Case Study: How To Make More Money from Offering Logo Design Services

iBrandStudio writers published many articles treating the matter of money from a logo designer’s perspective. It’s a delicate subject and usually people avoid it. We, the team behind iBrandStudio are aware of this fact, but we also believe that constantly avoiding the matter of money isn’t a solution. A firm approach is way better even though some facts aren’t pleasant.

Firstly, we must accept that regardless of the passion for design, money is important. Personally, I am more creative when my finances are OK and I think that the majority of logo designers would agree with me. Secondly, a constant and reasonable stream of money assures a good working climate and in this way any designer may fully focus on his / her primary job – making logos. Thirdly, but not lastly, a good financial compensation for a project determines the designer to work harder.

How to make more money from offering logo design services is a very pertinent question, but the answer to it is very hard to give. The globalization, even though it sounds strange, has its effects over the finances of a logo designer. Willingly or not, the potential clients may select logo designers from all across the world. The designers from rich countries are negatively affected because their quotes are very high. Whether this situation is good or bad is another very delicate matter and nobody knows the answer to it. Altogether, this event seems to have an obvious advantage: the quality services are paid well no matter the geographical localization.

Another positive conclusion is that the ones passionate about logo design shouldn’t give their careers up. Some logo designers make serious money from selling their services; therefore it’s possible to have a decent life as a logo designer. Unfortunately, if you want to be present in top Forbes, then maybe it’s better to search for another job.

We want to share with you our ideas about how to make money from logo design services. Of course, these are only a few modalities; surely there are many other ones which we haven’t identified yet. Else, we would spend our time in holidays in expensive resorts and not writing blog posts, wouldn’t we?

How to make more money logo design services

Gaining more money isn’t the result of good luck; it’s true, being lucky is important, but not decisive. The ones that got rich worked very much and are extremely ambitious. The passion, volition and ambition are the key features of the rich people. Hence, if you want to gain more money, you should treat this very seriously and never give up!

From our experience as logo designers, we found two solutions of getting more money:
I. Create more logos;
II. Create better, but fewer logos.

Solution I: Create more logos

This solution seems to be more effective on a short time period and it’s not very recommended to apply it on medium and long time perspectives.

Advantages of creating more logos:

1. A better income in short time
You shouldn’t be Nouriel Roubini to understand that creating more logos means that you will gain more money. This relationship is obvious; so there is nothing to add here.

2. Getting more experienced
Another important advantage for a logo designer is the fact that creating more logos, working with more clients and finding solutions for more problems makes him more experienced. It’s said that any difficulty that didn’t kill someone, made this person stronger.

Disadvantages of creating more logos:

1. The lack of time
Creating more logos implicitly means more time dedicated to work. While the day will still last 24 hours, it’s clear that the personal life will be neglected. Sometimes, these endeavors are necessary, but it’s not a good idea to neglect the family and friends too many times.

2. The lack of quality
The creation process immensely depends on your creativity. But, as we all know it, this is a very inconsistent state. It may happen for one to be quite creative for some days, but it is also possible for this person to lack the creativity for a week, too. In conclusion, it is quite probable that creating more logos will have a negative influence over their quality, and there is no doubt that anybody may be permanently inspired.

Solution II: Create better, but fewer logos

Creating better logos is the risky way of getting more money from logo design services, but at the same time, it’s the most sustainable solution. The quintessence of the situation is that “more” is more palpable than “better”. “More” is objective and quantifiable while “better” is subjective. In conclusion, raising the quality is more difficult than raising the quantity. Unfortunately, quality requires time; therefore it’s extremely difficult for one to be able to create more logos.

Advantages of creating better, but fewer logos:

1. Much time for research
The research phase is very important in order to create a good logo and it’s often ignored because the research doesn’t have palpable results. Still, it’s obvious that a detailed research is vital to create a good logo. Many designers consider that a good logo must be visually appealing, but it’s not enough. A really good logo looks wonderful but it transmits the core values of the brand that is being represented. Briefly, a good research is mandatory, in this way the designer studies the core values of the brand needing the logo.

2. Much time for self-preparation
Creating better, but fewer logos implies that much time may be used for self-preparation. Self-preparing may be considered as a useless activity, but it’s a crushing mistake to think this way. The designers that ignore sharpening their skills became outdated and they will be ignored by the clients.

Disadvantages of creating better, but fewer logos:

1. “Better” supposes sacrifices
It’s simple to state that making better logos is a solution. The creation of better outcomes supposes many sacrifices and there is no precise recipe of success. Some logo designers might need some years of work to reach high standards, but I must emphasize that this approach is the single sustainable solution of getting better paid for logo services.


Honestly, we didn’t find another disadvantage of creating better, but fewer logos. As it was aforementioned, this post is based on personal opinions and these aren’t 100% good or bad. This article would be more valuable if each reader would share his opinion about how a logo designer could make more money from offering his/her services. Please use the comment form and share your thoughts with us. Don’t be selfish and let your friends know about the existence of this post by sharing it on social networks!

– Written by Daniel –

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