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Only a few years ago, the only way to launch a website involved the combined skills of a designer and a developer. The first would determine how the site ought to look like, and the second would generate HTML code meant to render the design applicable on a popular CMS.

The downside of this tradition is that manual coding takes a lot of time, and a large share of the budget to begin with. So, when online services took the scene, they enabled individuals to strike up their own sites in a simple process that ignored coding, spared costs, and took very little time to complete. I am going to illustrate how easy it is to work with the finest example of a free do-it-yourself website builder.

Website-Builder Review

Website-Builder is by far the most convenient tool of the lot. Its appeal is grounded in the easy-going steps one would have to go through to create and then publish a personal/portfolio/business website. As such, there are three ridiculously simple stages: choose a layout, give it your personal touch, and then publish it online.

Website-Builder Review

It all begins on the start page. That’s where you either start a design from blank, or decide to work on an existing theme. In the instance where you’re short on time and need a fast solution, you would go forward with the second option. A superb collection of layouts awaits you on the next page, all of which are organized by category. Feast your eyes on excellent templates designed for mobile sites, as well as models used as bios, or employed by models/actors, weddings, services, real estate, and used in many other areas.


If you’ve found the perfect layout, click on ‘Edit’ and you’ve made it to the next stage. It would be wise to take a few minutes to sign up for a free account at this point, too, because – evidently – registration is required in order to actually publish. Now comes the fun part. Replace the background image and all existing elements with your own (images, galleries, text, widgets, videos, etc.), add entirely new areas, and manage pages at will. A ‘Support’ button is available if you could use some help with using some editing tool or other.

Website-Builder Review

Finally, hit ‘Publish’, type in a domain name for your fresh website, and you’re all set! On top of everything, you would do well to remember that you need not comb the web looking for another reliable web host, but leave that to Website-Builder – it’s entirely free of charge. Would you like to test my account of this phenomenal site crafting service? Be my guest, navigate there and give it a shot – you’ll be happy you did.

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