How To Increase Brand Awareness with Unique Content

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Remember how Nietzsche said, God is Dead? In this era of internet, information is God. And it is far from dead. The internet is ALL about information and if you are providing this information, you will be paid handsomely. Not only that, if you provide free unique content you will also get a good reputation for your brand. Creating unique content particularly is very important for inbound marketing. If you want a few quality customers around you, you cannot afford to go wrong with your unique content creation.

However there is a problem. The problem is precisely this. At a time when people are writing and rewriting blog posts, when the cost of PPC is skyrocketing, when every website you open hosts some web banner or video, when even YouTube is not free from compulsory advertisements, how do you make your content stand out? Why will people visit your site and buy your product?

Luckily for us, with the advancement of the net, the measures to create unique content have tripled. And the best thing, most of these can be created from the comfort of your room without shelling a penny. Others involve some investment but promise much more return.

In this article, we are going to outline the top ways to generate unique content and increase brand awareness.

#1: Comics/Cartoons

The age old way to garner attention is making the rounds of social media nowadays! Cartoons are funny and drive complex marketing, political, social points with ease. If brevity is the soul of wit, then cartoons are at the heart of brevity. They are also a way to increase your fans, specialists of your field who actually get the joke. They not only filter out the millions of unsuspecting viewers but choose the crème de la crème of your fraternity who actually understand your business and products.

The cartoon below demonstrates the openness and lack of privacy that social media and Google have brought about in a funny manner.

Branding Tips

Below is the cartoon that humorously depicts the relationship between Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Branding Tips

#2: Content Visualization

Put simply, this is arrangement of your data in a manner so clear and simple that even the most bored internet marketer would love it! You remember how you hated drab facts in school? And how much you loved them once they were in the form of a colorful pie chart?

Well, content or concept visualization is just that. You take boring facts and you present them interestingly, visually. Content arranged visually is often simpler than a full drawn infographic. Below is such a simple visualization of the 6 important points of social marketing.

Branding Tips

Below is the Social Media Transit Map expressed clearly through content visualization.

Branding Tips

#3: Controversy

Well obviously sensationalism does well for tabloids but if you want something more long lasting, you will have to fetch “meaningful issues” that strike at the heart of people. Writing about controversial content does not mean you discuss who Brad is having an affair with, or whose nose does the Cruise baby take after. It means stirring up insightful issues that are of concern in your field.

Remember, inbound content needs to appeal to the specialists in your field. For instance if your site deals with social media, you can talk about the relevance of Google Plus in today’s net-world.

#4: Live Streaming

Right from world premieres of Hollywood films to Rafael Nadal matches, everything is live-streamed these days so why not your content? The best part about live streaming is the live traffic that you can track and the opportunistic Calls to Action that you can insert in between the video. However there is a risk. Make sure you do not turn your live-streaming video in to a live infomercial. Nobody is interested to hear you talk about your product if you are not discussing something meaningful.

This means that just like your blog posts, your content in live streaming also has to be unique, relevant and interactive. Also don’t forget to create a hashtag (#) and spark off interesting debates in social media on your topic. Your specialized viewers will flood you with their opinions. Wait and watch. These are potential customers just waiting to generate leads. Also offer live stream recording for viewing it on demand.

#5: Memes

Content expressed in the form of a ‘meme’ is currently doing the rounds of social media. This is a crazy fun idea by which you can show the unique side of your brand. Of course, for that you have to know your brand better first. Memes are not only easy to make; they are also easy to share. The most popular ‘Meme’ nowadays is “What I think I do, what I really do” that has been adapted for a variety of professions. Below is such a meme of a social media marketing expert.

Branding Tips

So you see, this kind of a meme not only enables you to put forth your brand individuality in a lighthearted and interesting manner, it also allows you to connect with like minded social media marketing professionals, most of whom are your potential customers.

#6: Slide Presentations

Stacked up with a boring slide series that you don’t need anymore? Wait, don’t trash it. If the slide deals with issues that are relevant to your arena without giving your brand secret away may be you can use it to create exciting visual content! In fact, you can also adapt your eBook to a slide presentation in order to make it more user friendly. The best way is to create your account on Slideshare, share your slides and then share them on your blog and social network profiles. This is one of the most popular methods to attract inbound traffic. Below is such an example on SlideShare, a slideshow created out of personal experience in SEO marketing.

Branding Tips

#7: User Generated Content

Your Facebook fan page and Twitter profile are good places to understand the number of your followers. How much do they see you, talk about you, think about you? Embedded tweets, shares, likes and conversations all suggest that your users are thinking about your product. But if you really want them to come up with unique content where they talk about your product, you might need to provide them some incentive.

For instance, you can encourage them with contests and gifts or reward them with points for a unique blog post or even tweet. It is fun and it brings out a sense of unity amongst your brand loyalists.


These are the seven main ways in which brand awareness can be increased with unique content. Gone are the days of writing 30 articles on Ezine. Today is the age of discretion, of quality content. Your content determines your followers. Be methodical, assimilate knowledge and communicate your views regularly. After all, slow but steady wins the race!

About the Author!

Written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a psd to html developer conversion company, and who also consults for a company that offers an app for task management efficiency.

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