40 Design Free Logo Online Ideas

Image by Lalit via Dribbble

A logo is the first thing that clients/customers notice about your brand. The people are attracted to an eye-catching logo design that talks to them about the quality of the brand’s product.

To create a logo design, you need the logo creator online tools. These tools help you to create logos online without hiring professional designers on a high salary.

Suggested Free Logo Maker Online Tools

Let’s discuss some online logo generator free tools briefly:

 icon-angle-right LogoMaker.net:

This Logo maker tool allows you to create a logo online without asking to pay even a single penny. This free logo maker tool doesn’t require some special capabilities or skills from you to utilize it. You can design a Label-free logo on this LogoMaker online utility.

Usually, the common logo creator tools apply a label of their brand on the corner of the logo design that doesn’t look nice. You are welcome to save unlimited logo designs by using the online logo designer tool.

 icon-angle-right Hatchful:

This logo creator tool helps beginners who don’t know how to create a logo online. It asks you to choose the type of your business niche. You decide the look of the brand’s logo that you think suitable for your product.

 icon-angle-right Designhill Logo Maker:

You can make an extra informative logo design for your business by using this logo generator free tool. It offers you to pick up any five of your favorite designs for logo styles.

Then you can edit the templates provided by this free logo maker to give a brand face to your logo.

40 Practical Tips to Make a Logo Eye-Catching

Let’s have a look at 40 logo design online ideas to make it perfect.

1. Make an unforgettable design:

Apple Logo
apple logo

Always the unique things are easy to keep in mind for a long time. So, try to make the design relevant to the product you sell.

2. Use a logo design that calls up your subject:

The logo must be a combination of text and images. This combination gives a more effective look at the logo design.

3. Create an image within an image:

Image combination logo
Bison + Mountain Logo by Garagephic Studio via Dribbble

You can insert an image into the logo design that can create two different images to give an extraordinary look to your brand’s logo.

4. Show your product’s purpose:

The best way to utilize a logo is to provide a shorthand that will explain what you do.

5. Include a picture of your product into the text:

Milk Logo
Milk logo by Sumesh A K via Dribbble

To make your logo interesting, you can add a picture of what you sell into the text. The logo will become a mixture of text and image.

6. Utilize visual metaphors:

There is advice for you to use meaningful and memorable visual metaphors to create a top-of-mind brand’s logo.

7. Make use of negative spaces:

Negative Space Logo
Design by Arif via Dribbble

You can make images of logos more interesting with the use of negative spaces – effectively.

8. Create a GIF version of the logo:

The customers pay their attention more quickly to animation as compared to a static picture.

9. Create a variety of animated versions:

Sprint Valley Animated Logo
Design by Nikita Melnikov via Dribbble

You can generate standard logos by creating a series of animated logos in a different context.

10. Do more with less:

The audience feels comfortable with simple but not complex things. So, it is better to make a simple and pretty design that looks nice.

11. Associate it with your brand’s name:

Don’t try to add an image that represents your product directly. You should add an image that will explain your work.

12. Use a silhouette:

NBA Logo
NBA Logo

Silhouettes can give a unique look to the logo, and it can force the customers to purchase the products from your brand.

13. Select a font with an exact personality:

You should try to create text and an image in the same style to increase the logo’s beauty.

14. Keep it simple:

Keep it simple logo
Design by Ted Kulakeviche via Dribbble

It is always better to make the logos simple as the customers avoid remembering the complex images.

15. Use a mascot:

It may be an effective way to go with a mascot as everyone likes cute mascots.

16. Use your brand’s name in the logo:

Use brand name within logo
Design by Usarek™ Studio via Dribbble

Sometimes it is ok without an image, and only the brand’s name is enough to make a pretty logo.

17. Fit the logo to the product:

You must make sure that either the logo is matching with the product’s theme or not.

18. Use a visual pun:

Humour is always a reliable source to make your work catchy. It will be a great way to use a visual pun in your logo to put humor into practice.

19. Use an ambigram:

Ambigram Logo
Ambigram Logo by Gert van Duinen via Dribbble

You can create some surprising and entertaining visuals in your logo with the help of ambigrams.

20. Transition to the brand’s name:

It can place a great emphasis on your logo’s design and create a preferable association with your brand.

21. Use subtlety:

Subtle Logo
Design by Phil Goodwin via Dribbble

You must include hidden meanings into your logo to entertain your viewers with surprise.

22. Use letters to make images:

There is a suggestion for you to use letters to make different but interesting images.

23. Use a figure of speech:

Figure of Speech logo
Design by Garagephic Studio via Dribbble

You can enhance your logo by considering metaphors to convey meaning faster.

24. Combine words and picture:

The logo will look nice if you make the whole world look like the product it’s representing.

25. Include a border:

Adventure logo with border
Design by Nick Johnston via Dribbble

The use of borders will make the logos more attractive and distinct from your competitor’s logos.

26. Use easy transitions:

Sometimes, simple movements or transactions are more effective for logo designs.

27. Enhance its meaning with typography:

Umbrella Logo
Design by Zahidul via Dribbble

Specific fonts and styles will be helpful to highlight what your brand’s name means.

28. Display your name in a single picture:

Producing an image with your logo will allow the customers to get interested in your brand faster.

29. Use of different context:

Use different context logo
Design by Ramotion via Dribbble

The design must be applicable in a variety of contexts to make a logo stylish but simple.

30. Use of numbers:

The use of numbers with creative ways allows you to make interesting designs of your logos.

31. Visualize a word’s meaning:

Snake logo design
Design by Yoga Perdana via Dribbble

It is a creative way to show the meaning of a word with the use of visuals.

32. Merge different techniques:

You can create unique designs by merging the techniques, so don’t limit yourself to use only a sing strategy.

33. Use of the right font:

The right font logo
Design by Stian ◒ via Dribbble

The wrong typography fails to convey the right message to the customers, so use suitable fonts.

34. Utilize just an image:

A perfect picture can speak thousands of words, and sometimes only an image is enough for your logo.

35. Experiment with different styles:

Experiment with different style logo
Design by Gert van Duinen via Dribbble

You are welcome to create a variety of options for logo designs by playing around with different styles.

36. Use humor:

The customers or viewers entertain with your logo if you create an appropriate humor effect.

37. Make your logo timeless:

Coca-cola timeless logo

The logo design must appeal to the buyers even 10 or 15 years down the road.

38. Use repeating elements:

Repeating certain elements can make the logo more memorable, reasonable, and logical.

39. Include hand drawings:

Hand Drawing Logo
Design by Daniel Sheridan

Hand-drawn or traditional logos can give rise to an authentic and non-commercial feel.

40. Make it look nice in black and white:

The logo shouldn’t depend too upon colors; it must stand on its own.

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