Understanding How Mobile Marketing Works

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Modern business owners have more choices than ever before. In the past all that entrepreneurs had available to them in the way of marketing was billboards, newspapers and local radio; in today’s digital world entrepreneurs can use mobile, social media and even content marketing to bring exposure to their products and services.

If you are in charge of an organization’s marketing effort then you might be interested in pursuing mobile marketing, one of the most effective and affordable forms that there is. If you are interested in mobile marketing then this post will tell you everything you need to know about it:

Mobile Popularity

Everybody has a mobile phone nowadays. Because of how popular mobile phone usage is mobile marketing is obviously one of the best ways to market products and services.

When developing a mobile marketing plan it is important to research the most popular mobile providers in your country. For example, Xiaomi’s 24.26% market share in India dominates over Samsung’s 17.17%.

Therefore, in India tailoring mobile marketing efforts to Xiaomi devices is one of the best ways of achieving success; you will likely need the support of a marketing expert who’s proficient in the specific device you are targeting.

It does need to be noted that while mobile phone usage is more popular than ever people are still using email. It is therefore a good idea to invest money in email marketing as well.

Most people’s email accounts are connected to and set up on their mobile phones meaning that in many ways, email marketing is mobile marketing.

You should never send unsolicited emails or text messages as doing so can get you into a lot of trouble with industry regulators. Unsolicited messages are a criminal offense in some countries. At their most basic level, they are just annoying.

Posted Advertisements

A lot of people think that mobile marketing exclusively involves sending direct SMS messages to consumers. However, there is a lot more to this kind of marketing than just sending messages.

Mobile marketing is anything that’s used to target mobile phone users. Some online advertisements for example are posted on websites and are designed to be seen by mobile users.

Other advertisements are featured on exclusive mobile phone apps, meaning they can only be seen by mobile users and nobody else.

If you are planning on using advertisements of this kind to market products or services then you need to spend time researching your target audience.

Getting to know them will make it easier for you to make better business decisions; if you know who your audience is and where on the internet they congregate, tracking them down and creating targeted marketing campaigns will be much easier.

If you are struggling to learn about your target audience then it is worth employing a marketing expert to help you. A marketing expert will be able to identify and track your audience so you can target them with advertisements.

Direct Messaging

While it is indeed possible to target mobile phone users using online advertisements it’s also possible to send them direct messages. Sending people SMS messages is the most common form of mobile marketing there is. It is the kind most people instantly think of when the topic of mobile marketing is brought up.

Sending direct messages to people can be a good way of bringing awareness to products or services; at the same time however, SMS messaging can also be an effective way of irritating and in some cases alienating your audience. Many business owners make the mistake of spamming their customers.

If you are planning on launching a mobile marketing effort then you need to carefully plan it out and be conservative in the number of messages that you send.

Do not make the mistake of sending people so many messages that they add your business’s number to their block lists.

When sending messages experts advise only ever sending ones that provide news and information about new products or services. You can also send cart abandonment messages.

Sending messages other than these can be a waste of time; it can also annoy your customers when you spam them regularly.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a form of mobile marketing as the average social media user only ever uses it when they are on their mobile devices. While browser and desktop-based social media applications are available they are not common.

People tend to prefer to use social media on their phones because it’s a lot easier. When you use social media on your phone you can also upload pictures directly, without having to send them from your phone to your computer.

Because social media marketing is technically a form of mobile marketing it is something you should invest money into.

Social media marketing can be an extremely effective way of bringing exposure to your business and new product offerings. You can use it to communicate directly with customers, share updates and even for influencer sponsorships.

Influencers are social media personalities with large followings. You can pay them to endorse and support your products for you. Working with influencers can be a great way to boost interest in a new product or service.

Bear in mind, however, influencers are not cheap to work with. Some charge thousands of dollars for their services. They are utilized by all of the business world’s biggest companies for a reason though because they are effective.

Developing Strategy

Achieving success in business is not easy and relies heavily on an effective marketing campaign. If you have no experience in marketing and are not confident managing your own campaigns, then hire an expert to do it for you.

A marketing expert will be able to implement and launch campaigns more effectively than you will. Experts will also be able to give you advice on what types of marketing are best for your company.

Some kinds of marketing are better than others after all. Conduct extensive research and read reviews when searching for a professional marketer.

A marketer’s reviews will give you insight into what it is like working with them. Never hire anybody until you have checked that they have positive reviews first.

You don’t have to be an expert in marketing to create your own mobile strategy, although it helps. Individuals and entrepreneurs inexperienced in marketing and interested in developing their own efforts can benefit from hiring agencies to aid them. Marketing agencies are more prevalent than ever online.

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