4 Innovative Trade Show Display Booth Trends

From credibility to visibility, exhibiting at trade shows has numerous benefits for your business. Trade shows give you a platform to meet new customers directly, to reach out to your existing target audience, and to build a more established and trustworthy brand.

Trade shows and industry events give business owners the opportunity to engage face-to-face with attendees. They allow businesses to go beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing and connect directly with prospects and existing customers.

If you plan to exhibit at an upcoming trade show, create an attention-grabbing display booth with interactive design that attendees cannot resist and take a look at these three display booth trends that will set you apart from the crowd at any trade show or industry event.

#1. Customer-Centric Design

First impressions matter and you want to make a real impact on attendees instantly. In today’s world of interactive technology and experiential marketing, making an impact isn’t just about flashy design — you want your display booth to appeal to your potential customer’s imagination and emotions.

Every aspect in your booth should work toward the same goal: making it obvious to your potential customers how your services or products will benefit their business.

Today we’re seeing vibrant, textured 3D wall treatments and aesthetically pleasing fabrics in display booths, and what’s even more engaging is interactive digital signage such as iPads and touchscreens that customers can scroll through to learn more information about you.

Try not to focus on the square footage of your booth or even where it is located within the event venue. Concentrate on design that attendees can engage with and feel comfortable in, and see what the latest digital signage options work best for your brand’s upcoming show.

#2. Focus on Comfort

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how exhausting walking around a trade show is for attendees. Wowing customers is important, but consider one thing that appeals to everyone, regardless of demographic: comfort.

Installing a lounge area in your display booth is an excellent method to capture the attention of tired attendees. A relaxing comfortable seating area also gives you the opportunity for your brand staff to give visitors their sales pitch.

An additional touch is to add a charging station. Consider any public space with a charging station — an airport or a festival — is always full. Adding public USB ports will be beneficial for you because of the convenience it provides for attendees, and you’ll be sure to attract many avid visitors.

#3 & 4. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Attendees definitely need comfort at trade shows, but they still want to be entertained. Brands are utilizing the power of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) more and more these days, because it provides an experience unlike any other marketing tool.

In fact, a study recently by GreenLightInsights concluded that 53% of consumers are more likely to use a brand that uses VR than one that doesn’t.

Experience is a lot more important to consumers than repetitive facts and figures about your company, and with VR or AR, customers attain a deeper knowledge of your brand than with a casual conversation with a sales representative.

Your Turn

Including these trends into your next trade show display booth will help you stand out from the rest, and when you pair these with fundamentals such as proactive customer service, your booth is sure to be a hit.

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