How To be More Creative and Inspired

You shouldn’t be a philosopher to understand that we are living in the world of “more”. Everyone wants more money, more new gadgets, more intelligent computers and more and more. Well, this mentality isn’t quite necessarily wrong, in fact it’s the base of human evolution, but when it reaches a certain level, the further progress is unbelievably hard to achieve.

The idea of “more” is welcomed in industry or in other specific domains, but in other fields, as art or design, it’s unfair to impose such a rule; for usually the effects are destructive. Willing or not, the scientific term for “more” is efficiency and in subjective matters “more” is associated with inspiration and creativity.

It’s a personal opinion, therefore don’t take it as a fixed rule, but when it’s about subjectivity, no one may say something about efficiency. A logo designer can’t be efficient…period, nothing more. Instead, he/she should be inspired or/and creative. It’s impossible to impose to someone “hey, until next Friday I want you to finish these two logos and maybe you can make some fine tuning to other three”. The respective individual might or might not be inspired; it may happen to finish all the tasks in just few days or he may need some additional time.

How to be more creative

Unfortunately, this is valid only in an ideal world, but in practice, all of us know that a deadline is a deadline and it must be respected. The clients don’t have time for your searching for inspiration. Under these circumstances it is obvious: you can’t fight to change the world but you may adapt to its rules. The good news is that people may instantly accustom to new conditions and it is also true for a logo designer. In conclusion, save your energy and start fighting to be more creative and inspired. The majority of our readers is formed of designers and we know that it’s impossible, not at least once per month, to have some uninspired states. Fighting against these is mostly an art, but across time, the specialists developed some techniques that really help in regaining the inspiration and start being creative. Here, you will find some basic ideas that proved to be the best…of course, these worked for the majority of the designers and no one may guarantee that these are valid for you. Anyway, you may find out if these work for you only by trying, so give it a chance and don’t lose your hope!

#1. What in fact is inspiration and creativity

Before delving deeper into how to turn into a more inspired and creative person, it’s recommended to analyze what “inspiration” and “creativity” mean for a designer. A fine line separates these two terms and it’s not a mistake to consider them partial synonyms. Inspiration is the state that assures the inner climate for quality work, while creativity has a more pragmatically approach, it supposes doing something. Once again, the relationship between these terms is very tight and each person may have an own idea about it, but what really matters is to have the energy and desire to create stunning logos, isn’t it?

#2. Have a clear schedule, but don’t be afraid of breaking it

Many people associate inspiration and creativity with freedom and no limitations. Paradoxically, no limitations are in fact the worst context and it doesn’t stimulate the inspiration. Even if you don’t like this, it’s highly recommended to teach your mind and body with a constant schedule. The routine isn’t at all a bad fact. Step by step, you will follow a schedule and your brain will adapt to it and sooner or later, you will be more creative during your work time and it’s awesome.

On the other hand, a fixed work program isn’t the perfect solution. A logo designer is still a human being and sometimes the routine may affect him. In conclusion, don’t be afraid of breaking the rules from time to time. The single condition: it shouldn’t be a rule, it should be an exception!

#3. Establish very clear checkpoints

Struggling for creativity and inspiration is a never-ending fight and it’s completely wrong to say that you reach the full level of these. Indeed, it’s difficult and imprecise to quantify the inspiration and creativity level but anyone should, at least, try to have a clear idea about it. Therefore, even if the results won’t be very precise, it is mandatory for every designer to set up some indicators, maybe some OWN indicators, to quantify the creativity and inspiration. Personally, I use a time management application that helps me a lot: it gives me precise details about how long it takes me to finish a project, if I focus only on a single task and I may analyze and compare the result with past projects. Some of us work faster while others are slower, therefore each plan containing the checkpoints to reach should be tailored to the mentality of the subject. The conclusion: try to find your way; read the opinions of others but don’t be trapped by them!

#4. Study the works of other designers

Another compulsory condition to get more creative and inspired is to merely be updated with the latest news in the field. A logo designer can’t survive in the current conditions without being connected to the latest news and ideas. Reading blog posts, learning new Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop techniques, getting in touch with other designers is wonderful but these only assure the practical aspect of the logo designer job.

A real boost solution for any logo designer is to admire and study the logos created by other fellows. You get the idea: if you really want to be inspired and creative don’t ever ignore visiting logo galleries. These contain an invisible juice that simply fills your inspiration level (just kidding…). The single downside is not to appreciate too much a logo and create a very similar one…it isn’t inspiration, it is just a poor act of stealing. Pay close attention to it, it may happen even if you don’t want it to!

#5. Never ignore your personal projects

It’s not enough to have full inspiration and creativity, these must be concretized. A client work is the realm where imagination and creativity are a must, but there are limitations and client requirements. A personal project has the big downfall that doesn’t bring money, but it is the perfect situation that allows you to fully benefit from creativity and inspiration. Much more, it’s scientifically proved that any individual working on something pleasant has the maximum efficiency and it’s equivalent for a logo designer with full level of inspiration and creativity.

In the end, the conclusions are obvious: you should attempt for a higher dose of inspiration. The greatest paradox is that even if “the remedies” to get more inspiration are simple and effective, still few people take them into account. Are you one of them…? As always, we are expecting your considerations about inspiration and creativity- how do you combat their lack?

– Written by Daniel –

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