The Statute of A Logo Designer: Service Provider or Designer

An extremely important saying teaches us that it’s far better to prevent than to treat. I think that this idea is valuable in any domains. Being careful and prepared for the worst doesn’t mean that you are pessimistic. It’s a proof of wisdom and long term vision. Definitely, you will ask how a logo designer could prevent…but in fact what to prevent?

The web evolves, it’s no doubt! More than ever, the Internet turns into something usual, having good Internet connection is no more a luxury for some years. The tendency is to have everywhere Internet that may be accessed via handheld devices. Under these circumstances, it’s clear that logo design can’t stay apart; it is influenced by the Internet dynamics. Recently the Yahoo manager stated that Internet will influence our lives “like never before”. The message is simple: The big companies are ready for the future!

The changing has such a rate of growing that people can’t keep the same rhythm and may ignore some very important aspects. Personally, I think that right now, the statute of a logo designer is dramatically changing. Fortunately, I think that is a positive fact as long as the role of the logo designer became more important.

How To Redesign Logo

Few years ago, it was very clear the statute of a logo designer – he must create visually appealing products that must respect the rules of design and eventually, to match with the website where is uploaded. Nowadays, the logo designer is still a designer, but he is very implied into the marketing and advertising field. The logo designer of the future seems to become even more specialised in the marketing field. Under these circumstances, it’s facile to notice that the logo designer from the past, a designer at his roots that created products, is turning into a service provider! A short analyse may help you better understand my idea!

1. The previous statute of a logo designer

Few years ago, the best “friend” of the logo designer was the web designer. They should have worked together in order to create a website. Apparently, the web designer was the “big brother” because he had as the main task to create a website, while the logo designer just a single and small item. The most common requirements for the logo created were to fit the company style and eventually, to look fine on print format. Definitely, the most important domain for a logo designer was the design.

2. The actual statute of a logo designer

Ten years ago, the most fascinating terms for an Internet user were “web2.0”, “glossy”, “shiny” and eventually “blog”. These terms reveals that Internet was a resource for information and fun. Nowadays, we are specking about “e-commerce”, “return on investment”, “conversion sales” and “profit”. It means that the Internet changed and it became a place for businesses. Personally, I don’t appreciate too much this shift, but there are many advantages. Fortunately, Internet remained and will remain the best modality of being informed!

In this climate, the logo designer statute has been changed substantially. More and more logo designers are part of the team responsible with marketing and branding. The design is important, but a good logo has great chances of being unnoticed without marketing.

I think that the essence is that a logo designer becomes responsible for the profit of an online presence and not responsible for the design as he was in the past.

This subtle, but radical shift will affect any logo designer and personally, I consider that this direction is unchangeable. I think that instead of merely asking if it’s good or bad, a way better idea is to prepare for the future. Here, at, we will continue to post helpful articles for logo designers, therefore subscribe to our emailing list to stay updated to the latest news.

On the other hand, if you are a logo designer and you want to have clients, then is highly recommended to pay closer attention to these domains:

#1. Marketing

The logos became more commercial and everything is depending on the number of sales. It’s no wonder that in just a few years you won’t be able to design a logo without being a good marketer. The conclusion: if you want to design logos, get your hands dirty with marketing!

#2. Psychology

It sounds a little crazy, but be honest with yourself, how can you design for people, if you don’t understand them? It’s true that some individuals are more gifted and understand easier the inner aspects of human beings, but it’s highly recommended to have a “half-scientifically” approach in this regard.

#3. Social media

Social media isn’t only chatting on Facebook; it’s also about interacting with people and studying their desires and preferences. It’s a great opportunity to stay in touch with potential clients and this situation may bring tons of advantages.
Learn more: How To Overcome Your Social Media Fears as A Business Owner.

You shouldn’t be scared, in order to be a good logo designer isn’t mandatory to have PhDs in the above fields, it’s enough to self-prepare in a conscious mode. In addition of these, the quality design remains extremely important and it’s a huge mistake to neglect it.


In conclusion, the “pure logo designer” is a very endangered design. The future is reserved for small and mobile teams able to offer top quality services. By sure, into this team, a logo designer will be a very important member. Don’t ignore the present, but prepare for the future!

It will be great to have your opinion about the future of logo design- do you agree with me that there is a subtle change in the statute of a logo designer? It’s an extremely important matter and any thoughts shared with us are a great reward for our team! Of course, we are indebted to you if you promote the post via social networks!

– Written by Daniel –

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