How Promo Videos Can Help Your Business And Brand

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For businesses and brands – whether large-scale, small-scale, or start-ups – the ultimate objective is to sell the product or service and enhance its ROI. Promotional videos are business videos that are created to enhance the number of prospects and leads.

These can convert leads into sales, retain the existing customers, and promote the products and services diligently.

The Promo Videos Features

  • Digital marketing is the key, and many channels can help you promote your business. Promotional videos are different as they rely on emotions. These are not like yelling buy-buy-buy to your customers, but these are more about having a conversation with your potential leads on a more personal level without making the sales aspect so evitable.
  • Promotional videos are not a blatant sales pitch, but they are made by praising brands or sharing their stories and developing a connection with the audience to optimize the conversions and increase the target audience’s trust in the brand.
  • Even if a video depicts a celebration or a story about the brand, it isn’t direct selling, but it is transmitting relevant information to the customer without outrightly asking him to buy something.
  • The appropriate length of a promotional video – Hold on to the phrase – less is more, and try and keep your promotional videos under 2-minutes. It should only be revolving around your brand video production and conveying valuable information to your audience.

Types of Promo Videos

There are various types of promotional videos:

  • Product videos
  • Intro videos
  • Product launch videos
  • Event videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Video ads
  • Recruitment videos
  • FAQ videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Product or Product Feature Promotional Videos
  • About Us
  • Content Promotional Videos

How to Create a Promotional Video?

The Advantages Of Video Production For Business
Illustration by Gyöngyi Balogh via Dribbble

Let us look at the following simple, easy and convenient factors to consider while making promo videos

#1. Setting goals and collecting materials

Before you delve into a promotional video, you must identify the brand personality, brand color, tagline, objective, and personality. You should be clear whether you want to go for traditional or digital marketing.

Create a powerful video message which fits your budget and roll it out as a video promotion.

#2. Outlining your brand story

You can outline the story of your brand or business through a promotional message. Use storyboarding and add a final CTA before you share it on multiple platforms. You must be through with minute details like special effects, sound effects, voice-overs, camera angles,

Remember your promo video should be within 2 minutes, short, crisp, fruitful, and precise using the right tone.

#3. Tool to make promo video

It is recommended to use a professional tool to make a promo video before you indulge in video production. The services cater to all the requirements, detailing, and perfections required in any promotional video.

The experts help you design the format, sound, lighting, and equipment set up, setting up interviews, scripting, voice-overs, and filming b-roll footage. This is an integral part of post-production, and you don’t need to be a technical expert for this.

#4. Paying heed to other post-production tasks

Besides editing, video marketers must get into testing, ensuring delivery, reviewing, getting final approval, and getting feedback.

#5. Do video promotion

This story doesn’t end at creating a promotional video – now comes the main role of marketing on a wide global network – the actual promotion of the promotional video.

You must add an engaging and attractive thumbnail, promote it through your email list, include a share button, and share the video on your website, multiple social media platforms, and other online channels.

Importance of Promotional Video

A promotional video is always at the forefront when it comes to digital marketing and is a perfect introduction to your business. It has the power to increase conversion rates, encourage brand trust, increase the number of times visitors stay on your page, and is the key to growing sales and winning new customers.

Let us check out a few advantages of creating and uploading promotional videos:

  1. Emotional pitch – Promotional videos serve as a pitch and connect emotionally with the viewer, resulting in automatic sales generation.
  2. Videos are the King – These are one of the most wanted mediums to reach out to maximum people and thus synthesize the public’s demands and the brand’s message.
  3. Different channels – You can post your promotional videos on various social media handles and channels like YouTube, Instagram Reels, and Stories, Facebook, etc., for promotion to increase the reach.
  4. Gaining Trust – Investing in promotional videos can garner more attention from your audience, who in turn can leave positive reviews/feedback or testimonial or can simply share your message with others; thus, voluntarily recommending your brand to others.
  5. The Best Medium of Promotion – As compared to other promotional substitutes like articles, text-based flyers, or posters, these videos allow you to tell and show what you have to offer engagingly.
  6. Visuals create a better impression – These videos help customers see the product visuals from different angles and get a better impression of your product. You can introduce the features and can solve problems through videos.
  7. Videos create an Intrigue – People are drawn to moving images, and they love watching and listening, interpreting the message with minimum effort. These are less time-consuming and less demanding on the viewer.
  8. Brand Awareness – Your promotional videos can project your business and brand by aligning them with brand colors and logos. They can have a lasting impact on the audience. These can make your brand more memorable by incorporating an effective call to action and bringing in new customers and inquiries.
  9. Budget-friendly – Video is a great substitute for expensive print solutions without wasting funds on disposable physical materials.
  10. Displays the personality of the business – These videos tell people what you represent, along with the products or services you offer.
  11. Google Favours Video – Search engine optimization is vital for the success of your business, and business websites see a significant increase in sales when a video is featured on a product page.
  12. Shareable – These videos can be shared over a wide spectrum of digital platforms
  13. Global Marketing – Promotional videos are not generic but are an extension of your sales team. These eventually result in a substantial return on investment, not only locally but also globally.

The Final Word

Promotional videos are a great tool that display, showcase, and highlight what your brand and business are all about. These videos can talk about you, your products & services and can give you the right kind of exposure you need to expand sales and profits.

Your promo videos should be so engaging and interesting that they convey your values to your audience and make people remember your brand.

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