Growing Through Uncertainty – Lessons for a Lifetime

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Life is unpredictable. We came across many moments in life that are had to endure. Happy and sad moments are part of life. There comes a time when a person becomes uncertain about life. That is the point which plays a critical role in shaping the personality of a person.

Here we shall discuss a few of the lessons that a person must learn while going through uncertainty.


Every person in this world goes through hard moments but it depend on the person how to deal with it.If situation is caused by other people then do not allow people to repeat the situation that disturbed your peace of mind.

There is a rule that states betray me once shame on you, betray me twice shame on me. So keep moving in your life and stay away from people who disturb your peace of mind. It is sometimes necessary in life to cut out the relations with people who are cause of constant disturbance. Invest your time and energy on the things that are more worthy of your attention.


Patience is the virtue that plays a crucial role in the development of a stable personality. Hardships come in life but they do pass. With time everything heals. A person needs to be patient in such circumstances. Whenever you face any tough situation, first accept the situation that hard time has come on you.

Acceptance will create an attitude in you to work hard in order to fight the situation and come out of it.Everything takes time. Do not take any decision in a rush. Be patient and you will see that soon things will start making sense to you.


If you lose any good opportunity in life, do not take stress about it. Every opportunity that you lose is filled by another good thing in life. Have faith and believe in yourself.

Do not get dishearten on such things. It is the design of a nature that nothing can remain empty for a long time. It has to be filled again. So keep seeking for more professional opportunities in life.


You must have a strong faith that the pain you are enduring will end one day and you will be given the reward in terms of peace of mind. It is recommended to keep moving forward in tough situation.

Do not stop. Be optimistic about the future so that you can endure the pain with patience and hope. Never lose your hope on the way of hardships. Your hope will serve as a guiding light to your bright future.

Overcome your fear

Always remember that you are bigger than your fears. Do not get stuck at one place. One of the most tested tricks to overcome your fear is to accept and face the fear. Show courage to face the fear and keep movingforward.

Let your courage triumph your fear because every person in this world has courage. It is just the matter for realization that when to show up the courage to face and fight the inside fear of a person.


Human being is a creature that keeps on evolving. Withoutgrowth, a person seems like a stagnant water that remains all the same. It is often seen that people feel difficulty in changing their behaviors.

Do not show reluctance to change because it can serve as a growing force in your life. At time it seems hard and painful to change but in the long run change serves a good purpose.

Let it go

Though let it go is just a phrase but it tremendously brings your life on track. Let go all the negative things that make you stuck, uncertain and vulnerable at some point in life. Stick to positive thoughts that serve you good in long run.

If you want to heal, you must have the courage to let it go the things, relationships and people that are toxic. If you stick to the toxic things in your life, you will end up closing all the new doors that life has opened for you in case you move on in life.


Strive to be a survivor in your life. You can never be a survivor if you have not faced the hardships and uncertainties in your life. You survive in life when you are left with no other option.

Such situations make you a more evolved and strong person. So do not hesitate to face the hardships in life for that will make you a transformed individual.


When you go through a hard time in life or when you face uncertainty in life, that is the time when you start understandingthe life in a mature way. Hardships make you understand other people’s situation in life. You develop a compassionate and understanding heart that grows with hardships.


Whenever you encounter uncertainty in life, take that hardship as training in order to grow. It is the stress that makes you grow in life. Lifehas no meaning without hardships. Change is inevitable. Always embrace change in order to have a positive life ahead.


Hardships and sufferings make you a self-reliableindividual. It is through uncertain times that you become able enough to depend solely on yourself. Difficult roads in life often lead to beautiful destinations.

It is due to the hard times in life that you may identify your capacity and ability to handle the situation on all your own. These uncertain and hard times are the best opportunity for you to explore yourself at your fullest.


If you face the hardships with courage, they will make you grow in developing a transformed individual. Make sure that you rise after every fall in your life because if end is fine then all is fine. Do not get panic and be confident.


You can try mediation in order to cure the uncertainty or anxiety in life. It is recommended to cure it immediatelyinstead of waiting.

Normal behavior

You cannot remain optimistic all the time. Maintain a normal behavior in time of uncertainity. Express the negative emotions and get them out of your head by conversing with the dear friend or family member.


When you are going through any uncertain situation in your life, always think about the solution of the problem. Recall that every problem has a solution in this world so do not lose hope.


Family is the most reliable support system that you can rely in hard situations. So talk with your family and have a viable solution. It is not necessary to get a solution but you will be relaxed mentally.

Continuous self-improvement

Self-improvement is a continuous and consistent process. It is a process to improve yourself and adopt new habits. It is an effort to make oneself batter each day by quitting bad habits and adopting good practices.

If you want to excel in life, then you must focus on self-improvement. It is a skill which can make your life much brighter than before.


If you are not good at time management, then it is not a big deal. You can become good at time management by practicing it. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Time management is a super fantastic skill that solves many of your problems. First of all, it reduces tensions and anxiety and makes you a disciplined person. If you effectively manage the tie, you enjoy your leisure time and focus on career opportunities.

Setting goals and getting out of your comfort zone for them

Goal setting is a motivating activity that drives a person to perform specific actions to reach the destination. To excel in life, one must set a goal that contradicts the comfort zone of a person. Push your limits and get your fear out of your mind.

It is essential to learn to always fail in a forward direction. Never move back by giving up on the goal. Set the purpose in life and put your maximum effort to achieve the goal. The effort you will put in will enhance your various skills in different dimensions.

Learn to “Let go”

Free yourself from the shackles of limiting beliefs. We encounter many unpredictable and unwanted experiences in life. There is no point in sticking to the experiences or any person. Let them go and move on with life, which is full of pleasure. Do not think what other people think about you.

Think about your perception of your own self. Do not be hard on yourself. Human beings tend to make mistakes. It is alright if you have made mistakes that effect in your lives. Learn to forgive yourself and be kind to yourself. I repeat, be kind to yourself.

The most important thing is acceptance of your own self. Accept the things you cannot change. Let go of the things which are disturbing your peace of mind and look forward. Make your goal and put your maximum effort into reaching the destination point. Life is all about movement. Do not get stuck ant any place. Move slowly but move forward.

How to Handle Criticism

It is not necessary that everyone will approve you for what you are doing. You will encounter many people who will criticize you for your work or for nothing. It is your choice to make lemonade or a firecracker out of the criticism.

The first step is to listen to the criticism in a calm way. Categorize the criticism as constructive or destructive. You can quickly assess it by the intention and tone of the person who is criticizing. Do not explode and take constructive criticism very seriously.

Do not react and learn from the criticism. For avoiding destructive criticism, avoid people with negative vibes. Avoiding negative people in life is actually a self-treatment for anxiety so does that for your own sake.

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