An Overview of Business Intelligence Tools & Their Functions

In This article, we will give you a brief guide about 20 business intelligence tools and their functions. We will give you the basic information about every tool and provide you the link of every tools. Market business intelligence (BI) ties together business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data resources and infrastructure, and best practice to favor more data-driven decision making for companies.

In reality, when you see a full picture of your company data and use this data to accelerate progress, eradicate inadequacies and react rapidly to industry trends or supply change, you realize that you probably have modern business intelligence.

This is a very new idea in BI — and BI has strangled its past as a motto. Originally in the 1960s, conventional business intelligence, big letters, and all arose as a mechanism for knowledge sharing across organizations.

In the 1980s, along with computer models for decision-making and data-building, it was further developed and directly offered by IT-related support teams. Modern BI technologies emphasize agile self-service analysis, managed platform data, enriched enterprise customers, and fast insight.

Business analytics can help businesses make better decisions by their business contexts, showing past and current evidence. To promote the organization’s smooth operation, BI should be used by observers for results and rivals.

Analysts can also identify industry patterns to raise revenue or profits more quickly. The best data should be used efficiently, from enforcement to jobs initiatives.

Top 20 Business Intelligence Tools

So let’s get started with our review about top 20 BI tools:

1. Qliksense


 icon-globe Website:

QlikSense is a product of Qlik, an agency known as QlikView for another market intelligence platform. QlikSense is still available for use from any computer. The Qlik Sense user interface is optimized to make this a ubiquitous bi tool for the touchscreen.

The Narrative functionality is a massive difference with QlikView. Users will apply their expertise to the data and make the correct interpretation and judgments even simpler by using snapshots and highlights.

2. Zoho Analytics


 icon-globe Website:

For comprehensive documentation and data processing, use Zoho Analytics. It is automatedly synchronized and can be scheduled every day with company details. You can quickly build a connector using the integration APIs.

Mix, incorporate, and report dramatically from different sources. You build customized reports and dashboards with a simple editor so that you can zoom in on crucial statistics.

3. Sisense


 icon-globe Website:

Not tech-knowing? Then Sisense may be a platform for business intelligence. This user-friendly instrument helps anyone in your company, without your IT department involved, to handle and interpret and simulate broad and complicated datasets.

This enables you to merge info, including Adwords, GA, and salesforce, from a wide range of sources. Not to mention, the results are analyzed very rapidly relative to other tools because they use in-Chip processing.

4. Microsoft Power BI


 icon-globe Website:

Microsoft Power BI is an online tool suite for enterprise research excelling in the presentation of results. It helps users recognize current trends in real-time and has brand new connectors to upgrade your campaigns.

It can be accessed virtually anywhere in Microsoft Power BI. Users will also include their applications and upload notifications and dashboards in real-time.

5. Looker


 icon-globe Website:

Looker is an extra BI application to look into the data exploration software! Inside every SQL database or warehouse, this application is suitable for start-ups, small to medium-sized enterprises, and companies.

Any of the advantages include easy-to-use visualization, efficient sharing (data and results can be exchanged via email or USL and embedded in other applications), and reliable support (tech team).

6. SAP business intelligence


 icon-globe Website:

Like Real-Time BI predictive analysis, deep learning, planning & analytics, SAP provides a range of innovative analytical solutions. In specific, the Business Intelligence software provides reporting & research, data visualization & visualization, workplace automation, and mobile monitoring apps.

The SAP software is a versatile software for any function (IT, end-use, and administration) and provides multiple features on a single platform.

7. Clear analytics


 icon-globe Website:

Where are the supporters of my Excel? This BI method is an intuitive Excel tool that workers with even the most advanced Excel experience can use.

You get a Business Intelligence Self- Service system that features numerous BI functions, including designing, automating, evaluating, and viewing the results.

8. Tableau


 icon-globe Website:

Tableau is a data discovery and data visualization business analytics program. You can quickly evaluate, display, and exchange data with the app without IT interference. Multiple data sources, including MS Excel, Oracle, MS SQL, google analytics, and SalesForce, are supported by Tableau. For personal usage, Tableau is free.

The price will escalate exponentially, however, if you want more. Of course, though, it’s something that will give you something in return: straightforward, well-designed dashboards. Tableau also provides three independent products: Tableau Desktop (for anyone), Tableau Server (for corporate analyses), Tableau Online (organ analytics hosted), and Tableau Online.

9. Oracle BI


 icon-globe Website:

Oracle BI is the company’s technology and business intelligence software portfolio. This technology provides consumers with everything they need to do with BI, such as dashboards, constructive intelligence, warnings, and more.

Oracle is also great for businesses who wish to evaluate vast quantities of data (from Oracle or non-Oracle) because its approach is very stable.

