How Laravel Development Services Help to Kick Start a New Business

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Every business organization is different and so are their requirements. But when we talk about website development, the first and the most complex choice is to select the right platform and framework for development. If you want faster and efficient web solutions for your business, then it is recommended to consider Laravel because it is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that will give a boost to your business.

Laravel is used by more than 3000 companies in their tech stacks including BBC, Bitpanda, About you, Tourradar, 9 Gag, and much more to make the development process smoother and faster. Laravel follows the MVC architectural pattern which makes it easy for web developers to complex apps easily for large or small business organizations.

Also, artisan command-line interfaces allow you to manage big projects with more than one file for better maintainability.

Laravel uses in top industries
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To develop an excellent feature-ready application, Laravel provides all the functionalities and features that a perfect website consists of. Starting from rich features, unit testing, and separation of codes, to highly successful results, Laravel has it all. So, let’s begin to discuss how Laravel development services help to kick start a new business.

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How do Laravel Web Development Services help to Kick Start a New Business?

#1. Excellent Traffic Management

Managing huge traffic is one of the toughest tasks to do. As the popularity of a business increases, the amount of website traffic also goes up. At that time, the overall load crosses the assigned bandwidth and the website is bound to crush. Such things are difficult to maintain and come up with additional concerns.

Imagine a user visiting the site to find something which is not working. The probability of the user going back to the site is might less and you may lose a potential customer. The unique message queue system in Laravel helps to keep your server robust and supports effective load balancing to ensure data integrity and run the application smoothly.

“There are more than 70,000 websites built using Laravel.”

#2. Multilingual Capabilities

Laravel’s multilingual capabilities make it stand out in the crowd compared to other PHP development frameworks. This allows developers to create compelling apps in multiple languages and help them to reach out to a wider audience and explore untouched territories.

If you’re using the Laravel web development services in your business then developers can create robust applications in any language of their choice which enhances sales and increases revenue.

“Laravel has 51.26 Million downloads till now.”

#3. Rigorous Security

Security is the main concern when it comes to building a web application where all your privacy of the customer data and resources are at risk. It is mandatory that your website offers high-end security against various threats, leaks, hacks, and reduces risk such as SQL injection and CSRF requests. Tour code-base is also guarded and allows your web app to perform flawlessly without any security threats.

Laravel integrates SQL injection to strengthen the website and protect all your data. Additionally, it offers a smooth interface to develop applications of your choice and has the ability to detect threats before they turn harmful to your business.

“The number of websites is increasing at about 9% per month for a few months now.”

#4. Blade Template Engine

Laravel offers out-of-the-box features that help to kick start a new business and one of those features includes a blade template engine that allows you to use plain PHP code in views. Blade template engine in Laravel is simple yet powerful compared to other similar PHP templating engines. From offering convenient shortcuts for basic PHP functions to features like template inheritance, Laravel offers it all which is all a developer requires to build a perfect web application.

Implementing Laravel with Blade templating allows you to develop light-weighted websites without compromising on the quality and performance of the app. It helps developers to create interactive layouts using dynamic content seeding with distinctive sections.

“Laravel is one of the most leading repositories on GitHub with more than 45000 stars.”

#5. Database Migration

Migrations of databases in Laravel is another great feature that helps organizations to start a newly started business. These features allow web developers to undo the changes made in the databases and share them with other developers easily within the development team.

Migrating databases in Laravel ensures that the database created by developers is maintained appropriately without recreating it which helps to save a lot of time that you can invest in web app development.

“US (10k +), Russia (5k +), and Brazil (4k +) are the top 3 countries respectively with the largest number of Laravel powered websites.”

#6. Social Media Support

If you’re opting for Laravel web development services, then you’ll also get the benefit of social connection which will allow you to post on various social media platforms hassle-free. Byt how does it help?

  • You can interact internally and with your clients without any hassle with this attribute.
  • It’ll have support for social media share, SMS, web notification, and much more.
“Laravel has 87 software releases till today.”

#7. Less Time Consuming

As we all know that Laravel has simple syntax throughout the entire development process which facilitates quick development of web applications. Laravel follows the MVC architecture pattern that comprises the whole infrastructure needed to build a perfect website for your business. Laravel applications can be developed in a matter of a few minutes and also saves a lot of time and effort which you can invest in focusing on your core business activities.

Using the right tools and resources, it becomes easy for you to create a website faster and also makes it easier for you to maintain. Complex tasks require more time in coding but with the pre-built Laravel features, it can be accomplished easily and quickly.

“Laravel holds 25.85% of PHP framework market share.”

#8. Eloquent Object Relational Mapping

Eloquent ORM is one of the best reasons why startups choose Laravel for web development. It incorporates a simple PHP record implementation and allows web developers to issue queries related to databases with the simple syntax of PHP rather than writing complex SQL code. It is comparatively faster than former PHP web development frameworks.

Each database table requires a corresponding model via which the developers can communicate with the said table and in such case, ORM is the best option.

“The current version 5.7 released in September 2017.”

What are the Advantages of Laravel Development?

Now you must be wondering, what are the advantages offered by Laravel development. So here it is:

  • Reduce the development time
  • Integration with mail services
  • Automation of testing work
  • Create custom web systems
  • Configuration Error and Exception Handling
  • Code scaffolding with Artisan
  • Fixing common technical vulnerabilities
  • Authentication and Authorization Systems
  • PHP 7 support
  • Integration with tools for faster development

The Verdict: Planning to Develop A Perfect Web Application?

The Laravel web development framework is constantly improving and updating an upsurge in its usage and gaining extensive traction and popularity from people. There are a huge number of websites built using the Laravel framework in the United States for high-end performance and security.

It requires less time for development compared to other similar platforms and also enhances the overall experience of startups to kick start your business. If you want a speedy and effortless platform to develop web applications then Laravel is the best option available for your business.

Moreover, every industry is opting for Laravel for software development and it is still a great choice in 2021. After such a detailed discussion, you may have known that Laravel has a bright future for application development as many giant and popular companies are planning to opt for Laravel development services in the future.

We hope this blog is helpful to you. So, if you are planning to develop a perfect web application to kick start your business and are going to choose Laravel development services then you’re on the correct path.

So, stay assured about your application and implement long-term goals and missions. Make sure to search for the best and top-notch development services that offer out-of-the-box expertise in handling complex tasks for your business.

Still, confused about choosing Laravel for web development? Feel free to comment in the comments section given below and get in touch with us.

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