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Graphic design tools have evolved over the years. More-so, they have become popular and vital amongst online content creators, graphic designers, and business owners. With that popularity, there is always a new product popping out every other week.

Sadly, not every new product matches up to the title of the next big thing that can revolutionize design. It’s even harder to find a quality graphic design option that can help newbies and non-designers meet their graphic design needs.

For skilled designers, there is a host of software options they can utilize to create mind-blowing works of art effortlessly. Unfortunately for non-designers and newbies, it can cost them too much money and time to master the right skills to use some of these design software.

Where does that leave them then? Well, non-designers and newbies need a graphic design option that can help make their work easier. With that in mind, new companies have come up in the recent past to make apps that can offer automation capabilities to social media and blog post images. Like any other new product, this is easier said than done.

Luckily, one graphic design tool has popped up to give newbies and non-designers the exact solution for that.

Introducing RelayThat!

RelayThat has quickly risen to become one of the most reliable and most popular tools for instant graphics solutions amongst content creators, newbies, non-designers, and online business owners with little or no design background. And for good reasons!

While it might be similar to other commonly used graphic design tools, RelayThat always seems to have an edge or unique qualities of its own.

One of those unique reasons is the impressive ability for RelayThat to generate quality batch graphics for multiple social media platforms with a single click!

That is one quality that is hard to find in the market. With such an appealing feature, RelayThat is at the driving seat of capturing the interest of solo entrepreneurs who already have their hands full. That’s because they can still offer quality content and graphic design solutions to their blog and social media followers even with their tight schedules.

Who Is RelayThat For?

Anyone can enjoy the features of this timesaving, rapid graphics app. After using the app though, you quickly realize that it was also designed with a certain group of people in mind. That includes design novices, influencers and online business owners without a design history in mind.

If you think you fit this group and are not already utilizing this app’s powers, you are already missing out. RelayThat packs some great features that separates it from hundreds of other graphic options out there.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

#1. Usability

Perhaps one of the essential features for any app is its ease of use. Compared to other graphic design options in the market, RelayThat is designed to provide the user with ease of use. This is made possible by a host of various features that are unique to the app. For starters, RelayThat provides the user with pre-designed templates that make it easy to create professional-looking graphics with just a single click.

RelayThat allows you to change fonts and images to varying sizes and adjustments from an original core layout for flexibility purposes. While the layouts might be more or less fixed, they do not hinder creativity in any way. On the contrary, the fixed constraints help you design graphics even faster with regular use.

With just a few clicks to stunning graphics, there is no better app to help you make hundreds of stunning variations to the original concept than RelayThat.

That’s not all, the app gives you available image sizes for all the major social media channels to fit their image specifications. Whether you want a Facebook or Twitter cover photo, Pinterest, Instagram or blog image, RelayThat has got you covered with quality graphics that guarantee all the clicks.

#2. Vast, Quality Image Catalog

Vast, Quality Image Catalog

Obviously, images are top of the list for any graphics design project.

Another important feature that makes RelayThat one of the most popular graphics app is their huge image catalog that also takes quality to the next level.

While other similar apps focus only on quantity, RelayThat focuses on both range of choice and uniqueness. The RelayThat rapid graphics app is a home to over 3 million plus images catered to every niche.

Every other day, the team at RelayThat constantly provides new images, icons and modern designs that go with the times and more importantly, your projects.

All their images and icons can be quickly accessed through a simple quick search button for user convenience. This gives you the freedom to find what you are looking for with relative ease.

#3. Customized Fonts

Design experts will tell you that fonts are the pillar of text imaging. As such, the ability to choose or design the exact font character to suit your project is enough to change your mind towards a design app. This extremely rare feature is readily available with RelayThat.

First, you are able to access a huge variety of classy fonts for any niche. Next, and more importantly, the app allows you to upload your own custom fonts and seamlessly integrate them to your projects. This is unseen in other design apps.

So, whether you adore a font you just designed, or you want to import a lovely font from a different source, upload it and you are good to go!

#4. Professional Font Pairing

The availability of quality fonts might be great, but professionally paired fonts is a thing to behold. Like fine wine and cheese, the right font combination will take your graphics project to the next level.

For any expert or non-designer, this is both a time saving and exquisite feature to have at your disposal. Luckily, the design team at RelayThat has taken it upon themselves to do the hard work for you.

Thanks to their efforts, you’re able to work with awesome fonts that have been paired professionally for any project you might be working on. Generally, this design option, among others, ensures that all your projects in the app are guaranteed to produce great results.

#5. Basic Ad Presets and Image Templates

Basic Ad Presets and Image Templates

Like we mentioned earlier in the post, one of the stand-out attributes of RelayThat is the ability to offer pre-configured templates for blog and social media image dimensions. This allows you to choose from all the available size specifications recommended for blogs and social media channels.

That includes Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blog image dimensions. You can also find an impressive variety of Google and Facebook ads on RelayThat to choose from.

#6. Magic Import Tool

This is not only a new and uncommon feature, it is one of the trademark design options RelayThat has to offer. The magic import tool has single-handedly changed the game, and for important reasons.

This must have tool allows you to import colors, photos and logos from any website URL for use in your project. Compared to the process of searching, downloading, renaming and importing images from other sources, this tool is an invaluable time-saver.

After several uses of this feature, you will quickly realize it’s easily a selling point for RelayThat in itself.

There you have it!

Those are just some of the top qualities that make RelayThat a must have in your design arsenal. Do not be fooled, we barely scratched the surface of everything you can expect from this extensive app.

From the standout features to the finer details, everything points to an app that can only get bigger and better. While the app might look simple on first look due to the ease of use, you only need to use it a few times to realize what a powerful tool it is.

Final Thoughts

RelayThat is constantly featured within multiple websites, mostly enjoying rave reviews. These include websites like AppSumo that provide creative influencers, content creators and business owners with everyday deals on digitally distributed goods in an ever-growing online world.

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 icon-star Our App Rating Meter: 9/10  icon-thumbs-o-up Recommendation: Must Have!

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