Top 10 AI Tools for a Small Business

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In this digital era, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has become an important part of our daily lives because AI tools carry out many of our day-to-day needs. Extensive utilization of AI all over the business software is taking it to several small and large businesses.

In no doubt, A.I. has a major role to play in the areas of business and marketing. By 2025, the global AI software market is expected to be almost $126 billion.

AI has already become commonplace in the market due to the real impact it is making on businesses. According to the Gartner, Inc. 2019 CIO Survey, the number of organizations implementing artificial intelligence (AI) increased 270 percent over the last four years, and notably in the past year, it tripled.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives small businesses great opportunities to become more efficient and profitable. Moreover, AI tools are allowing small businesses to have automation cost-effectively without relying much on traditional solutions.

Now, before we start with the top 10 AI tools, let’s take a brief look into how enterprises can leverage AI in a beneficial way for their small businesses.

  • The use of AI software products helps to personalize engagement, predict customer needs, enhance lead generation, and boost sales.
  • AI data collection and analysis can offer critical decision-making information to small businesses.
    Many of the human resources (HR) activities can be streamlined through AI tools.
  • With the blend of AI and machine learning into the accounting mix, it gets easy to thoroughly simplify tasks like auditing of expense submissions, analytic calculations, and risk assessment.
  • AI is taking on risks such as ransomware by utilizing machine learning into antivirus protection.

AI tools are surely useful and promising that improve efficiency, guarantee compliance with regulations, and augment employee engagement with the automation of basic tasks.

To explore our actual topic, here are the top 10 AI tools for small businesses:

#1. Timely


Manual recording for several clients and projects takes enough of the time which can be shortened with Timely. It automates the company time tracking and timesheet creation so that you are good to continue the work that is more important. Businesses can rely on this tracking tool as it provides user-level privacy by design. Timely uses AI to process the recorded information and generate draft timesheet entries for the team.

With Timely, all team activities can be managed at one smart space, be it payroll, employee performance, project management, or wellbeing. It also allows monitoring remote workforces and their coordination. Moreover, with the extra features such as Projects and People, you can look after the budgets spent across all your clients while confirming everybody’s work priorities. Timely is trusted by more than 5,000 customers worldwide and so can you!

#2. Sage AP Automation


Sage AP Automation simplifies your work and makes you easily connect with your team from purchase to payment. It automates the entries of both outgoing and incoming expenses so that you can flawlessly deal with the banking settlement. Also, the tool allows you to access and approve multiple invoices securely from any device and from anywhere in the world.

If you more often deal with freelancers or external contractors, then Sage AP Automation could be the perfect choice for you. So, to save the energy and time which you invest in tracking figures and entering data manually, you can try this effective tool. Work with your choice and flexibility from the cloud, seek great automation, and grow your business more efficiently with Sage AP Automation.

#3. GetYooz

GetYooz AI Software

GetYooz is a cloud-based accounts payable solution that can save you a lot of time when processing your invoices. Usually, when you receive an invoice, you need to process the data, enter it in your database, get approvals, and then process the payment. With GetYooz there is no risk of human error along the way, and approvals are a snap.

With the power of automation, the accounts payable fraud risk is at a minimum. There are three technologies that prevent fraud and those are Digitalization, Big Data, and Machine Learning. Yooz applies all three of them combined with Artificial Intelligence to keep your data safe.

#4. Bold360


Bold360 is an AI-powered engagement tool or a chatbot that is useful for your customers, contact centers, and employees. This intelligent web chatbot understands customers’ intentions with its own natural language processing technology without matching keywords.

With this tool, you can have conversations with your customers using new digital channels such as live chat, messaging, chatbots, and mobile apps. The best thing is that the extent of the whole conversation is considered and the response is given in a human way using programmed personality. The voice dashboard of Bold360 always captures major insights and guides you on the points of optimization. With these analytics and reports, you can accomplish better results.


x-ai-Instant-Meeting-Scheduling is a personal assistant that helps schedule meetings and is perfect for all busy professionals. The famous brands including CocaCola, Disney, Bitly, and Zendesk, etc. are employing successfully. Once you respond to the mail with “cc: Amy” then the virtual personal assistant does the further processing. It generally schedules meetings by type or buffer time. Once users mention their status as busy or available, Amy will schedule a meeting accordingly.

