rates, and Mobile Monkey is ideal for Messenger marketing.

This is a chatbot platform used for Facebook Messenger marketing purposes to create a chatbot, communicate with clients, segment customers, and generate leads.

You can write chat content once and then use it on each chat platform, and you can interact with customers on messaging apps.

Why Do You Need MobileMonkey?

Here are a handful of reasons why you need this Facebook marketing tool:

  • To get more leads — Users engage with chat 3 times more than with website forms.
  • To get more sales — You can write direct messages to your customers and communicate with your leads increasing sales rates.
  • To establish customer connection — 75% of customers say that they prefer sending messages to businesses instead of email or call. Thus, through chatbots, you build relationships.
  • Money-back guarantee — You can get more leads or your money back if you are dissatisfied.

Here are some statistics of using MobileMonkey:

  • 50-80% of people open chat messages in the first hour.
  • The click-through rate of Facebook is 20%.
  • Compared to traditional Facebook ads, ads with chatbots have 3 to 5 times higher conversion rates.
  • The cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of Facebook Messenger ads is 30 to 50 times lower than that of other Facebook ad campaigns.

2. Facebook Business Suite

Let’s jump to the next Facebook marketing essential — Business Suite, which is a free tool used to monitor all connected accounts of Facebook and Instagram simultaneously.

This tool helps to draft and schedule feed posts and then publish them on social platforms at the same time. The app’s home screen can show key updates of your business — messages, comments, and notifications that you have got from the connected social platforms.

Using the tool, you can create and run ads along with view insights regarding engagement and performance of the posts you published on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook Business Suite helps beginner entrepreneurs to become more productive and quicker in work. They can monitor connected accounts in one place and publish posts at once.

This tool can save your time and enthusiasm by showcasing engagement metrics and making it a breeze to reply to messages and comments on social platforms.

3. Facebook Ads Manager

This all-in-one tool helps to create, run, and manage ads on Facebook, Messenger, etc. The tool optimizes each ad campaign, provides insights and analysis of each ad set, and makes your ads more productive.

You can manage your budget by running profitable ads. The tool helps to have precise targeting and reach relevant audiences by specific demographics.

As mentioned above, Facebook provides various ad formats, and you can choose the format that best fits your company’s needs. You can also save money by deciding where to run ads and measure how many people you reach.

4. Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

The headline is the essential part of engaging people. If you make people read your headline and get interested, then the success is almost in your pocket.

This tool helps create and optimize headlines of Facebook ads, posts, and blogs that drive traffic and shares. How? The tool has insights into headlines that drive traffic, and when you enter your headline, it gives you an overall score considering key features for click-worthy headlines.

5. Facebook Events Manager

This Facebook marketing tool helps optimize your website’s performance, get insights into traffic, and see the results of each ad. Through the tool, you get insights into purchases, page views, and more.

It is essential to run businesses effectively by understanding the reasons behind lower engagement and users’ particular social behaviour. Events Manager is what you can use for understanding your customers.

6. FanPage Karma

This is a marketing tool for analyzing your Facebook profile. Analyzing, communicating, researching, publishing, and presenting are combined in this tool. You get insights into page content, benchmarking, fan engagement, and more.

This tool helps to:

  • Analyze various profiles.
  • Monitor your fans’ and followers’ activities.
  • Write and publish posts.
  • Find the most relevant topics, influencers, and trends.

7. Agorapulse

For managing Facebook page content and engagement, you can use a social media management tool — Agorapulse. The tool helps to schedule and publish posts and monitor engagement. You may use the Agorapulse barometer to evaluate and compare Facebook pages to discover more about your competitors.

It gives you a lot of reports to assist you in keeping track of your progress. The tool allows running campaigns from the dashboard, including quizzes, photo contests, sweepstakes, and more.

8. ShortStack

This marketing tool is perfect for running contests and giveaways. The tool makes it a breeze to create and add campaigns to your page. These contests and campaigns can become lead-generating landing pages that you can publish on your website or blog.

Also, you can have voting and entry restrictions to prevent fraud and spam. And you can get real-time insights on who your audience is, where they are, and when they engage with you.

9. Post Planner

This post-scheduling tool manages your posts and engagements by helping you find, plan, and post top-performing content that users are more likely to engage with on your Facebook page. Each time you get better and plan your calendar smartly with catchy content.

10. Pagemodo

Another great Facebook marketing tool to create contests for engagement and customize your Facebook pages with stunning cover photos is Pagemodo.

The tool helps design visually striking Facebook ads, optimize them, schedule posts, design a visual post, and run contests. You can publish your designed posts directly on Facebook via the tool.

11. InVideo

This online video editing tool gives you an opportunity to create stunning and engaging videos in a short time.

InVideo provides you with pre-made templates that you can use for any kind of video for Facebook and Instagram stories. And you can make changes to the text boxes, images, and audio of each frame.

Final Words

Use these tools and boost your brand awareness, increase conversion rates, and generate potential leads. It’s time for you to kick-start your business growth by selecting and applying your favourite marketing tools today.

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