How To Trim Your Brand Video Marketing and Grab User Attention

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Captured a cool brand promotional video? Dissatisfied with digressions and unwanted parts meddling with the essence of the video marketing? With easy installation of a video groomer, you could put an end to your woes. Many videos simply lose their quintessence when they are not edited with precision.

Contrary to older times when one needed to work with expensive machines to make the film look well synchronized, with a simple tool, today it is available on your fingertips. This technology is firmly equipped with powerful editing filters and commands which could bring the theatrical effect into your created videos. The only thing you need to do is know about this tool in details and you will be good to go.

Why Do Trimming for Your Videos

Trimming is critical to making sure that your video starts quickly and you don’t lose your audience’s attention. Your first five seconds of video are important to draw your viewers in and to set them up to be engaged and stick with the rest of your video. Trimming helps you to cut out any unnecessary introduction content or dead space.

How To Trim Videos

So, how to make this trimming tool work on your video? What does it do to assemble the best moments into the video? Is it efficient to use when you are working on a tight deadline?

Step #1: Get the video trimmer

Get the program installed into your device by carefully reading the lucid instruction manual. The user-friendly interface has all the right details without becoming too haphazard even to a first time user. Within five minutes, you can develop a solid grip on the core concepts and make the tool work on your creation. Besides trimming, amalgamate the disparate parts, or spilt the scenes to make a coherent whole.

Step #2: Select the file you need to edit

Once you are done with the installation, proceed towards the selection of the particular video you would like to work on from storage of the device. It would appear on the Timeline following which you need to drag and drop the video on the Timeline.

Snap the scenes and do away with the redundant parts
With this amazing video cutter do the essential correction of the video to lend it a professional’s touch. The process gets easier as the software lets you view a particular snippet from the movie in the preview window before you work on it. On clicking the Spilt button, you crop the scenes to bring them together in sync.

You can edit off irrelevant parts from the same clip by positioning the red marker at the exact beginning of the section you need to eliminate from the clip. Thereafter, click on the Spilt icon and drag the marker to the last portion of the segment; click on the Spilt button again. This particular fragment would no longer remain in the video. After you have separated the snippet, remove it by clicking on the Delete button. Your final video would contain the sections you have intentionally preserved without any sign of the missing parts.

Step #4: Seamlessly zoom into the snippets

An impeccable edit requires hours’ of inspection and therefore zooming into the movie clip remains imperative. The software incredibly performs multitasking and amalgamates all the necessary features to guarantee professional’s touch. Zoom in or zoom out as per your requirements besides applying other effects like titles, advertisements, and transitions.

From the Pan and Zoom section, select the Zoom in button and the various effects it produces with the Preview button. To add the selected effect , press the Add button and observe the results in the Preview tab. Apply the zoom-in effect and enhance the video to fit to your screen, decide on the duration of the clip by dragging the key frames. Now, you can minutely discern the flaws in this way and do away with them accordingly. Apply the effects as many times the snippet needs and then zoom out.

Step #5: Try out a video montage

A video montage brings still photographs to life with interesting effects. Download the tool, add the media files to the program, and try out the plethora of options from the menu like adding titles, subtitles, background score, and special effects like props, filters, and animated objects on the video.

There are amazing ranges of filters from aSolemn hue to all playful, and thrilling; Bunnies, Love Letters, and Balloons to ubiquitous choice of filters like Snowlflakes, and Stars are all arrayed in the section. Once the fragments are adorned, your masterpiece is ready to be uploaded on different platforms for experts’ comments and reactions.

Step #6: Try to play with the video momentum

After installation work of the video editor is done, add the desired media files, click on the Clip Properties icon to select the Speed slider and decide on the video speed. Additionally, you have the liberty to toy with the video playback, mute it, or change the soundtrack altogether.

Step #7: Improve the original quality of the videos

Grainy, dark, and low-quality videos cannot hinder you from uploading or sharing them. With the editor on Windows or Mac OS, accentuate the quality with tools like Auto Contrast, and filters to highlight and shadow, or change the tone of the videos to make a lasting impression. The aftermath of the edits would hardly leave any trace on the recreated snippet and it will look authentic and pro.

Step #8: Save the work

Once you have created the file, save it in your preferred format and click on the Export button to choose from the list of different format give. Check out which one is compatible with the device if you select one. The accessible formats are in MPEG, AVI, WMV, MOV and MP4. Additionally, you can save the file in HD video. Select the folder in the Save to and click on the Start button.

Your Turn

The final outcome after a rigorous edit is bound to be more pronounced and aesthetic to suit the occasion. Plenty of filters and effects to choose from, the trimmer is all set to amplify the quality of the videos and make it unusually beautiful.

How well did these edit options work on your existing files? How many different effects did you try? Share your amazing experiencing resuscitating from the older files into works of wonder.

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