How Corporate Videos Make a Brand Seem Special

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Nowadays, brands have a wide variety of marketing tools to choose from, from social media marketing to SEO, PPC, traditional advertising, and more recently video marketing. The increasing popularity of video content has especially made video to be one of the top digital marketing tools.

However, some brands are yet to realize how important video content can be for them. If you are considering adding videos to your marketing strategies, below are some insights from the London based team at TechTV, where they look at some of the ways in which your brand can benefit from professional film and video production.

#1. The help you target a wider audience

One of the top benefits of using videos as part of your marketing strategy is that they are guaranteed to increase traffic to your site. With a huge percent of internet traffic being attributed to video content, consumers are now consuming videos more than any other content. Therefore, with good corporate videos for your brand, you are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention when targeting your audience. This will, in turn, translate to increased traffic to your website.

Another targeting benefit of videos is that you can use them across several marketing channels. To start with, you can use them on your website, alongside other content, which will be good for your SEO rankings. You can also post your corporate videos on social media where they will generate a lot of excitement for your brand. If they are good, they can even go viral, increasing your brand presence and site traffic tenfold.

Aside from website and social media, you can also share your brand videos on video-sharing websites such as YouTube. You can also leverage traditional marketing channels such as TV ads to disseminate your video content to your target audience.

#2. They make your brand’s message more interesting and compelling

One of the latest trends in marketing is storytelling, as opposed to creating a sales pitch. As long as you are creative, you can tell great brand stories with all forms of content – text with images, infographics, gifs, etc. However, video is the ultimate storytelling tool, and good corporate videos can improve your brand’s message significantly.

One of the reasons videos are good for storytelling is because of their visual appeal, which is captivating. If you have a good brand video, its visuals will captivate your target audience the moment it starts playing. You can use music and sound to add depth to your corporate videos, making them even more irresistible for your audience.

Lastly, videos can be produced in such a way that they evoke various emotional responses in the audience. For example, you can have a video that makes your viewers happy, inspired, longing, sympathetic, etc. All of these are tools you can use to make your brand message more compelling.

#3. Videos can help to improve brand credibility and trust

Another benefit of using corporate videos is that they can help to increase the credibility and trust of your brand. To start with, videos can help you engage your audience face to face even without meeting them. For example, you can include your organisation’s key personnel in your brand’s corporate video, and use them to engage your target audience. This way, any message they put forward to the audience will be more credible and trustworthy, than say, a text sales pitch.

Videos also connect deeper with the consumers due to their interactive nature and ability to invoke emotion. A corporate video will be more interactive and compelling than even the best-printed ads, infographics, newsletters, and other content with static images. The ability to connect with the audience will help to build trust, which will go a long way in increasing your brand’s credibility.

#4. They are an effective tool for employee relations

Looking to improve employee relations? Corporate videos are one of the most powerful tools you can leverage. Videos offer a great and more effective way of communicating with your employees. For example, if you are offering directions on how to conduct a task, a video will be more efficient than say, a text memo. Therefore, using videos, you can be able to empower your employees to reach their potential, which will, in turn, help to increase their satisfaction.

Corporate videos are also a great training tool. Due to their interactive and compelling nature, videos are easier are more efficient in engaging the employees during training. The trainer can also be able to offer better demonstrations (for example, on how to use certain equipment). On top of that, video training can even be conducted remotely, either through live training or recorded training resources.

Another way in which videos can be used for employee relations is helping in improving workplace morale. Corporate videos featuring your employees, and which are shared with the audience, will make them feel valued. This will go a long way in helping to improve their morale, and consequently, productivity.

#5. Corporate videos can increase your conversions and sales

Already, using video content to promote your brand will help you to generate lots of traffic to your website. However, they can do more than that; they can help you to convert these leads into sales. First of all, you can leverage the compelling nature of video content to promote your products and/or services to your target audience.

Secondly, you can end your video message with a compelling call to action, which will direct the audience to desired pages on your site, for example, services and products page, website shop, and so on. Therefore, with well-produced corporate videos, you can be able to increase your conversions and sales by a significant amount, leading to more revenues for your brand.


It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It that’s the case, then the value of corporate videos for your business is immeasurable. From boosting your brand image to increasing consumer awareness for your brand, building customer trust and loyalty, helping to convert leads, and more, videos can do it all.

However, you can only reap these benefits if you have a great corporate video. And the only way to achieve this is by hiring a reliable and professional corporate video production company. So, what are you waiting for! Get started on your corporate videos today and start reaping the above benefits – and many others.

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