6 Reasons Why A Logo Designer Should Have a Blog

Nowadays, reading a blog post is something common. The ones needing some pieces of advice search for these on various blogs or forums. Practically, the blogoshere covers all the fields of our activity. Some blogs are providing very useful information while others are mediocre, but nothing manmade is perfect.

The designers are amongst the first ones that noticed the power of blogging and many of them launched very useful ones that attracted millions of views. There are huge communities around various blogs and it’s a very positive fact. In this way people interact, are formed relationships and connections with other fellows and these may be the fundament of potential businesses.

I guess that many designers are tempted to launch a blog, but they have taken into account the huge number of blogs in the design field and give up. Other are more enthusiastic and launch one, but in a few weeks or months give up due to the low traffic received. Blogging isn’t a simple activity and not everyone manages to be succesful. In fact, the bloggers that make a good income from this activity are exceptions. In spite of that, there is enough room for many other blogs. People need various ideas and opinions and anytime a blog offering interesting and original perspectives will be appreciated by the Internet users. Consequently, don’t be afraid of lauching a new blog, but don’t expect miracles. Blogging supposes many personal endeavors and the success is built step by step.

Blog Advantages Logo Designer

If you are a logo designer and you are interested in lauching a blog, then this post is golden for you. Also, if you don’t have any opinion about lauching or not a blog, by reading the next lines you will have a better idea about the advantages of a blog.

Reason #1: Exposure

A blog brings exposure, this is crystal clear. Instead of being a logo designer from the immense pool of designers, you are regarded as a unique entity. Much more, by providing quality information, you will be considered a standing apart logo designer. It’s useless to mention how important is this position. Let’s be honest – let’s suppose that you need someone to teach you a foreign language, English for example. Would you select an English teacher that has a highly visited blog or a no-name one? Exposure isn’t a direct advantage for a logo designer that maintains a blog, but on long term it’s vital. The big number of new clients is in direct relationship with the exposure and I think that it is a reason enough to have a blog.

Reason #2: Attracting new clients

A logo designer „survives” only when he/she has client work on his/her plateau. You shouldn’t be a genius to understand a simple rule – no clients means no money! A blog attracts new readers that sooner or later will need logo design services or branding consultations. Quite probable, the reader will ask for the services of the blogger, isn’t it?

A client needs the certaincy that once a logo designer is hired, he/she will provide the best services. By posting your manner of work, your principles or other tips about your workflow, the potential clients will have more trust and the chances of being hired are bigger.

Reason #3: A blog brings money

Many blog owners are making serious money from the traffic received. Blogging isn’t only writing good articles, even though the quality of the content is capital for the success of a blog. A highly visited blog means to merely promote the blog, to get involved in social media and to constantly improve the user experience. These tasks aren’t simple at all and the competition is fierce.

In his infancy stage, a blog can’t bring much money, but a patient logo designer may transform blogging into a source of income. In conclusion, a blog requires resources and time, but at the same time, it may bring money.

Reason #4: Forming a community

Any blog is the core of a community. Step by step, the blog will attract a number of readers that will interact amongst them. Across time, depending on the interaction level between blogger-readers and on the quality of the content the community will evolve.

As I mentioned earlier, a community brings many advantages and being the „manager” of it is very honouring. A numerous community means more traffic that of course, means more money. Still, the position of the community leader doesn’t bring only advantages. It implies responsibilities, resolving the unexpected problems and satisfying the requirements of the members. Anyway, the overall feeling of driving a community is incomparable and it’s another important reason to launch your blog.

Reason #5: Establish yourself as an authority

No matter how talented a logo designer is, he/she can’t be hired by good clients without having a strong personal brand. Having a well-known blog that is daily visited by thousands of people is a solid fundament of a strong personal brand. In this context, the logo designer that runs the respective blog will be appreciated as an authority and his/her opinions are appreciated by other designers.

Reason #6: Promoting the portfolio

I purposely let this point the last one. I think that it is the most obvious advantage of building a blog. We all know that the search engines are in love with the fresh content. A portfolio can’t be updated so often and optimizing it is a pretty difficult job. A blog section into a portfolio is the perfect solution: it attracts people and makes happy the spiders of the search engines.

In other words, insted of trying various SEO techniques, that may or may not work, a blog may atract people that will notice your amazing items exhibited in the porfolio section. It’s a win-win situation, therefore don’t ignore this fact!


I hope that all the readers of this post will be captivated by the idea of creating a new blog. It’s great and I am extremely content if at least a small part of them will launch a new one. Keep in mind, good content will be always appreciated! The major downside is that the success won’t came in just a few weeks- it’s all about hard work and patience. Do you agree with me? Please share your opinion with us and our readers; also, you can get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook for more information about.

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