Tips to Freelancers: Get on to Some Work in Your Slow Days & Dry Times

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Being a freelancer isn’t easy. There are times when the whole world needs you at the same time and then there are those days when clients seem to have forgotten you completely. Remarkably, it is good to know when people need you, but not so good when they don’t.

However, with a little bit of long-term planning, you can turn your leisure into some things far more productive than you can imagine.

Here are some ways as to how you should do it!

#1. Long-Term Versus Short Term

Shorter deadlines definitely keep the adrenaline flowing, but the lack of it doesn’t necessarily mean not having work. Either procuring or paving the way to procure long term projects should be the way to go. If you do have some large projects lined up, try to work on them one day at a time instead of piling them all up just before the deadline.

#2. Inbound Marketing

Here the word ‘inbound’ does not refer to your inner circuit but you yourself. How many times have you only thought of updating your resume and not gone ahead and done it already? It’s time to set some deadlines for yourself and do stuff that will promote you as a freelancer. You will see how much work comes your way once you are done updating your market portfolio.

#3. Covering All Potential Niches

Sometimes we are so boggled by what we are doing that we forget to look around. Well, here is the time you always complained for. Look at blogs and articles by other freelancers and compare the stuff they have to offer alongside yours. You are sure to find some gaps. For example: if you are a freelancer in the field of education, nothing wrong in doing some travel writing? It is just a play of words after all!

#4. Skill Enhancement

Nobody is perfect, so don’t be nobody! Every freelancer in the market today suffers from flaws, which they are conscious about or not. If you are not aware of what are the skills you need to upgrade then do introspection and then begin working on the problem areas. Don’t forget to cover the new trends that have caught on in the fast paced market. Use this time to better yourself by just practicing to do things in a better way.

#5. Set Your Goals

Setting actual goals will certainly help. By actual goals, it means planning by numbers. Write down a figure that you want to reach. This will also help you screen that projects that you undertake.

#6. Past Clients

Have people loved your work in the past? Well, you’re in luck, get in touch with them, if not for work then just to know how they are doing. You don’t need to sound desperate, for the need for work. They will probably even appreciate your gesture and love the fact that you remembered them.

Getting it right!

The job of a freelancer may be tough but it’s equally rewarding. Freelancers need to keep themselves motivated at every point of their job since unlike an office they don’t have any peer or a supervisor to do so. However, once you are able to reinvent your job post a sabbatical, you will be surprised to find less and less dry times.

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Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on electricity generation that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on designer table lamps.

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  1. […] Everybody knows that a freelancer is a self-employed person who sells his or her services to different companies, without being long-term committed to these firms. Because it is made up of the word “free” and “lancer” it is very easy for others to believe that being a freelancer is all about doing whatever one likes, whenever one pleases, for whomever one wants. But, if things were that easy, don’t you think that the world would be over-crowded with freelancers? […]

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