How to Create Amazing Business Cards (Infographic)

Every business relationship starts with an awesome business card.

It is crucial for every business owner and professional to create a positive and memorable impression. Today I want to share with you an infographic that will help you create a more attractive and effective networking business card.

In this infographic by you will learn few facts about the history of the business card. Then you’ll learn how to create the perfect tagline that your prospects won’t forget. Afterwards, you also get the tips to help you take a professional profile picture you can use on your business card. In the following section there are some useful ideas to distribute your business cards. And finally, a summary of the main ideas of the infographic.

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Business Card and Networking Tips

At allBcards they have talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and networking experts, and these tips have helped them grow their professional network and close more business. Read and apply them!

Now it’s your turn. Do you have the other useful business card tips? I’d love to hear your experience and questions. Leave a comment below!

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