How to Build a Successful Marketing Team in 2023

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Any good business is full of many important teams of employees that all work together to achieve success. You have the customer service team, accounting, human resources, and plenty of others.

However, one of the most important teams to the success of just about every company is the marketing team. They help organize a business strategy, keep customers engaged, and help the business reach new customers, as well.

If you want your business to shine and stand above your competition, you need a strong marketing team. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few helpful tips to ensure you can build a strong marketing team in 2023 and beyond.

Hire the Right People

First and foremost, the key to building any good team is bringing the right people on. Whether they used the proper CV template or made sure to add important keywords and information into their resume, you want to ensure you choose people who put in the effort to stand out amongst their candidates.

The people you choose should have the right education and experience, but are also able to highlight exactly what they can bring to your team.

In addition to their hard skills, you should also think about their soft skills and ensure they seem like the right fit for the culture you are trying to build within your business. A person might look wonderful on paper, but simply may not fit in well with the team.

Make sure you hire all the right roles you need for the team, too. A marketing team is made up of several moving parts, so you need to ensure you hire people who can occupy the various roles like data analysts, content creators, SEO specialists, designers, and more.

If you simply focus on hiring people with experience in one area, the other areas of your marketing will struggle. You need those who are great with videography, those who can manage content, those who specialize in sales, and many others.

Know the Importance of Communication and Collaboration

How Collaboration Tools Help SMB
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While having the right people is a good start, it takes more than that to have an amazing team. Next, you need to ensure you are allowing plenty of opportunities for the team to communicate with one another.

The importance of team communication cannot be overstated, and a team that knows each other well is often more successful than one that is made up of complete strangers.

Do all you can to ensure everyone gets ample time to meet with and work with their team, and has a chance to develop a strong bond. Also, make sure the marketing team is also able to work hand-in-hand with other teams within your operation.

While team members don’t need to be best friends, they need to be familiar with one another and learn how to best work with their peers, so give them every opportunity to communicate and collaborate on projects.

Use the Right Tools and Technology

Making sure your team has access to the right tools and technology is another major factor in building a successful team. If your team doesn’t have access to what they need to do a good job, don’t be surprised to see them struggle.

There are a selection of tools that can help take your marketing team to new heights such as a CRM (customer relationship management) platform, analytics tools, content management systems, apps to make collaborating easier, and so much more.

You don’t need every new tool that comes out, but there are plenty that are certainly worth considering.

All of these tools help make the life of marketers much easier, and help them be more productive, effective, and efficient at work. If you’re not sure what tools your team would benefit from, don’t hesitate to ask them their opinion.

Ensure Everyone is Working Towards the Same Goals

A successful team requires everyone working towards the same goal. If people are constantly pulling in different directions or wanting to do different things to go after different results, your team won’t get anywhere.

Ensure you have a unified plan of attack to reach your goal, whether it is to increase your revenue, lower your marketing costs, or improve specific KPIs (key performance indicators).

If certain people don’t buy in, or don’t believe in what you are doing, it can hold the team back as a whole. Also, those who believe in your goal as a company are likely to work harder and be more loyal than those who really don’t care or believe in the mission.

You need everyone on board, and ensure they are willing to put the work in to reach those common goals. Speaking of goals, you need to make sure they are clear and understandable.

If your goals or plans are confusing or vague, teams or employees may struggle to make sense of them, and this is where costly mistakes or miscommunication can occur. Simplicity is key, and is crucial for making sure everyone understands where you want the business or team to go.

Hold Performance Reviews

If you want your team’s success to be sustainable over time, it is important to keep people accountable.

If you never judge the performance of employees or take a closer look at how a team is doing, you may never know if productivity begins to suffer. As a result, you should hold regular performance reviews with your individuals and/or teams.

These allow you to get a true sense of how each individual is performing in their role, and gives you a chance to also collect feedback and find ways to maximize performance.

Go over potential strengths and weaknesses, and focus on how well the employee is reaching their goals. Make sure to give them a chance to voice any concerns or make recommendations that could improve the business as a whole.

Of course, be sure to familiarize yourself with the best practices when it comes to holding performance reviews, to ensure that both you and your employee get the most out of the meeting as possible.

These can be an incredibly valuable tool if done correctly, but also a massive waste of time if not, so always be careful.

Make Sure Employees are Happy

Conveying a Sense of Appreciation for Your Employees
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Another part of building a successful team, marketing or otherwise, is to make sure they are happy. A team that is happy and fulfilled at work will be more loyal, do better work, and will achieve better results in most cases.

Listen to their concerns and make changes where appropriate, while also making sure to keep employees engaged and involved.

Also, make sure you have a large enough team so that workers aren’t overloaded with things to do. Employee burnout is real, and you want to make sure your team has an appropriate workload to keep them happy and performing their best.

If your team is unhappy or overworked, their performance may suffer and they may begin to look elsewhere for a position that isn’t as demanding or stressful.

No one likes to do the work of three people on their own, so make sure you have a large enough team to account for all of the work that needs to be done.

Training is Incredibly Important

Even if you hire the right people and use all the best tools possible, training your marketing team is also incredibly important if you want them to be successful.

Training ensures they know how you do things, your expectations, and all that they will be responsible for doing within their job. The more they know, the better suited they will be for doing a good job.

Also, make sure you are providing adequate time when it comes to training. Many companies only train for an incredibly short amount of time, which can often leave new employees confused or unsure about certain things.

In addition to the initial training, it is a good idea to offer continuous training and various courses to ensure your team can continue to hone their skills and develop new ones.

This ensures their knowledge is always fresh, and that they are aware of all the latest and greatest trends in the space.

Sure, training takes more effort, time, and often can come with a price tag, but it is an important part of making sure your team is high-quality and knows what you want from them.

If you slack when it comes to training, don’t be shocked to see your team fall short of expectations. Also, once training is complete, always get feedback from workers to learn more about what could be improved.

We hope that the information in this guide has been able to help you learn more about building a successful marketing team in 2022. It isn’t always easy or quick to build a great team, but it can have wonderful results for your company as a whole.

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