How To get Followers on TikTok & Grow Your Brand Awareness

How to obtain followers on TikTok is the first concern for companies new to this platform. Businesses are constantly searching for novel approaches to get followers since they increase brand recognition and strengthen their presence.

Finding the method that will work best for your brand and marketing strategy is difficult, given the vast list of techniques to gain more followers.

What Does a Significant TikTok Following Mean for Businesses?

A large TikTok following raises brand recognition and facilitates the development of deeper connections between a business and its target market. More leads, more excellent conversion, and higher income follow from this.

A large following on TikTok encourages more likes and higher engagement, which is beneficial when attempting to become verified on the platform.

On TikTok, brands thrive on interaction with their followers through entertaining and creative content. The better a TikTok business account’s brand is perceived by younger viewers, the more followers it gets.

Get To Know your Audience

Knowing your audience can be a great leap toward getting more results for your marketing online. So, it would be best if you were sure that you get to know everything about them best. Make sure that you know what tone and language resonate with them. It also will help you find TikTok users effortlessly.

At the same time, you can be sure that your target audience knows you well. Try to start with building personas for them and find out what pain points they have. Also, make sure that you know the goals that they wish to fulfill with you.

You should be well aware of their routines and understand their demographics perfectly. Learn about their psychographics and be sure what their needs are. Try to understand your audience’s perspective and make them feel connected with your brand.

Never create content that does not relate to them, or they would not care about. Try to offer them what they are most interested in in a way they will listen and consume your content. Then, you can indeed have more engagement and better results.

Is TikTok Follower Acquisition Simple?

This question doesn’t have a simple solution. Some companies, like the NBA, had the good fortune to upload humorous and inspirational videos of basketball players on TikTok, attracting more than 14 million followers.

While many companies attempt to accomplish that, it doesn’t appear to work for them. Gaining followers on TikTok involves thorough research, preparation, and strategy.

Can followers on TikTok be purchased?

Unbelievable as it may seem, they can. Online advertisements abound that promise more TikTok followers in exchange for money. Before you act hastily, have the following in mind:

When you buy real tiktok followers, it is not a fraud because it will increase the number of people who follow you. It is challenging to determine which advertisement offers real TikTok users.

Without engagement, followers aren’t beneficial. Even if an account buys more followers, those followers won’t watch, share, or comment on the videos.

Gaining more followers on TikTok is crucial, but accounts with smaller followings can still become famous by sharing unique material that users find worthwhile. This tactic will ultimately draw the new followers you want.

The TikTok algorithm will detect the difference between the number of followers and engagement rates. It will determine that certain content is unfit to be shared on the For You page, hindering your platform growth. The odds of the account appearing on the For You page will be ruined if followers are purchased.

Why Isn’t My Company Gaining TikTok Followers?

There could be a lot of variables at play here for companies who are not very experienced with social media platforms or do not have the right marketing team or strategy in place; gaining followers on TikTok can be particularly difficult. It may be worthwhile to check into a few possible causes for why users on TikTok aren’t gaining followers.

 icon-angle-right Absence of Originality

A brand must find ways to differentiate itself on TikTok by giving each video a distinctive voice. Posting anything that is too identical to other content will be unsuccessful.

Although TikTok videos tend to be lighthearted and entertaining, brand-posted content should still be of high caliber and creativity. With some imagination, you may produce unique content using the different video tools available on TikTok.

 icon-angle-right Not Adhering to the TikTok Algorithm

Knowing TikTok’s proprietary algorithm is essential for any new business user who wants to draw in a sizable audience, regardless of whether the objective is to increase one’s number of followers on the platform or to get those views.

The For You page on TikTok is tailored to each user’s tastes and the kinds of material that typically catch their attention.

Planning and considering your target audience’s interests, what makes them like and share a video, and what will keep them watching to the finish can help you connect with your customers on TikTok and please the all-powerful algorithm.

 icon-angle-right Not TikTok Analytics usage

Owners of business accounts have just gained access to a helpful feature that offers insight into performance indicators for your content and audience engagement rates over time. You can choose the optimum time to post by looking at the times your followers are most engaged.

TikTok Analytics is a fantastic tool for business users that want to concentrate on creating content that is specifically catered to their target audience and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Analyze the data for a while, then modify your strategy to get more followers.

Advice on How to Gain TikTok Followers

From filters and effects to hashtags and challenges, TikTok offers countless opportunities for producing exciting videos and gaining more followers.

More people will naturally click Follow on your account if you consistently make high-quality material that is catered to the preferences of your target audience. Because of this, you must carefully consider your TikTok activities.

 icon-angle-right Get More Followers On TikTok By Following Trends

For business accounts to gain more followers, they must follow trends. Many videos will use the same soundtrack or follow similar plotlines if a popular video style is popular. Successfully riding that wave may be the key.

Utilizing popular TikTok trends might be beneficial, but be sure to include a means to promote your business or products in the video, and don’t forget to:

 icon-angle-right Use popular hashtags

Using erroneous and unpopular hashtags won’t help your message get the attention it needs. Additionally, avoid using too many hashtags on TikTok as it may appear spammy.

Trending hashtags should be used with research to determine how many views they receive. Although it is still uncertain whether they fulfill their intended function, their broad use can increase the reach of your material. Using the hashtags #fyp or #for you to access the For You page is a common practice.

 icon-angle-right Use popular music

Most TikTok videos include music playing in the background or the video’s script. Finding modern music online can help you decide what to write about in your next post. Videos can spread swiftly online if a popular song is used in a unique way that sticks out, gaining a tonne of new fans in the process.

 icon-angle-right Syndicate Your Videos

Being visible on TikTok alone is insufficient for businesses looking to gain fame and followers; they also need to maintain active accounts on other social media networks. A brand can transfer more followers to TikTok with more fans and attention on Instagram or Twitter.

Users should market their unique material on all other platforms after creating it and uploading it on TikTok. Ask your fans to check out your newest TikTok post with a compelling call to action.

 icon-angle-right Utilize the Video Stitch Feature

Late in 2020, TikTok introduced a brand-new feature called Stitch, and it proved to be an excellent way to pique new interest in content produced by various brands. With the help of Stitch, you can mix your video with the initial few seconds of another user’s video.

Most people utilize it to elaborate on that issue or share a story related to the original video, which generates a tonne of user-generated material and increases the visibility of the original post.

TikTok features Stitches on the For You page more frequently than other videos because this is a new feature. It is a fantastic chance to spread videos online and gain viewers and followers.

 icon-angle-right Activate the Duet Feature

Duet, which involves placing two different videos side by side, was made famous by virtual duets with well-known performers. Brands have been using it for a variety of challenges and partnerships.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to get followers on TikTok. TikTok is an app that’s been gaining much popularity in recent years, but it can be tough to grow your following on the app.

We want to share with you some of the best ways to grow your following on TikTok so that you can use the app to increase your brand awareness or get your name out there. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you.

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