Logo Design vs. Web Design

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There is a difference between a logo design and web design. When one talks of logo design, he or she may be referring to a symbol that identifies a product or an institution usually through flag, signs or marks. In most cases this logo is not meant to sell the company or the product directly rather it is meant to derive the meaning of what it is symbolizing. On the other hand, web design is usually a very wide term that entails interface design, web graphics design and authoring among others. For authoring, there is a lot to master like proprietary software, standardizing codes, search engine optimization and also general design. Before you decide which one of these two fields to be involved with, it is always good to understand in details what each one of them entails in term of requirements and advantages.

Logo Design vs. Web Design

Logo Design Basic

Currently many people are in need of a symbol that represents their business to other people. This symbol is the logo. This logo has always formed the trademark of a business. Sometimes it may be used as a commercial brand for businesses. In most cases a logo design is usually used as an immediate or first recognition of what it is representing. To be a logo designer, it is always important to understand the basic features used in a logo. This means that you have to know the differences between logo meant for commercial companies, non-commercial, those meant for academic field among other fields like organizations. Still on this issue, you have to know the color to use for each, shapes required, image, fonts of the letters used among other entities.

Web Design Basic

On the other hand when you talk about web design, in most cases involves web page creation. In other terms it is a field that entails building or creating a web page front-end. Like in logo design, web design has got the various features that as a web page designer you need to understand. Presentation of information is one thing that is always vital. This information should always be linked with hyperlinks. Apart from this information, it is also important to know basic aspects used in web designing. One is the presentation of the information which is usually visual and the second one is the back-end which includes all the information meant for non-human. Once this information is well grasped, the next thing that you need to know is the difference of the two fields in term of requirements.

Logo Design Requirements

For logo designer, there is always a lot that is required. One thing is that it does not matter whether you are highly trained designer or you taught yourself designing logos, what is there is that you need to always portray your talent well in order to achieve the success you want in this field. The other thing is the simplicity of the logos. They must be simple in term of visualizing the image used. This helps the customers to always relate the logo to the business it is representing. In most cases when a logo appears to be complicated, it has also become harder not only to the customers, but also when it is printed it gives a vague symbol. Therefore as a logo designer it is always good to stress this point whenever designing any logo.

The other thing you need to understand about logo creation is the color. When designing, it is advisable to use fewer colors. In most cases a logo with two colors is always recommended as it always looks ideal and professional. The color combination should also be in a position to appear clearly after printing especially when one uses a black and white printer. When designing the logo it is also recommended that the tagline to be omitted for printing reasons. The final thing that one needs to know about logo design is on the use of vector graphics. These graphics are always recommended especially due to the needs of resizing the logo. When using these graphics, in most cases there is usually no loss of other details. It is also beneficial when it comes to storage. This is because minimal space is always used to store the logo.

Web Design Requirements

When it comes to web design, there is not much difference in logo design especially when it comes to the basic designing details. On the contrary what you need to understand as a web designer is on the importance of usability and friendliness of the web page. This means that the page should not take long to pop-up and also during downloading it should also take less time. This factor helps to lower user ignoring the web page. The other thing you need to understand is on the issue of race. Since the web page is visited by all sorts of people, this may be a sensitivity issue when designing the page. Other requirements include professionalism; color used which should be ideal, creativity and finally uniqueness of the web page. Once these requirements are well mastered in each field, the next thing that you need to know are the limitations associated with being a web and a logo designer.

Logo Design vs. Clients

In most cases when you are a logo designer, you will always face multiple needs of the clients. Some of the clients will always request logo designs that are more complex beyond the skills one have. In this scenario you have to think beyond your limit in order to retain your customers. Sometimes you may end up spending much money seeking for help from another designer. In returns you may end up in a loss other than a profit. The other limitation of this field involves the time consumed designing, delays, and for some it may seem to be an expensive field to venture in.

Web Design vs. Clients

For web design, there is also much to talk concerning limitations associated with the field. One thing is about the difficulties of the domain. In most cases, one needs to undergo some training either from an institution or even online. This becomes even more problematic due to the different languages used in designing the web page. The other major problem associated with web page designing is the format in which the page is to be viewed in. In most cases there is always the need for the designer to calculate the space and size of the monitor, all the display settings, and also the browser for those non-sighted users. When all these factors are combined together, as a web designer one may fail to take part in the activity especially due to the struggles one faces in the process. It is important to see that with the new advances in technology, some of these challenges have been removed allowing dynamism and versatility in this field.

Therefore it does not matter whether one is in the field of web design or logo design, what is important is how you express your talent and professionalism in the field and also what you need from either field.

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