10. Domo


 icon-globe Website:

Domo is a cloud software company transforming the way businesses are managed by delivering BI leverage at cloud scale in record time to every decision maker across an organization — from the CEO to the frontline worker. Domo’s natively integrated cloud-based platform supports at scale data integration and data management, visualization and analytics, as well as low-code/no code applications and extended analytics, which allow Domo customers to monetize their data assets, create more meaningful relationships with their ecosystem and differentiate their offerings from the competition.

11. IBM Cognos analytics


 icon-globe Website:

The Cognos Analytics application supports the whole analytic loop and is sponsored by AI. You will imagine, interpret, and exchange information on your data with your colleagues, from exploration to operationalization.

AI has a significant advantage since the data is analyzed in a visualized study to reveal secret patterns.

12. Microstrategy


 icon-globe Website:

MicroStrategy is a platform to track the trend, find new prospects, increase competitiveness, and provide efficiently (and fast) dashboarding and data analysis.

Users may connect to a single or different source from a tablet, server, or business data app. You can do it from your laptop or your cell phone.

13. Datapine


 icon-globe Website:

Datapine is an all-in-one BI platform that allows even non-technical users to use the dynamic data analyzing tool. Data analyzers and enterprise users can seamlessly combine various data sets, conduct sophisticated data processing, develop dynamic business dashboards, and create workable business perspectives using a robust self-serve approach.

14. SAS business intelligence


 icon-globe Website:

Although SAS has advanced predictive analytics as its most popular product, it offers an excellent business intelligence platform. It is a self-service platform that helps data and indicators to be used to make rational business decisions.

You have various customization options with their APIs collection, and SAS guarantees high-level data integration and advanced analysis and monitoring.

15. Yellowfin BI


 icon-globe Website:

The Yellowfin BI is an end-to-end analytics platform for business intelligence that integrates visualization, machine learning, and collaboration.

You can also fast sort through loads of data with intuitive filtering (e.g., checkboxes and radio buttons) and open dashboards nearly everywhere (mobile, web page, etc.)

16. Board


 icon-globe Website:

The Board is a toolkit for management information. It blends the qualities of business intellect and management. It is built in one kit to provide market intelligence and research.

  • Simulation, analysis, preparation, and estimation using a single framework
  • Develop targeted research and planning applications
  • All-In-One Board incorporates the administration of companies, business results, and analytics.
  • It enables organizations to build and retain innovative analytical and planning applications
  • The platform facilitates reporting by accessing many sources of data

17. Pentaho by Hitachi Vantara


 icon-globe Website:

Pentaho is a website for data collection and market research. This tool allows corporate users to view, search, and combine all data types and sizes.

  • Company framework for data pipeline acceleration
  • This editor facilitates easy and efficient creation and deployment
  • Extensive data incorporation without code
  • Embedded analytics streamlined
  • Custom Dashboard data can be accessed
  • Mongo dB running reporting
  • Pipeline Acceleration Platform

18. Jaspersoft


 icon-globe Website:

The open-source BI platform is Jaspersoft. It promotes people around the world to make healthier choices every day. It offers scalable frameworks for business intelligence that are cost-efficient and commonly used. It allows decision making more straightforward by way of highly accessible Web-based reports, dashboards, and analyses.

  • It provides monitoring, data viewing, and system integration
  • You can embed it in any smartphone app to allow users to access anywhere info.
  • It facilitates decision-making by main metrics for success and problem indicators
  • They are enabled as SaaS, on-site, and cloud.

19. Birt


 icon-globe Website:

BIRT is a piece of market knowledge and monitoring platform open source. It includes a visual report developer and a Java framework runtime component.

  • In a single view, all the details
  • In seconds, evaluate billions of documents
  • Don’t model dynamic data
  • Clean your data and improve it
  • Technical best practices for research
  • No code must be written
  • Visuals easy to use
  • Autonomous consumer and autonomous users

20. Dundas BI


 icon-globe Website:

Dundas is a market analytics tool that is ready for business. It is used to build and display digital dashboards, reports, scorecards, etc. Dundas BI may be implemented as the organization’s core data repository or embedded as a custom BI solution with an existing website.

  • Online browser quick access
  • Enables sample or Excel data to be used
  • Application of total product features
  • Integrate and access databases of all sorts
  • Tools for ad hoc monitoring
  • Data visualizations customizable
  • Intelligent software for drag & drop
  • Map data visualization
  • Advanced and predictive processing of data


For over 20 years, business intelligence instruments have operated. However, a “standard” BI tool has modified the look and basic features somewhat. Each provider also provides ad hoc reports or dynamic dashboards to partnering analysts, instead of just static reporting.

Self-service BI now became the norm for ordinary company activities, making analytics more cost-effective for entrepreneurs. In line with developments in technology, cloud-based platforms and smartphone BI reports are the most recent features to be introduced in BI.

As you can see, business intelligence resources are very diverse and provide you with a wealth of valuable knowledge on your organization’s success and its course. While it is useful for gathering and allowing you to make sense of data from different sources, it does nothing to collect data directly from your clients.

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