6 Factors to Consider when Making Ads for Food and Baverage Brands

Did you know the majority of food advertising has a target market of children, due to American children could spend 44.5 hours a week to see the TV and are exposed to up 30.155 TV ads a year. (Source: Targeting Children with Treats Infographic)

Food beverage business certainly needs more trust from consumers, because they not just want to consume products that they will eat, they need to be convinced and a proof a products they consume are safe for the body, especially the food for they children, of course, parents will not be arbitrary to give food to their children.

Food Advertising strategy
[Infographic by Tech.com]

In the processing of food advertising you should pay attention to several aspects to gain trust from customers. The content of your ad should can consumed by everyone including children, I often see ads that got banned because the content of the ad is vulgar, of course you do not want your ad getting banned is not it?

And now here are the 6 factors you should consider when creating TV advertisements for food and baverage brands that can be received by any person:

#1. Prove that your motto is true

Often a brand displays motto when do advertising, various types motto is also used for food products. As like what Papa John’s pizza did with his motto of “Better ingredients. Better pizza.” The meaning behind motto by papa johns is he trying to convince consumers that their products are better than his rival Pizza hut. In each of the ads by papa Johns always show that the motto is true with display cooking ingredients and how to make the pizza in accordance with the health criteria.

Lesson learned: Show in your ads that you care about the health products with good quality cooking ingredients and hygienic manufacture, because with show it you will can easily convince consumers through advertising thay your motto is true

#2. Make it funny and entertain

TV media is an entertainment for the viewers who are fed up with the routine in his office or school. So the content of your ads should contain elements of entertainment that makes viewers not bored.

Like a collection of ad-owned by M & M’s from the YouTube video below is a form of advertising which is quite entertaining, as you know confectionery chocolate is the most preferred by children, but M & M’s presented ads that can be consumed by children and adults, so it’s pretty entertaining for every category of viewers who saw it.

Lesson learned: make the content of your ad can be accepted by all viewers and do not forget also show a humor ads.

#3. Use your own original music

When create ads cannot be separated from the accompanying music, just like Oreo ads in the following video YouTube below, what makes the ad interesting is featuring original music describe the joy of a child who like Oreo. Especially Oreo target market is children so he also uses the cheerful music and cartoons that can arouse children’s imagination while eating an Oreo.

Lesson learned: Make your ad to be unique by wearing your original music, with lyrics written specifically for the ad.

#4. Make the viewers curious

Attractive advertising is ads that can suck the attention of consumers with the rise of consumer curiosity. Often times I saw an ad what viewers do is just look at they TV, but there was something different in the following skittles ad, in this ad he invites viewers to touch the TV screen.

This makes it a more attractive advertising is when viewers touch the TV screen viewers will feel a different sensation and they will feel in to the ad. This ad also made ​​in serial so the viewers will feel a different sensation with various backgrounds advertisements also. Not only kids who would like this kind of advertising, but I’m sure even adults love it too.

Lesson learned: Engage your customers curious by doing different things when viewing your ad.

#5. Awaken the viewers imagination

As same like M & M chocolate food products is have the same target market that is kids, but the presentation of the ad can be accepted by any society, it is exactly same as kit Kat do in these ads. Which describes a medical student who was doing practice take a break to enjoy a kit Kat and suddenly there’s a baby that can dance in front of him.

This ad is quite unique and funny in accordance with the motto of kit Kat is “have a break have a kit Kat” describes the kit Kat will make you relax while enjoying break time in routine activities that dull or busy.

Lesson learned: provoke the viewer’s imagination when see your ads.

#6. Show me the totality of your services

Each food product provided in the restaurant, certainly can’t be separated from the service to the consumer. The waiter’s attention when serve the consumer is a better value for the restaurant. It is highly recognized by Mc. Donald’s, as they displayed the serve waiter’s in the following ad, to describes the totality services for the consumers who are having trouble being lull he baby in the car.

Lesson learned: Show your employees sincerity in serving to gain the trust of your consumers.


Advertising content is very important to note, so many get ad banned because it does not pay much attention to the contents of their ads. As given by the infographic above, says that the majority of viewers who routinely see ads on TV are children, of course, the government will not allow ads that contain too visible pornographic content. 6 tips above are the types of ads that can be accepted by all viewers; the children are also entertaining and for adults with these kinds of content will not make them boring.

What do you think? Which of these tips helped you the most? Let me know in the comments.

– Written by Ratih –

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