Useful Branding Tips from 5 Top Brands using Google Plus

At this time, so much social media has been created. It’s help us in touch with people we know, other than facebook and twitter as the predecessor now it’s been create google plus as a social media by google. Google plus offers some uniqueness that is different between facebook and twitter. I personaly feel that google plus is refinement of facebook and twitter, as for some reason why google plus a consideration for branding is as follows.

Why Use Google Plus for Branding?

1. Google Plus have circle
What is meant by google have this circle is users can sort they friend, have you ever think of making some status but did not want some certain people who read your status? Google plus is the answer that you can determine your status can be read by anyone based on a circle of friends that you specify first.

2. Google plus is a lot faster
Google plus offers the speed of loading images and video, so that in businuess if we use google plus we can use this speed to make it easier for our customer what we share in our walls. Photo and video in facebook that can be opened need long time will not be found in google plus.

3. Google Plus has less harmful applications, spam, not working pages
Google plus minimize the spam, the applications and pages that do not endanger work, as many have complained on facebook we will not find in google plus, we are spoiled with the convenienceof privacy that we have an account.

4. View video and images larger than on the porch facebook
Eye catching utilized by the advertiser to do branding, in google plus when we are sharing picture and video the display has been uploaded on the porch would look bigger so that the image created by plasticity with detail.

Based on the above reasons the google plus can be consideration in product branding, as my previous article entittled “Make Your Brand More Social on Facebook – Learn from 8 Top Brands“, now I will reveal Useful Branding Tips from 5 Top Brands on Google Plus and make your brand more social.

1. Coca Cola

When you see the coca cola company what do you think about this brand? Is coca cola funny? Serious and professional? Or coca cola is more indicated for younger person?

These preceptions will deliberately planted by coca cola to their customer through branding or advertisement. Here are the tips that you can find in coca cola google plus page:

Show behind the making of advertising

In creating this preception of coca cola branding, coca cola shared the behind making video ads featuring crew who involved in the manufacture of display ads this purpose for consumers can more familiar with coca cola with other way.

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

Give link from your advertising

Show the links of website, or other social media that you have in google plus, because this links will help you get found in searches, and more importantly the links will help your customer go directly to your website, like we see what coca cola did in their google plus account which share the website link on their profil and share the newest website.

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus


  1. By showing the crew behind the scenes to make your cunsumer brand know you with the other way, than they will feel closer to see the labors of the coca cola crew in making the advertiesement.
  2. Coca cola make a new project called happines island which formed as a website that shows the pattern of happines island by the name of island where you can play it like a musical or card of coca cola. Nice project by give this link of website in your google plus account it will attract your customer.

2. Starbucks

Know who your consumer is the point of your most important point, this is very useful in terms of branding and help you to socialize with your consumer. Like the starbucks where he studied they consumer using the facilities offered by google plus. This is the tips that we can learn from starbucks :

Give souvenir for your customer

To bring a souvenir from there starbucks pleasure gained by consumer starbucks, starbucks that’s what the social branding in google plus more. Where google plus split tourist card series encourages its consumers to collect tourist card by visiting the starbucks cafe at some point.

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

Ask your customer to share his opinion with starbucks circle

Starbucks take advantage of facilities that offered by starbucks to make a circle for they consumers, asking their opinions and comments its customers, making it easier for starbucks to name its circle.

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus


  1. Know who your consumer, and do it at the time of branding approaches to better socialize with your consumer.
  2. Use the circle that offered by google plus and make some circle than ask your costumer to join in.

3. Pepsi

As with the tips that are shared in coca cola that is an emphasis on the personal or the perception that we pointed out in the Pepsi branding communication approaches such as the socialization of young people by acting as sponsor at a youth event is expected to be close to the Pepsi consumer to share the happines. Here the tips that we can learn from Pepsi :

Join in some show

With a role to sponsor Pepsi logo or emblem will be displayed on a display ad, as we can see pepsi participate in a musical act in addition to the event sponsor Pepsi ad also plays a role in promoting the event to their customers through a google plus page, this is will be more attraction itselfin socializing with consumers in google plus than we just discuss product advertisement only.

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

Lesson: Maintain comunication with target markets such as join and show some life pepsi website for now showing the share of social media used some pepsi is a medium to get closer and socialize with your consumer as pepsi did are good tips, to share the joy of a brand we will be more easily remembered by consumer.

4. Zappos

In zappos google plus account we can see that they promotes bussines page in everywhere, like in their official website they provide a wide range of share options in each of its products such as twitter, facebook and google plus. That makes zappos customer know that zappos has an account on any social media. This helps to promote their products via google plus, if we do not tell consumer that we’re on google plus then the customer will not know our existence, so share your bussines page everywhere. This some tips that we can learn from zappos google plus page :

Give Google Plus link on your official web

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

The photo above is because see a intresting product in zappos website one of customer share it to her account in google plus, and comment how intresting the product is.

Lesson: Post your bussniness page everywhere than let your customer know that you on google plus, it’s the way to make you easier branding at google plus.

5. BMW

Communicate in terms of branding in social media with television have some differences, in social media we like can talk with our customer directly, this is capture by BMW in they google plus page, featuring timely communication and display the post story with intresting picture and video of their latest product, and here are some tips that we can dig from BMW to promote its product.

Update timely

Practice makes perfect is true, therefore as BMW did in which they posted reguraly updates on the newest products in google plus, if we want to communicate with our costumer we will be able to learn how to communicate well through social media. Because knowing your brand personality and the audience speaking consistenly at the right time and honing your massage will import strenghten your voice and your brand identity.

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

Use picture and video than Ask your customer to comment in your newest product

Be intresting, instead we just write the words in the news we just post it begin to add video and photo as that of the BMW, because it is different from google plus to facebook, so the display photos and videos more better and faster.

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus

Useful Branding Tips on Google Plus


  1. Update your post timely, the actively update our post so consumers who view your page will find that you a life in google plus, it will serve to keep our communication with the consumers.
  2. Be intresting to share some video and picture our product in google plus.


Based the examples from 5 top brands above, we know some tips that can help us to branding more social on google plus, and these are the tips:

  1. Show your employee on your google plus account
  2. Share your website link or your social media link on your bussines page
  3. Know who your consumer
  4. Use the circle on google plus
  5. Maintain consisten comunication to your customer
  6. Post your bussniness page everywhere
  7. Update your post timely
  8. Be intresting

How do you think? How social your brand on your google plus page? Please share your experience in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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