Infographic: How To Overcome Your Social Media Fears as A Business Owner

Do you often hear that social media is not suitable for small business? And so many articles discuss that the most of the failed business in social media are small business, as mentioned in Forbes: Why Small Businesses Are Losing On Social Media.

This is because social media requires continue maintain and more frequent conversations between their business and its customers, or potential customers and building a level of trust and loyalty. However, not a few of small business before starting business in social media get their own fears, and that is a pity if they do not realize that these fears may undermine their marketing strategy.

For example, most people assume that they’ve been pretty successful running their business in outside social media so that fear in starting a business in social media is that they do not have enough time and money budget. Yet the fact that in doing business on social media as disclosed infographic below only takes as long as a minimum of 15 minutes/day! Even the most interesting is it’s being required small budget to attract the attention of consumers with simple content.

When you realize about your own fears will certainly allow you to run a social media marketing strategy with easily, but as a newbie in the social media marketing you should avoid becoming blunders. It is very important to realize, because certainly your brand image will be affected by each of your posts on social media. If as a newbie you’ve done wrong will be more difficult for you to obtain consumer loyalty.

Take a look at this infographic below to see more fact and tips for small business when they face anxiety in social media marketing. Although in starting a business in social media will certainly not be easy but the way you’re doing it is certainly better. This infographic is taken from a summary of several articles on small business start marketing in social media, so it will made ​​you easier to understand.

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Social Media Infographic

Source: The Huffington Post, partnered with American Express OPEN

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