How AI Can Make Your Digital Marketing Strategy More Effective

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Artificial intelligence is usually used as a term which includes machine learning and deep learning – a machine learning technique using large amounts of data to train complex deep neural networks. Deep neural networks are capable of achieving human level accuracy for many tasks but they are hungry for data. Examples of deep neural networks and deep learning in everyday lives are Amazon recommendations, social media algorithms and facial recognition for security.

With around 4.66 billion internet users in the world, the digital space presents itself as a huge opportunity for brands to reach out to people. This is the reason why brands are setting aside a huge percentage of their annual budgets for digital marketing activities. Along with that, the huge internet user base also poses a challenge for brands to identify and analyze customer behavior to create marketing campaigns.

This is where artificial intelligence is helping brands to craft their digital marketing strategies. AI in marketing helps brands to perform enhanced research, smart decision making, automation, and others, all of which contribute to making digital marketing strategies more targeted and effective. Using AI in digital marketing can help to make brands more visible in the digital ecosystem.

The benefits of using AI in your Digital Marketing Strategies

#1. Access to real-time trends

Access Realtime Trends

Earlier marketers had to wait and delve deep into the latest research to identify key demographic segments to target. AI in marketing has significantly improved this process by making it more efficient and customized. It is now possible to analyze millions of data points, at faster speeds and get focused trends.

The more we use a digital product or service the more data the service provider has on us This is basically an advanced customer segmentation and attribution in digital marketing language. Attribution tools allow you to see what drove customer X to do why.

Every day millions of people spend their time browsing through social media platforms and websites like Google, Amazon, YouTube. Every action they do generates a data point. The cumulative action of millions of users around the world results in generating billions and trillions of data points.

AI analyzes each of these data points to show real-time trends. The advanced cognitive and automation capabilities of machine learning technologies allow you to get reports on individual as well as grouped data. This helps you plan efficient marketing campaigns.

#2. Content curation

We all know how important is content creation for brands. Coming up with engaging and value-driven content that resonates with customers is deemed necessary for digital marketing campaigns to succeed. Using AI technology like NLG can help you automate the process of content creation. NLG is a technology that analyzes structured data and translates it into simple readable content.

Google’s OpenAI has recently developed GPT-3, a gigantic language model that can generate human-like text. It can do some simple math and some reasoning as well.

While AI currently cannot create in-depth content pieces like blog posts and reviews like humans, it can generate concise and specific content like news previews, tweets, and reports. This helps to simplify a part of the content creation process.

AI tools also provide suggestions on which type of content will yield higher engagements. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms are great examples of how AI is being used to help users in the content creation process.

#3. Helps to communicate with customers

Customer management is an inherent part of all digital marketing strategies. Your digital marketing efforts might be successful in attracting customers to your website or social media page but along with that you also need to provide support to them. Lack of support can result in the customers leaving your website without making purchases.

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are what help to do this. AI chatbots can address customer queries, generate-user specific content, register complaints, and even provide suggestions to customers. It provides a better user experience.

The biggest advantage is that it provides one-to-many support, meaning a single chatbots can communicate with thousands of customers. Unlike manual customer support, chatbots are also available 24×7 which ensures customers enjoy uninterrupted support.

#4. Email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to build strong relationships with prospective and existing customers. It offers a more focused, customized, and detailed approach to communicate. Brands can use AI to examine the personal behavioral trends of customers to create and deliver personalized emails.

For example, you can use AI to create emails that address customers with their names or use a personalized subject line. This enhances the brand value of your company in the customer’s eyes. AI can also be used to design email campaigns and schedule automatic delivery. It allows you to reach the right people at the right time, resulting in more effective email campaigns.

#5. Enhanced advertisement filtering

In a world of unrestricted digital access, it can become difficult to regulate and monitor the information floating on the internet. This is where AI helps to filter content to present relevant and accurate content to the users. Companies can benefit by using algorithms that filter or restricts the display of information which could be invasive or harmful for some users.

For example, YouTube offers a restricted mode in its mobile app which filters potentially harmful content. If you keep it on, it will limit the availability of content that is classified as adult or potentially offensive. Similar filtering is also being used to push different advertisements to people of different demographics.

Based on predefined demographic attributes, an advertisement can be displayed or restricted from viewing for a user. This helps you to decide the kind of audience your advertisements should reach.


AI in marketing helps brands gain competitive advantages from their peers. The human-like cognitive abilities and decision-making are things that aid in making digital marketing processes automated and accurate.

Utilizing AI in your business can enhance and improve your digital marketing campaigns to yield cost-savings and better conversions.

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    AI has made it much easier to manage inbound marketing over time. Many of the manual input operations that require human intervention can now be automated as technology gradually becomes able to make data-driven decisions that previously required special human attention. More info here

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