A Simple Way to Build Your Portfolio Website with IM Creator

Today in this 21st century with the ever expanding world of online web builder, it becomes arduous to get hold of something that is worth spending more than five minutes with. The market is flooded with brutal freeform design restriction, hideous templates and clunky interfaces. But recently I came across a website that stands out in terms of style, functionality and the services offered by them. Does the website IM Creator lives up to the expectations and promises or whether it joins with the other sites that fall short of in the market? Read their view to find more on IM Creator.

IM Creator Review

Recapitulation of the salient facts

IM-Creator is considered to be a new innovative way through which even a layman can create their own website. For that you need to choose the right design, place your contents properly and then finally publish it to the world with the help of one simple, clear procedure. Today you will find many individuals creating simple, attractive websites within few minutes with the help of IM-Creator. IM-Creator offers several numbers of unique, attractive templates that users can easily customize.

The users can add texts, images and other components to their respective websites that are further customized on the web pages. Through IM-Creator you can create website that can be accessible for everyone. With the help of its tools you can design websites quicker without hiring pricey developers. The designs and the tools are provided to you free of cost. Along with it the web designers can even submit their respective designs to IM-Creator catalogue and earn from each of the designs.

Comprehensive Study on the site

Through IM-Creator, the users can access diverse kinds of templates that they can get started with. The images can be added, resized as well as cropped. The tool is free to use and therefore, you need to register before you plan to design for the website and then save it properly. Galleries, contact forms and other components can be easily added and customized. Contents can be easily posted on Joomla sites, WordPress blogs as well as Facebook profile pages.

IM-Creator is a helpful tool for a layman who desires to create a simple website but has no knowledge on that. The tool is quite user friendly too. It is more about modern styling that is really shown through the interface. The tool works quite smoothly and thus, provides freedom to customize it properly.

Points on which the site needs to work on

IM-Creator needs to work hard on their customer service. It’s quite disappointing to leave such a high grade company due to customer service issues. The company even delays the sign up process but still it is not like other websites that take even 15 minutes to get sign up.

Thus, you can always opt for IM-Creator for easy, simple, flexible website creation even though, if you are not a web designer. So, I give 4 out of 5 to IM-Creator for the quality of services they render.

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