Being a transparent AI tool, confirms the meeting details with you before approaching your guests. It simplifies and automates monotonous elements of scheduling that include looking out for well-matched times, conveying about follow-ups, ensuring if the meeting is scheduled, and rearranging the meetings.

#6. Intraspexion


Intraspexion works as an early warning system that uses a deep learning platform to prevent threats or risks of interest. The early warning is in terms of unhappy customers or advertisers, awful press, or the emails that haven’t shown up in a lawsuit yet.

The National Law Journal mentions Intraspexion as ‘Legal AI Leaders’. Potentially, it is a steadfast Prediction and Litigation Technology. Intraspexion is the only listed AI tool for Legal Risk as of 2020.

#7. Tamr


Tamr is a competent data integration tool that eases the usual manual effort by over 20 percent. It gives insights into how a business can optimize its spending and reduce risks with the use of machine learning. This tool utilizes a reusable data infrastructure with which it gets easy to add new data sources to find answers even if the data has changed.

Tamr provides data mastering at scale for the world’s largest organizations including Google, ThermoFisher Scientific, AstraZeneca, Toyota, Capital One, and Blackstone. The tool successfully connects data from internal and external resources. By using Tamr, data silos and data variety concerns can be determined at an enterprise scale. It aids in making data ready for analytics, AI, and ML projects across the organization. It is the perfect solution to enhance operational efficiency and speed up data-driven business outcomes.

#8. Crystal


Crystal utilizes a behavioral platform known as DISC that helps to notice the personality profiles of individuals and to figure out the ways of communication with them. With DISC, you get personality insights into your sales, training, and hiring processes. This leads to improved and more fruitful relationships. It gives ideas about how to talk, send an email, or sell something to the one with the LinkedIn profile. To do all these things, it employs an age-old principle of understanding.

With Crystal, organizations can achieve effective communication, successfully train, develop, and maintain top talent and build high-performing teams. Crystal insights are very useful to connect with the clients at a deeper level than even Google search can’t achieve. 90% of Fortune 500 companies that include Accenture, Google, HubSpot, Oracle, Dropbox, Disney, CocaCola, etc. are efficiently using the Crystal platform.

#9. DigitalGenius


DigitalGenius allows you to set up computer-driven conversations with your customers. This AI platform automatically resolves support tickets while giving incredible customer satisfaction and reducing customer service costs.

As the functionality of existing bots is limited to their planned actions, DigitalGenius is comparatively more efficient as it analyzes the customer service logs to understand everyday transactions and provides the most correct response.

AI-driven conversational process automation results in minimum repetitive tasks that make agents look after the high-level and complex customer service. It keeps your customer service teams happier, proactive, and more productive.

#10. Siri

Siri by Apple

This trendy personal assistant is useful in many ways so that you can have a more productive workday. It keeps you connected even without using your hands. Siri can make a phone call, send text or emails, and even announce your messages on AirPods.

Just with a voice command, Siri provides you a faster and easier way to accomplish your day to day tasks such as setting alarms, timers, or reminders, getting directions or previewing a calendar, and more. With Siri, you can check facts on the go, do calculations, or even translate a phrase into a different language. Moreover, be it about managing your smart appliances, searching for photos of your kids, getting you a ride, or locating your parked car, this personal assistant can do a lot for you.

More importantly, Siri maintains your information privately and securely. It applies end‑to‑end encryption for the data synced between your devices so that it can’t be accessed at all.

#11. Conversica


Conversica is an AI assistant that outreaches to all of your sales lead which makes your team focus on selling and not on chasing down those prospects. This automated sales assistant performs two-way email conversations to engage with your leads and boost retention.

It is one of the best tools to find out your most qualified sales opportunities in a faster way. Also, it provides higher conversion by taking into account 100% coverage of lead engagement. This is an efficient AI tool with true bottom-line results.

Conversica really changes the way to approach lead follow-up and helps streamline the focus of the sales development team. Engage your prospects and customers in authentic conversations over Email or SMS to generate leads with Conversica!


Thus, AI can encourage and empower your small business in multiple ways. As AI offers these many efficient tools and a number of applications, you will surely want to get it for your organization, right?

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