Branding & Social Media Tips for Attorneys

In order for an attorney to maximize exposure and build a significant client base, it’s important to implement an effective branding strategy and social media campaign. Doing so is a great way to help clients identify with a particular attorney and differentiate it from competitors. When done correctly, it should lead to a loyal client base and make it much easier to acquire new clients. To take advantage of branding and social media, let’s go over some tips that should help your campaign.

Brand and Social Media Tips for Attorneys

Tips #1: Indentyfying Your Specific Audience

One of the most important parts of successful branding revolves around first identifying who your specific audience is. In the case of bankruptcy attorneys who specializes debt settlement, you will want to center your brand identity around the demographic who is interested in these services. Rather than trying to cater to a broad demographic, it tends to be much more effective to concentrate on your target audience and provide them with as much value as possible. 

Tips #2: Create a Logo that’s Accompanied by a Slogan

To accomplish this, you will usually want to first have a logo designed for your firm that’s accompanied by a slogan. You will want to convey a sense of professionalism and most likely want a logo that’s conservative in its design. Along with this, you will probably want a slogan that’s straightforward and lets your audience know that your area of expertise is in bankruptcy and foreclosure. In most cases, it’s ideal to hire a professional to handle the elements of design because the finished product will be more legitimate than if done by an amateur. 

Tips #3: Be Every Where with Your Brand

Once you have a logo and slogan, you will want to use it on a variety of different social media accounts. For example, you will want to use it for a Facebook timeline header and for the background of a Twitter page. Along with this, you will want to use the same logo and slogan on your primary website, blog and for any other type of social media resource you implement. This way, your audience will be able to easily make the connection, and this gradual exposure should get them more comfortable with you. Even if they don’t necessarily contact you right away, there is a good chance that they will later down the road. 

Tips #4: Build your Community

Brand and Social Media Tips for Attorneys

After you have your social media accounts set up, it’s important to bring attention to your firm and network within your community. Generally, this can be done by following relevant attorneys, commenting on content and responding to your comments. Besides this, it’s smart to “like” and “retweet” valuable content so that your audience has access to it. This is important because it builds positive rapport within the online community and validates your firm as a valuable brand. In time your followers should increase, and as a result your leads should increase as well.

Other Consideration

In addition, there are other helpful online marketing techniques that you can use to your advantage. For example, you can write professional articles and place them on directories. You can also publish guest posts on the blogs of relevant attorneys.

Do you have some experience with the tips above? Or do you have another great tips? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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