How Machine Learning Is Changing SEO & How to Adapt

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Machine learning and its subsets have been into trends from the last few years for positive reasons for sure. With advancement in SEO nowadays in terms of its fundamental strategic changes, marketers are on the hunt to find new technologies or ideas in order to explore growth possibilities in the SEO industry.

With new advanced technologies coming into frame, marketers are more sure of getting things done at a faster and effective pace. As SEO has been through tough ups and downs from last decade, be it from creating hundreds of landing pages for a set of users or creating efficient yet long content. Though, plenty of factors in SEO are manual yet, there are few that can be sort on a strategy and data level like user experience.

Marketers have started relying on advanced technologies like AI and machine learning in order to influence the SEO industry for better. With these advanced technologies coming into action, SEO industry is revolutionizing itself.

Getting Websites Ranked – The Google Eye

Google has always dominated the search engines for decades and its team has been on its toes to fight spam with its algorithms.

As getting a website ranked on top of the search engine has been the ultimate goal for almost all the SEO experts/consultants since the inception of the web, Google has always been the party spoiler. Google has been always supporting certain parameters to get your website ranked on Google and lately Google introduced one of its machine learning based algorithms to filter websites based on quality content and links.

Which makes it more result-oriented and systematic. Manual algorithm updates like penguin and panda was no longer necessary. This was a game changer for plenty of search engine experts as they were not able to rank websites on their traditional means of backlinking and content generation. Everything was a ‘New Chapter’

Now Google was showing results to users based on the content quality and was ranking websites on the interpretation of user means while searching for a query. For example, while you search for a question on Google and it returns you with a similar set of questions and relevant answers, that’s powered by machine learning and AI.

Therefore, internet marketers had to adopt the best SEO practice possibly available.

Getting Websites Ranked
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Getting Websites Ranked – The Marketer’s Eye

1. Natural Link Building

Link building has never been so tough. With hundreds of algorithms getting into action every year, Google is making it harder for marketers to create backlinks and getting websites ranked on search engines. With every algorithm getting introduced, building backlinks are getting tougher.

Updates like penguin and panda keep a close eye on marketers creating paid links and making it more tough for marketers with every day passing. With machine learning algorithms, Google is step ahead in fighting spam on search engine result pages.

2. On Page Optimization

Meta details are the important part of SEO activities. They are the foremost information when a user looks at your website while searching for a specific keyword. This information should be clear and not confusing in any way possible. Making it straight forward will help you win your ranking in your favor.

Secondly, click through rate AKA CTA is an important factor in order to generate traffic for your website. One has to make sure that the meta information is accurate which makes the possibility of having a good CTA increase exponentially.

Develop and create your meta title and other meta information in a way which could help you look less like a spam and more like a winner.

3. Your Keywords are Your Strength

Yes, your keywords selection process is the most essential element of any strategy you work on SEO. In order to reflect a clear message to the users, your keywords should be aligned to your strategy. One has to opt for a multi channel keywords research strategy in order to rank well on search engine result pages. One should make sure to add keywords linked to associated keywords so that Google can list you with other relevant keywords too.

These keywords together should be included in the meta title, description and content of your web page for higher ranking, while keeping user experience in mind. Make sure your users are not bouncing back from your website due to your mistake in placing the wrong keyword at the wrong place.

For example, if the user is searching for ‘red women shoes’ and you placed ‘men red shoes’ as the keyword in the red women shoe landing page, then the user is for sure going to bounce back to the search engine or any other website. Google mainly looks for the story behind the keyword rather than the keyword itself.

4. Customer Experience is Vital

Costs for companies are already decreasing when it comes to machine learning so far by about 38%. Not only are the cost decreasing, but machine learning is also helping in terms of generating higher quality intelligence and insights about the customers. At the same time it is helping to improve the quality of the experience for the numerous customers by allowing marketers to have real-time insights into the behaviour of the customers.

The more you can understand your customers, then the easier it will be for you to help them to have a good experience. You want them to have the best possible experience since they will then recommend your website to others.

You want to make their experience better by creating content that will be extremely popular and that will answer their questions. The customers will not only learn something from your content, but they will also interact with it, which will mean the SERPs will be dominated by your website.

These are just a few of the many ways that you are going to have to adapt your website when it comes to machine learning. The more you know, then the easier it is going to be for your business and your customers.

How Structured Data Will Help

If your data is structured properly, then you will see an increase in the search engines understanding the content and giving the users better informative results. If you can make it easier for the search engines to see the data in a specific manner, then it will not only increase the visibility of your business, but it will also help with indexing and even the click through rates.

The best way that you can do this is by using the right schema since it can help to increase the amount of organic traffic that is coming to your site. If you have a higher level of click through rates, then Google will see that the content you are giving the readers is engaging and popular.

However, structured data isn’t something that will work for all brands, but if you or your client are selling products online, then it will help to enhance all search results. The schema that you use can show the users a wide variety of things like:

  • Reviews
  • Prices
  • Information on the product
  • Other critical data points

All of this can have a direct effect on the conversion rates and the sales that you are going to see when the customers are buying more of your services or products. The more you know about what the machine learning can do for you, then the more you are going to put it into use for your own website and for your clients.

Creating High Quality Links is Crucial

Another area where you need to focus on is link building and this can be done quite easily if you know what you are doing. The first thing that you need to know is that not every link is going to be one that you want to entertain since you should only use the highest quality ones. If you don’t have the highest quality links built, then Google will see it and you won’t get as high of a ranking as you might have.

There are plenty of ways that you get the links and keep them, including by monitoring what is happening with your website. You need to ensure that the links that you are using are fully functioning and asking the website owner to fix them if they aren’t. Find websites that are authorities in the industry that you are working in and find a way to connect to them since it can help you with becoming more of an authority in your own industry as well.

Machine learning is changing the seo industry and you are going to need to know some ways to adapt to it. This would make it much easier for you to make the user experience better and you can use links and connections to increase your ranking. You no longer need to try to figure out many insights about your customers or how they are going to act since the machines can do this for you.

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