How B2B Businesses Use SMS to Boost Sales and Close More Deals

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A tried-and-true method of influencing leads in your favor without being overtly aggressive is through content marketing. You might be shocked to learn that B2B leads enjoy content marketing.

Due to social media algorithm changes and the overwhelming amount of emails that most consumers receive each day, it can be challenging for independent retailers to see success with their marketing campaigns.

However, Short messaging service (SMS) marketing has proved to be one of the most compelling content marketing strategies.

SMS marketing and text message marketing are interchangeable terms. Text message marketing, often known as SMS marketing, is a straightforward approach to getting in touch with your customers and increasing ROI.

Customers are on board with it, with 70% saying it’s a terrific approach for companies to catch their attention.

Text messages are created and sent to a specified list of phone numbers using an SMS marketing automation platform, often known as an SMS tool, service, or software.

Text message marketing can send various messages, including texts about abandoned shopping carts, back-in-stock announcements, shipping confirmation emails, and flash sale alerts.

It also lets you send campaigns and automatic texts triggering customer activities, such as signing up for text alerts or asking for more details about a product.

Advantages of Text Marketing

1. Fast-paced and Effective

Text message marketing is quick in several ways. Unlike social media or email marketing, you don’t need to create images for your content. You don’t have to write long messages because they have character restrictions. You can create and send them quickly and easily.

SMS gets to your receivers faster than emails or Instagram posts. When a text message arrives, your consumers’ phones immediately notify them. In contrast, customers would have to go through the extra effort of opening a social network app or email client to view your additional marketing channels.

2. Increased Open Rate

The most efficient technique to persuade individuals to open your messages is to send the message via text. Comparatively, a Mailchimp survey discovered that the typical open rate for a marketing email is 21.3%.

If you are still unsure, talk to your marketing team. They will help you understand SMS marketing and witness a significant improvement in your SEO services.

3. Higher Response Rates

SMS has high open rates signifying high response rates. While email click-through rates typically don’t exceed 7%, the average response rate for an SMS marketing message is 45%. Customers are much more likely to click on a link you send them via text than those conveyed by email.

How to Use SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is simpler than email or social media marketing because it doesn’t involve design work. To begin with effective SMS marketing, you must follow some simple steps.

1. Make a Customer List

Sending texts to someone who has not given you explicit approval is illegal in both the US and Canada. Ensure your list of recipients has permitted you to send messages before sending an SMS marketing campaign.

If you are unsure about authorization, remove them. Using loyalty software, you can gather client information and make sure you stay compliant.

2. Use SMS Marketing Tools

Enter SMS marketing technologies, which enable companies and marketers to mass-message customers with marketing and customer care messages. A Magento Developer or any other eCommerce developer can help you implement the required plugins.

  • Tools for growing contact lists
  • Arranging the transmission of text messages
  • Sending SMS messages based on interactions and conduct
  • Analytics and tracking of results

3. Draft SMS

Unlike an email newsletter, your messages don’t have to be lengthy. In actuality, shorter is preferable.

You can send messages up to 300 characters long (about 2–5 sentences). If your consumers decide they no longer want to receive notifications from you, don’t forget to give an easy way for them to opt out.

Best SMS Marketing Tools

1. TextMagic

TextMagic has been providing bulk SMS services since 2001. You can rely on them to meet all of your SMS sales requirements.

The application can convert emails to SMS messages, enable two-way SMS chat so you can converse with customers directly, possess a comprehensive analytics dashboard, and the capability to send texts up to 918 characters.

Thanks to its speedy setup, you can sign up and send messages using TextMagic within a few minutes. Although TextMagic may not be the most influential text message marketing platform available, it does strike a good balance between features and usability.

It provides an API, integrations, two-way text, scheduling, and MMS capabilities. Many companies will discover that TextMagic offers all the essential elements to start text marketing. TextMagic can help you send notifications, reminders, confirmations, alerts, and SMS marketing campaigns.

2. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is the best option if you want to launch mass text message campaigns rather than initiate direct communication with clients. The platform enables two-way messaging, segmentation, scheduling, auto-replies, and bulk SMS.

Even though SimpleTexting is quite user-friendly, it isn’t the most capable SMS marketing tool. Building intricate, scalable applications might be challenging despite SMS API and connectors.

3. SlickText

One of the most remarkable SMS marketing software alternatives for small firms is SlickText, which allows sending mass texts. It has marketing automation capabilities like workflows, scheduling, and autoresponders to make managing your text campaign easy.

You can follow along as it walks you through adding contacts, setting up your account, and sending your first campaigns with tons of videos and written instructions to get you up and running. The analytics, reporting, dashboards, and customer data are thorough.

4. Podium Webchat

Podium Webchat is only one of many messaging options available through Podium’s Interaction Management Platform, which aids companies in text-based lead, review, and payment generation.

It allows you to utilize a simple button connecting you to your leads via text to capture and convert them while they are on your website.

5. EZTexting

EZTexting is a leading SMS marketing tool. It is a simple platform that lets customers send instant text messages to engage their audiences.

Because of this, more than 160,000 firms have sent more than 5.5 billion messages using the platform. The primary features of EZTexting are drip campaigns, keywords, and picture messages.

6. Tatango

Due to its outstanding capabilities, Tatango is used by large organizations, including TBS, Ace Hardware, and Sony Music.

Utilize the platform to build clicked persuasive message processes, categorize subscribers based on specific requirements, access thorough analytics, and much more. For your convenience, Totango also interfaces with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and ActiveCampaign.

Must-try SMS Marketing Strategies

1. Welcome Texts

Try sending a welcome text once a consumer signs up for your loyalty program, comparable to sending a welcome email. Even better, give new signups a unique discount to entice them to return to your store.

2. New Product Arrival Alerts

Use an SMS marketing campaign to alert customers that new arrivals have been added to your storefront or website so they can begin shopping. It is a great approach to increase interest in new products.

But keep in mind that if you do this more than once a season, you risk annoying your clients.

3. Flash Sales

Flash deals are a fantastic way to thank clients for joining your loyalty program. Inform your consumers by SMS that a momentary discount is available exclusively. An excellent method to demonstrate how much you value their business is to give them a first peek or create a sale that is just available for them.

To Wrap it Up

Businesses can send informational or promotional messages in mass using SMS or text messaging software. You can plan and manage bulk SMS outreach programs with business text messaging solutions to achieve various marketing objectives, including brand recognition, promotions, sales, and more.

No matter the size of the company, whether it is small, medium, or largescale, SMS marketing is an essential marketing weapon. It would help if you constantly had a channel and a technique, like short message service marketing, to connect with your customers. Always refer to sms marketing trends & statistics studies to make sure you are promoting your B2B business the right way.

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